One Less Lonely Girl.

this is a justin bieber fan fiction, a dream for thousands of girls all around the world.


1. The Best Day Ever.

In the beautiful city of Paris lived a young lady called Zisse. She was a beautiful girl, she was still at college doing exams and work. On Zisse's free time she was always fan girling, she was like such a big belieber. She talked non stop about this boy 'Justin Bieber' to her mother Jennette. 

One day her mother and her was sitting on the couch watching television, when an advertisement come on television about 'Justin Bieber Meet And Greet Tickets'. Zisse's face lit up like a light.

'mom?' Zisse asked her mother.

'yes' she replied.

'I'd love to enter that contest:)' she told her mum.

'Zisse honey, you know there will be millions of girls entering that contest, you'll have no chance of winning' her mother explained.

Zisse sighed and walked off into her room. Zisse's mother felt bad for her, so she picked up the remote and re winded the television back to the advertisement. She grabbed her cell phone and texted the number '6754' you had to text 'belieber' for a chance of winning. So her mother texted the number and set her cell back down on the table. 

While Zisse had realised Justin had just tweeted, so there she was laying on her bed spamming Justin's twitter page. She got fed up and threw her phone to the ground knowing Justin would never notice her. 

While she was laying on her bed thinking, suddenly she started to drift off to sleep, the she was woken by a loud 'BUZZ' from her phone.

Lifting her phone she was rubbing her eyes, as she typed in her phone password she noticed she has a twitter mention, she was wondering who could it be tweeting me?

Her phone was taking so long to load the twitter mentions. When they finally loaded, she froze, he phone fell out of her hand, she let out the biggest yell ever. She got up, lifted her phone and ran screaming to her mum.

'MOM, MOM, MOM AHHH LOOOK' she yelled at her mum.

Zisse's mom took the phone from her hand and began looking at her twitter mention.

'Awwk look, swettie he's finally noticed you' her mum replied

'I can't believe it mom, this is amazing, the real Justin Bieber just retweetd one of my tweets' she sobbed.

To Be Continued..... @BiebersMyLolly 

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