Fire Bomb

My entry to the Hunger Games competition. ENJOY! :)


1. Fire Bomb

The sound of an explosion made me open my eyes, waking me up from my little rest in my hut.

I looked through the window and, by the sunlight, I could tell it was just three in the afternoon.

Quickly I put on my soldier-like boots and went out of my hut. Without even bothering on changing my clothes.

I still had my "sleeping clothes" on (if you can call an old pair of pants and a worn shirt that way). But I was sure no one would even notice, because here, in District 11, we're a "bit" poor.

When I was outside, the first thing I saw was a bunch of people all around the forest. I followed their gaze and I almost fainted when I saw the disaster.

Half of the forest, probably all of it, had burnt.

The cause was innocently laying a few meters away from there: A bomb.

It was too small that, if I wasn't standing in front of a burnt forest, I would never have believed it destroyed everything. But then I remembered what my mother used to tell me: "Looks are deceiving" 

And she was right.

That little bomb had just destroyed almost the whole forest. And with that, most of our provisions.

The forest was like our own food stock, since the Capitol never gave us anything. Not even an apple. That's why we all hated them.

But, coming back to reality... what were we gonna do without our food?




A week later, you could already see a lot of kids crying out for something to eat. In fact, we were all craving for something edible. We had nothing at all.

It wasn't that hard to know who had done this...The Capitol. Who else?

But there was something I still couldn't understand.

Why would they do this to us?

We've always been faithful. Dutiful.

They had no reason to do this.

I kept thinking and thinking about it until I made the worst decision of my life: I was going to the Capitol.




Standing in front of the Capitol I was looking for someone who looked friendly enough to ask them where their "boss" were.

I still didn't know how I was going to make them understand we needed out food as soon as possible, but I was willing to try.

The Capitol was a lot fancier than what I had seen on the past Hunger Games. Probably too much for my liking.

Half an hour later I spotted a woman who looked kind of normal. Although I wouldn't put her on the "normal people" list. Not with that horrible purple hair she had.

-Excuse me, Miss. Could you tell me where I could find our boss?  -I asked her as nice as possible.

-Uh...of course. Do you see that door?  -She pointed a tall door with her index finger.  -You can find them there  -.

-Oh. Thank you, Miss  -. I mumbled and head quickly to that door you could hardly not see.

When I got inside I was blinded by all the light for a second.

Everything in the room was glowing. I still didn't understand why the Capitol loved to be the spotlight with their ridiculous ways of decorate.

-Can I help you, Miss?  -A rough voice suddenly took me out of my thoughts.

When I got used to the light of the room I could see a chubby old man looking at me.

-Uh...yes. I wanted to talk to the boss. It's just that...someone sent us a bomb a week ago and all of our provisions are now...  -

-Oh, yeah.  -He interrupted me.  -We did it to teach you all a lesson. Although I think you haven't learned it at all... -

-A lesson?!  -I started raising my voice.  -What kind of lesson is that?!  -

-Calm down, Miss. We just wanted to show you who's the boss here  -.

Something started to hurt the palms of my hands. I looked down at them and noticed I had my fists balled up and my nails were hurting me. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. 

-And how are you planning to give us our food back?!  -I questioned him.

-Soon  -.He mumbled.  -Now if you don't mind I've got a lot of work to do so please go back to your district  -.

-Not until we get our food back  -.I was sure I sounded like a little girl but in that moment I didn't care.

-You've got 3 seconds  -.He threatened me. I kept looking at him with my eyes full of anger.

-1...  -He started counting. At first, I thought he was playing, but when I saw the look on his face I noticed he wasn't but still I didn't move.

-2... -I still didn't move.

-3!  -When he finished counting he pressed a button on the bottom of his desk.

I only heard a beeping sound and two seconds later...everything turned black.




I woke up and I realized I was in my hut again.

What the hell, I thought.

Quickly I ran out and what I saw shocked me.

A wave of sadness flew laid on me when I saw my district was gone. The Capitol had moved my hut from there and put me very far instead. I didn't know how much, but I was sure I was very very far.

I looked around and saw a little note under my boot. There was something written on it:

"Now it's your turn to learn the lesson. Alone"

I hadn't noticed I lost my balanced until I was laying on the floor.

Some tears fell before I heard the same sound of the other day,

Terrified, I looked to the sky and saw it.

The same little bomb that exploded in the forest of my district. But now it was different.

Now it wasn't going to destroy a forest...but me.

There was no escape.

I wrapped my arms around my legs and the last thing I heard was an explosion.




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