There's No Such Thing As...

In a world where vampire's, werewolves, demons, aliens, dinosaurs and fairies (collectively called Shadows) roam, they started to become out of control, the government decided to take action: they set up a school to train the agents of the future. Now these agents are sixteen and are up against it, and acting as guinea-pigs in a new experiment. How can they save the human race whilst dealing with the side-effects of an experiment and without alerting them to their presence, or the presence of the Shadows? Well, practice makes perfect, doesn't it?


2. Chapter 2

Eva woke up to someone shaking her shoulders; roughly. She sat up and snapped at the guy about the unpleasant manner in which he had woken her. She looked around to find everyone being woken in a similar way. Eva threw back the covers and swung her legs over the side of the bed. She tested her weight on her feet, she felt a little faint and nearly toppled over. Yet, she refused the outstretched hand of the man in the white coat who had rudely awoken her, instead, regaining her balance using the edge of the bed for support. Eva couldn't help but notice that many of the others were struggling to stand without assistance, even those who Eva deemed strong: Jacky, Darren and Harvey: the field operatives. Eva was soon drawing conclusions; linking the speed with which her hand had healed to her ability to walk unaided whilst everyone else could barely stand upright: the experiment had worked, on her at least.

After a few minutes, everyone seemed to have found their feet, albeit rather precariously. They were led through the school, outside, and then to the gymnasium, or the ring as it was known to the field operatives. Nevertheless, instead of the plastic windows which overlooked the training field and the main school, there were large sheets of black card filling the window frames. Once inside, someone turned on the overhead lights, revealing a large amount of scientific machinery. The floor was covered in foam mats, which were hardly ever used, and a bench lay along one of the walls. The students were ushered to the bench where they sat down obediently, and gratefully. Some hands were still weeping blood down their owner's wrist.

"Okay". said the man in the white lab coat who had introduced the program, "Settle down."

Eva couldn't help but make a silent remark about that: we don't need to settle down, we're exhausted. If we were any more settled, we'd be dead. The man then proceeded in introducing himself as Henry, as well as introducing all his colleagues by name; not that any of the students would remember any of them.

"Whilst we examine the results of our experiment, none of you are to leave this building. The only exception, is to retire to the classroom, where you were earlier, at the end of everyday to recuperate. All your meals will be brought to you here. Today is a case of determining whether the experiment had any effects, and to find out what those effects are. So without further ado, doctors, take a subject to your station and proceed with the examinations.

Someone in a white lab coat appeared before Eva and took hold of her elbow, in order to lift her to her feet. However, Eva stood up before they could give her any real assistance. The person in the coat shrugged and asked Eva to follow. Once they had stopped, next to a table at the edge of the room, the lady turned around to face Eva. Eva had assumed that the person in the white coat was the man who had rudely awakened her, so she was surprised to find it was someone else. She was also surprised to find a woman in a lab coat, for no other reason than all the other 'doctors' involved with the experiment were male.

"Hello," said the lady, "I'm Jocelyn, and your name is...?"

Jocelyn spoke in proper English with a clipped accent that didn't quite match the face wearing the lab coat.

"Eva." replied Eva, not in the mood for small talk.

"First we're going to start with a medical examination, and to find out how well you are recovering."

Jocelyn gestured for Eva to sit on the table. Eva did so. Once she had settled down, Jocelyn proceeded in listening to Eva's heart and breathing; to shine a light into Eva's eyes before picking up her left hand, the one they had cut open during the experiment. Jocelyn pulled a puzzled face and took up Eva's right hand. She then turned her back on Eva to write something on her clipboard. Jocelyn then walked over to the man who had introduced the program. They spoke in hushed tones whilst Eva remained on the desk; watching. All of the other doctor's turned to watch. Shortly after, Jocelyn returned to Eva, the 'boss-man', as Eva named him, in tow.

"Eva isn't it?" he said, holding his hand out to her, "I'm Henry, remember?"

Eva nodded and shook his hand, but rather than letting go, he turned her hand over. Realising that it was her right, he took up her other hand, ceasing it by the wrist.

"This is the hand we operated on, look, there's a faint scar." Henry traced the scar lightly with his fingertip. Jocelyn peered over Henry's shoulder and let out a small 'oh' of realisation. As she did so, Eva felt the pull of metal against the skin on the back of her hand. She looked down to find Henry with a bloodied scalpel in his hands, and a cut across the back of her hand, perpendicular to the scar that was already there. Eva went to scream, but refrained, instead staring in awe as the skin crawled over the wound, leaving nothing but a faint scar.

"Heals like a vampire, this one." Henry laughs. He walks away after asking for it to be written in her notes.

Jocelyn did as she was requested by "the Boss-man" and then continued with Eva's medical examination: testing her reflexes and her hearing. She then moved onto an intellect test, covering all sorts of mental arithmetic and lateral thinking problems such as: if your driving past a bus stop in a car with only one passenger seat, and at the bus stop is: an old lady who looks like she's about to die from the cold, a friend who once saved your life and your dream partner, who gets the lift? Eva didn't find these difficult, she never had, and wasn't surprised that she still found them as easy as they used to be.

Jocelyn had just told Eva that the routine tests were complete, when Henry called for everybody's attention. Both the students and the doctors turned to face him. Eva saw Skye roll her eyes as she spun round to face him. It took all of Eva's effort not to burst out laughing. Evidently, the others had all recovered by now.

