There's No Such Thing As...

In a world where vampire's, werewolves, demons, aliens, dinosaurs and fairies (collectively called Shadows) roam, they started to become out of control, the government decided to take action: they set up a school to train the agents of the future. Now these agents are sixteen and are up against it, and acting as guinea-pigs in a new experiment. How can they save the human race whilst dealing with the side-effects of an experiment and without alerting them to their presence, or the presence of the Shadows? Well, practice makes perfect, doesn't it?


1. Chapter 1

"I can't, I've got detention," said Skye, "again."

"Looks like it's just you and me, as always," said Jacky.

Eva said nothing. She was used to Skye having detentions most weeknights, but that wasn't the reason for her silence. It was a guy He was stood the other side of the cafeteria. He had dark brown hair, unlike Eva's platinum bob, which was similar, in some respect, to Skye's, just not as long and without the slight curl. He had a scar  under his right eye that followed the line of his cheekbone. That wasn't unusual at her school, she herself had a long jagged scar along her left forearm. After all, Lancaster Academy was a school for reformed juveniles and other troubled kids.

"Earth to Eva?" called Jacky.

"Eva, I'm going to-" started Skye.

"Don't finish that sentence!" snapped Eva, realising she was daydreaming again.

"Hey! We've woken the dead!" yelled Skye, jumping to her feet and reaching towards Jacky in the hope of a high five. Instead, Jacky curled her hand into a fist and punched Skye's palm; hard.

"Sit down, and be quiet" Jacky snarled, embarrassed by the unwanted attention Skye had just bought.

"What were you dreaming about this time?" Skye teased, "me, I hope."

Eva just looked across the cafeteria. Skye followed her gaze.

"You can't be serious!" Skye exclaimed. "The guy who looks as if he's from the 1800's?"

Jacky turned in her chair so that she could see who they were talking about.

"Not him, you fool!" Eva retorted. "The guy next to him with the dark hair."

"And looks as if he's 8 foot 10?"

"Yes, though he can't be that tall, otherwise I'm at least 7 foot, and I'm not."

Eva was 5 foot 4, a respectable height, but she felt short next to Skye, and even Jacky who was only a few inches taller than she. Eva often thought that Skye stood a chance as a model, if not for the long scar that traced her collarbone as a result of a collision with the buckle off of her Dad's belt. Out of the three of them, Skye was the only one who wasn't a juvenile, though you would have thought otherwise. Jacky was the sporty one, logical, considering she had spent six months on the run after assisting in the theft of a getaway vehicle. She was only nine at the time. Nevertheless, what Eva lacked in appearance and athletic ability, she was sure she made up for in ingenuity, after all, she wasn't nicknamed "The Brain" for nothing. Eva was famous in London as the one who could create a fool-proof plan; and the police knew.

"What, you mean Darren?" inquired Jacky.

Eva and Skye just looked at Jacky with puzzled faces. Neither of them spoke, waiting for Jacky to continue speaking.

"He's in my hand-to-hand combat class, and the only one who can beat me in a fight, so yeah, I know his name."

"You have hot guys in your class and you don't tell me about it?" asked Skye, a hint of jealousy in her voice. "If I'd have known I would have chosen Field Operative too."

Jacky and Eva glanced at each other and burst out laughing. Skye, a field operative?

Lessons such as hand-to-hand combat weren't unusual at Lancaster Academy. Normal classes like Maths and English happened too, but students at Lancaster Academy had lessons preparing them to be future agents of Department 44: a top secret government organisation which protects the human race against non-human threats. Those being extra-terrestrials, prehistoric creatures, demons, vampires, fairies and other unworldly creatures. The government figured that the best operatives would be those with practice, and those who wouldn't be missed if they disappeared: Juveniles and troubled kids.

Eva's street credentials meant that she was training for the Operation Control Rooms. Jacky's athletic ability meant that she would be a field operative and Skye's looks and artistic flair meant that she had the potential to be a very persuasive, undercover agent. Also, her scar meant that she could play the 'sob-story' if requires. Therefore, the three girls had very few lessons together.

"Like it matters Skye, I'm calling dibs." said Eva, despite Skye's protests.

Skye and Jacky went back to talking about the week's plans, organising the girls' social life around Skye's detentions. They started discussing whether there was anything worth watching at the cinema on the weekend, Eva wasn't particularly bothered, she would tag along no matter what film they chose. Instead, she switched her gaze back to Darren, and carried on daydreaming. He saw her. Eva looked away, but only after she saw him wink at her. She looked back, in the hope that it was not just wishful thinking, but all she saw was the floppy, mousy brown hair of his friend leaving the hall.

The bell soon rang. Lunchtime was over. The girls cleared away their trays and headed to afternoon lessons. Eva had communications, Jacky was on the firing range whilst Skye had the Art of Disguise. Eva arrived at communications a few minutes late. After making her apologies to agent C, her teacher, she went to sit down in her usual seat, only to find that the double-desk that she usually had to herself already had one occupant: Darren. What was a guy, who was training to be a field operative, doing in her communications class? Agent C took a role call. But this wasn't the normal role call for her communications class, there were only eight names, instead of fifteen, and only one other name that was actually from her communications class. It then struck Eva that two of the names were familiar to her: Skye Novus and Jacqueline Hanger. Skye and Jacky were in this room too? Eva turned around to find out. Yet, as she did so, the classroom door flew open. Eva swung around to face the door, startled. However, stood there, panting like a pair of dogs, was Skye and Jacky.

"Sorry...We're...late." Skye muttered between deep breaths.

"We didn't know we had a class change." added Jacky, her breathing having already returned to normal.

"It's O.K." said Agent C. "Take a seat."

