If You Hate Me, Hate Me, If You Love Me, Tell Me

About Natasha, a girl bullied for her good looks, her bright blue eyes and long strawberry blonde hair. Until she meets Joey, a tall thin boy with long brown hair and almost black eyes. The boy all the girls love. Then, when it seems like it might get better, the tunnel closes and the light disappears.


12. Inspiration

I turned over as I woke up and came face to face with Joey. I stretched lazily and yawned.

"Have you been watching me?"

"You're beautiful when you sleep."

"So I'm ugly when I'm awake?"

"No, you're stunning when you're awake," He smiled. "Come on gorgeous, it's almost lunchtime."
"What did you say? Half an hour?" I laughed.

"Fine," He wrapped his arms round me once more and I lay content in his arms.

"Why do you like me?" I asked

"Because of the fire in your voice, your attitude and your bravery. You amaze me with the way you take the abuse, and you inspire me. I love the way you talk, the way you smile, the way you laugh. And I love you for who you are."

"You really do know the real me."

"You're an inspiration."



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