If You Hate Me, Hate Me, If You Love Me, Tell Me

About Natasha, a girl bullied for her good looks, her bright blue eyes and long strawberry blonde hair. Until she meets Joey, a tall thin boy with long brown hair and almost black eyes. The boy all the girls love. Then, when it seems like it might get better, the tunnel closes and the light disappears.


11. It's safe

Once I had finally dragged myself away from Joey, I went to go to the shower.

"Emm, Joey?"

"Yeah Tash?"

"Where should I get changed?"

"In here?" Joey raised his eyebrows comically

"Err, no!"

"No seriously, I'll be making breakfast, it's safe."

"Fine Joey, I'll get changed here."


I came out of the ajoining bathroom in my underwear and was shocked to find Joey sitting on the bed.

"Joey! What would you have done if I was in my towel?"

"I knew you wouldn't take the risk," He smiled as I walked over. He pulled me onto his lap and I quivered at his touch on my bare skin. "Why are you shaking?"

"I think you know the answer to that," I smiled. He began to kiss me. "Hmm, no."

"No what?"

I pulled his shirt over his head and then smiled. "Now you can kiss me."

He held me waist and I quivered again. "Are you really that excited?" He smirked

"I honestly don't know what you do to me," I whispered as his tongue explored my mouth

"I can show you what I can do to you, it's safe."

We fell back on the bed and I didn't care what he did to me, I trusted him with my life. 

I really love him.

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