Skye and Jacky filed into the desk behind Eva. Eva studied the rest of the class as Agent C amended the role call and set up the holographic projector.

On the desk to Eva's right was Darren's friend. Eva thought that he'd be reasonably handsome, what with a well-defined jawline, if he didn't have a victorian-esque haircut. Eva recalled that his name was Harvey, from the role call. Next to him was a guy who looked as if he could have been Skye's brother, if not for the fact that he was blonde, and liked to wear his hair spiked up like a hedgehog, and that Skye didn't have a brother.

"Who's he?" Eva whispered to Skye and Jacky.

"The jerk with the blonde spikes?" asked Skye. Eva nodded. "Matt, he thinks he is so much better than me. He's not, and he knows it because..."

"Quiet please." said Agent C, his tone even, cutting off Skye's barely audible ranting.

Rose was in the class too, she was a good student, with potential to be a great officer, bettered only by Eva herself. Eva was surprised to find she was sat next to Mel. Rose was shy, and had mousy brown hair that was cut straight at her shoulders, known by a few. Mel on the other hand, was known by everyone. She was pretty, and she knew it. Long, jet black hair, blue eyes, etc.: that sort of pretty. Mel was also well known because she was a senior prefect. Mel had power, and she liked it.

"O.K." called Agent C. "I'm guessing you want to know why you're not in your normal lessons this afternoon?"

The entire class nodded in unison, expressions of confusion on their faces. No one spoke.


"The government has asked me to select our top eight students: two control-room officers, three undercover agents, and three field operatives. And that would be you." Agent C gestured to the class in front of him. "One of our scientists," he continues," claims that he can alter the genetic coding of teenagers so that they develop supernatural abilities. The government has decided, in order to test the theory, that only a small number of it's highest ranking agents should have these abilities, forming a specialist unit to deal with the toughest and most problematic of non-human threats. However, in order for this experiment to run successfully, the body must be in a state of complete exhaustion. Therefore, this afternoon's lessons have been replaced with physical exercise. Our scientist is setting up next door and will be in here shortly to supervise proceedings shortly."

"So we're missing an afternoon of lessons to be hot, sweaty guinea-pigs?" remarked Skye.

"Yes." answered Agent C. And with that he pushed lay on the hologram. Eva couldn't help but notice that the running time for the hologram was twelve hours!

A face appeared in the hologram stating instructions as to how to rearrange the furniture in order to prepare for the following stages of the afternoon. Agent C paused the hologram and the eight students set to work moving the desks to the side of the room, stacking the chairs on top. Once this was complete, Agent C resumed the hologram and left the room. The face appeared in the hologram once again, giving the students a further set of instructions.The face then disappeared and was replaced by a figurine. The figurine started performing star jumps. The class looked at each other before copying the figurine's actions.

The class had done at least one hundred star jumps, according to Eva, before a man in a white lab coat walked into the room. He stood at the front; watching. The class continued with their star jumps until, by Eva's estimations, they had done five hundred. The figurine then started performing burpees. The class, in turn, copied. They had only done around twenty before Rose dropped to the floor. Rose was clever, extremely so, but wasn't the most physically able. It was no surprise that she was the first to collapse. The class stopped and turned to face her.

"Don't stop!" yelled the man in the white coat.

Obediently, the class carried on.

The man walked over to Rose, slung her over his shoulder as if she were a bag of potatoes, and left. A slightly younger man in a white coat resumed the watch at the front of the classroom.

The remaining seven students continued with the exercises, Eva staring after Rose, knowing that odds were on her being next. The students froze as an ear-splitting scream, Rose's ear-splitting scream, sounded from next door. What unnerved Eva the most was that the scream was silenced almost as suddenly as it began. Nevertheless, Eva carried on with the exercises, like everybody else.


The next thing Eva knew, she was being hoisted from the floor, someone's shoulder digging uncomfortably into her ribcage. As Eva was carried out of the room, she noticed that the playing time gone, in the corner of the hologram, read "2h 34". Eva was pleasantly surprised. She had lasted two and a half hours of intense physical exercise.

Eva blacked out again as the door closed on her fellow students.


Eva awoke, somewhat groggy, to see a short crop of ginger hair being laid down in the bed opposite hers. It took Eva a while to identify the orange hair as Jacky, and, more to the point, what they were dong there. Eva looked around the room, there were eight beds, only one was unoccupied. Eva could guess whose bed that was; the only person who could beat Jacky in a physical challenge: Darren. Eva also couldn't help but notice that everyone had a wound on their left hand, held together by three stitches. Eva examined her own left hand. As she had suspected, their were three stitches, but to her surprise, no wound, just a scar that ran from the knuckle of her first finger, down to her wrist.

How long have I been asleep for? Eva asked herself. To her right though, Eva could see that Rose's hand hadn't yet healed.

Eva was confused. Eva looked once again at her left hand. The stitches were still there They weren't needed anymore, and Eva didn't fancy leaving them in. So the untied the knots, and pulled them out; wincing. Eva watched in amazement as the holes left by tearing out the stitches healed over almost instantly.

Eva sat up in the bed, looking for a clock. She couldn't find one, but she reasoned that she had been asleep for six or seven hours if Jacky had only just collapsed from physical exhaustion.

Eva laid the stitches on the table beside the bed and resolved that waiting for the others to wake up would be better than wandering around school on her own, at night.

Eva remained awake until Darren was carried into the room, with some difficulty due to his height and muscular stature; watching as they lay him down on the bed. Seeing someone she thought was strong, looking so vulnerable unsettled her, but she took comfort in the fact that no one is invincible. Eva soon fell back asleep, more out of boredom than of tiredness

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