"Can all student's find a partner for the next set of tests." Called Henry.

Eva started walking towards Skye, they were always partners, if classes allowed. But before Eva reached Skye, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned towards whoever was behind her. She noticed Skye winked at her whilst starting to walk towards Jacky as she did so. Eva turned, and looked up at the face that belonged to the hand, that was still on her shoulder: Darren. Eva couldn't believe her luck.

"May I...?" he inquired. This was the first time Eva had heard him speak. He spoke like a true gentleman, just without the posh accent that accompanies it. Eva felt her heart skip a beat, and hoped that her cheeks didn't show it.

"Yeah." Eva said, realising that she didn't really ha an alternative. Everyone else had partners already.

They stood in the centre of the room facing each other, awaiting further instructions. Henry was talking with the other doctors, and didn't realise that the students had already found partners for another two or three minutes. He turned around, and flushed, realising he had forgotten what he was supposed to be doing.

"O.K." he said," I'm going to hand you over to Jocelyn, who will lead you through the next stage of  examination." Eva noticed that Jocelyn had removed her white coat, and was no wearing a tight lycra top that showed of her figure with a pair of jogging bottoms. Eva hoped that the next stage of examination wasn't made of strenuous exercise.

Eva was right in some aspects, but wrong in others. Jocelyn lead them through a series of exercise, but they weren't particularly strenuous. They were designed to examine co-ordination, not athletic ability. Jocelyn then proceeded to lead the group through a series of trust exercises, as well as some introductory and team games. Eva assumed that this was because they needed to know that they could trust each other, as well as understand each other.

One of the exercises ended up with Eva and Darren on the floor in a fit of giggles. How was Eva supposed to support Darren's weight? He was about a foot taller than she, with a lot more muscle. It's amazing how accustomed I've become to having Darren's arms around me.  thought to herself. She liked the feel of his strong, muscular arms supporting her, she felt safe. Eva snapped out of that in an instant, realising that everyone was watching the two of them laughing. Eva got to her feet and brushed herself off. Jocelyn was about to explain another exercise when Henry cut her off-

"Thank you, we've seen enough for today. We are not concerned about anyone, so if you would like to follow me back to your sleeping quarters, we will bring you an evening meal and start your training tomorrow."

They turned to leave, Skye nudging Eva so that she bumped into Darren. Her cheeks felt hot, and Eva knew that it showed this time.

"Sorry." Eva said, turning away in order to follow Skye and Jacky

"It's O.K." Darren said, grabbing Eva's wrist. "It seems like your friend was trying to send you, and me, a message."

"Oh yeah? and what might that be?"

"That I'm hot, so stop pretending you're not interested in me or I'll steal him? Something like that?" He did a pretty good imitation of Skye as he said it. He released his grip on her wrist.

"Is that you're way of asking me out?"

"Yes, if you want to that is."

"Come on, we'd better hurry." Eva realised that they had stopped moving in order to talk, and were now a considerable distance behind the other members of the group.

Eva grabbed Darren's hand and hauled him after her, through the door and across the courtyard until they were at the back of the group, though by this point, Eva was the one behind.

"I'm Darren, by the way." he said, as they grounded to a halt in front of the doors into the main school building.

"I know," said Eva, "I'm Eva though."

"I know," he said, smiling in a way that made Eva's heart contract. Eva felt her blood flood to her cheeks. She turned her face away and reached for the door, wondering what on earth she should say next.

"Let me," said Darren, reaching over Eva's head to hold the door open for her. Eva smiled at him, and this time it was Darren's heart that jumped in his chest. They walked in silence until they reached the classroom, that was to be their bedroom for the next few weeks. Once again, Darren held the door open for Eva, she stepped past him into the classroom. Once inside, she turned to face him, unsure as to what to do next, Eva just said "Thank You" and walked to her bed, drew the curtain around it and got ready to sleep.

It wasn't long until Skye charged through the curtains, dragging Jacky behind her. Eva sat up in bed, making room for them to sit down too.

"So ...?" asked Skye

"He asked me out!" Eva couldn't hide the excitement in her voice. It wasn't everyday some hot guy asks you to be with him.

Skye let out a small screech in excitement. Jacky just laughed at Skye's reaction. Eva couldn't help but join in. It took the two of them a while to control the laughter, but once this was finally managed, Skye asked the inevitable question: "And...?"

"And I didn't say anything because we were really far behind, so I grabbed his hand and ran, but then it ended up more like him dragging me." Eva said, suppressing giggles.

"Darren!" yelled Skye. This was followed by Jacky and Eva to be quiet.

"Yeah?" came the reply.

"Get over here, Eva wants to tell you something." Eva listened as his footsteps became nearer. He drew the curtains aside, rather than charging threw them like Skye did, and then pulled them closed behind him

They stood there in silence, until Skye squeezed Eva's ankle, urging her to speak.

"I will." She said, suddenly, "Go out with you, I mean. If you want. Though how much time we'll get for dating I don't know."

Darren's face lit up, Eva was glad she was sat down otherwise she was sure she would have fainted. It wasn't like the quirky smile he gave her earlier, this time he couldn't keep the joy off of his face. It only lasted a moment, he was the sort of person who didn't like to openly present his emotions.

"Well, when we have the chance I shall take you out. But for now, I guess training partners will have to suffice."

He  threw Eva another small smile before leaving. Eva pushed the other two girls off of her bed, and relaxed. Happy and Content she fell asleep.

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