If You Hate Me, Hate Me, If You Love Me, Tell Me

About Natasha, a girl bullied for her good looks, her bright blue eyes and long strawberry blonde hair. Until she meets Joey, a tall thin boy with long brown hair and almost black eyes. The boy all the girls love. Then, when it seems like it might get better, the tunnel closes and the light disappears.


3. When life just can't get any worse

It does. Life can get way worse.

In registration I got called to the rector's office.

"Natasha, we would like you to show the new boy around"

I stood, stared at him is disbelief. Why me, did he want this new boy to end up like me?

"Meet him at lunch at the front gates" He stood up and opened the door. I walked out, in a daze.


That lunch I ambled over to the front gate where I saw a good looking boy standing by the gate. "You must be... Joey?" I asked

"Yeah, are you the one showing me around?" He asked, uncertain.

"Umm... Yeah that's me" I turned to walk off. "Come on then, follow me"

I strode quickly towards the doors leaving him some way behind.

"Wait" I heard a male voice call. I turned, impatient. "What's your name?" he smiled, his dark brown eyes searching my soul, his dark brown hair copper in the rare sunlight.

"I'm Tasha" I smiled back, waiting for him to catch up.


As I showed him round people started shouting names at me.

"Jeez, you have a tough time, is it always like this" He looked at me, perplexed

"You get used to it after 10 years of abuse and harassment" I continued walking

"Wait," Joey grabbed my arm. "10 years?"

"It's fine" I looked at my feet, away from his face

"Are you sure?"

"Sure" I said and carried on down the corridor


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