If You Hate Me, Hate Me, If You Love Me, Tell Me

About Natasha, a girl bullied for her good looks, her bright blue eyes and long strawberry blonde hair. Until she meets Joey, a tall thin boy with long brown hair and almost black eyes. The boy all the girls love. Then, when it seems like it might get better, the tunnel closes and the light disappears.


9. Movies

The next day at lunch Joey asked me to come round after school. He said his mum was away for the weekend, and that we could watch a movie. I was seriously tempted.

"So, are you coming or not?" He asked as the bell rang

"Meet me at the gates," I smiled as we went to go to our different classes.


When I came out at the end of the day, Joey was already standing waiting. He held my hand as we walked along the streets. Although I was still hated, I was no longer scared. With Joey at my side I could do anything.


"Hey, Tash?" He stopped flicking crumbs at me

"Yeah Joe?"

"Do you wanna go get something comfier from your house? And stop called me that," He laughed

"Nope, I have it all here," I said, pulling a pair of jogging bottoms out of my bag.

"You're very prepared, wanna watch a movie?" He grinned

"I'll just go change" I called as I found the bathroom

"I'll be in my room!" I heard him call after me.


I found his room just as 'The Hangover' began. I laughed at his choice. He patted the space next to him and I sat down, nestling under him arm and resting my head on his shoulder. We laughed at the funny parts and laughed at the bad parts. Near the end I felt my eyes close and I drifted off to sleep hearing the rhythmic beat of his heart and the steady rise and fall of his chest.


As the bed moved under me I woke up. "Joey?" I said sleepily

"Tasha? You're awake?"

"Yeah, what's the time?"

"10 at night."

"I need to get home!" I exclaimed, crawling of the bed.

He caught my hand and pulled my back so I sat next to him at the edge. "I called your mum amd she's fine with it."

"Oh and what did you tell her?"

"That you fell asleep on the sofa," He grinned

"Oh Joey," I said, crawling under the covers

"Goodnight, Tasha" He whispered as he lay facing me.

"Goodnight Joey," I whispered back, kissing him briefly.

I rolled over and he wrapped his arms round me, pulling me to him, his head resting gently on my shoulder.

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