Truth or Dare...

I don't really know if I like this but hey... worth a shot. I'm not really sure whether it should be yellow or red warning...
Poppy had a choice between Ben, the boy she completely detested (or so she thought) who stole her first kiss or Brad, the boy who just plain and simple was there. Of course she falls for Ben's charms, you'd be an idiot not too but he used her and broke her heart only a few months later. Brad just leaves, walks out of her life without a single word and she only found out about him through Sarah and it wasn't good... Now, her she is broken, lost and happy almost, she prefers the new 'her' from the stupid, innocent girl she was before. One night can't change your life really but here it is plain and simple, one boy and one new start.


8. Memories


Brad pushed the door open and held it for me while gesturing me to enter, I followed the direction of his arm to reveal the Brad in a small four walled room, posters covered every wall unless furniture was in the way full of bands and ‘typical’ guy posters, I skimmed over the posters when something caught my eye the most. I walked over to see a multiple frame hanging just above the bed with around eight pictures, the top row being his family, pets etc. it made me smile at how close Brad was to his family or he used to be. It still shocked me to think we are basic strangers now, knowing nothing about one another but our past… the past I wish I could delete. A picture in the middle of the frame caught my eye as I realized it was our friend group, our old friend group with Sarah, Brad, Ben, Rachel, Henry, I and a boy I didn’t recognize anymore. I didn’t speak to anyone but Sarah and weirdly we bumped into Henry around a month ago as he lives his dream as a skate-boarder, I had completely forgotten about that picture and I assumed it was at least nine or ten months ago with us all pulling ridiculous faces at one another and the camera. I laughed silently, “that’s my favorite picture, we were all friends… no drama and always there for one another.” Brad said to me making me jump as I had completely forgotten he was so close behind me. I just nodded at him letting out a sigh, “wish it was still like that… I mean look at Sarah, you and I… what happened to us…” I trailed off knowing what broke me but still unsure of how Brad ended up to be the stranger who stood so close to me.
“We grew up,” is all Brad said before the tears started rolling down my cheeks unwilling to stop. I felt myself been taken gently into Brad’s arms as he held me close allowing me to sob into his chest and take in his soothing scent.

We must have stood there for about ten minutes until I was able to pull myself away from Brad’s chest knowing I wouldn’t start crying again. I snuffled and finally I felt Brad release his arms but still took my hand in his with a tight squeeze. I kissed his cheek in amazement of how he just reacted so calmly to my break-down, a smile tugged at his lips as he returned the kiss. “I’m sorry,” I whispered as I leaned my head on his shoulder after we sat on his bed leaning against his wall. He rolled his eyes at me but they were still bright at my touch, “No-one’s perfect!” He replied making me laugh lightly. It was ironic really how perfect he was even though I knew he was broken inside, a bit like me. In the six months, we both broke down, lost ourselves in a pit of despair and now here we were with one another, smiles spread across our faces behaving exactly like we use to. In that moment, I realized Ben… well I knew Ben was a mistake already but I never realized how much of a mistake until now standing in front of the boy I had a chance with ages ago. I broke him, he broke me. Is it that terrible to ask for a second chance? “You know all I kept thinking about after I just left you is that I’d be good to you or I should have fought hard for my chance. But there I was, an idiot, to just walk away from the girl I was in love with.” Brad said slowly as I sunk in every word mirroring exactly how I felt, “the girl I’m in love with.” He whispered just quiet enough that I didn’t miss it making my heart flutter inside me. I couldn’t help but brush my lips against his as he willing deepened the kiss, as it ended as quickly as it started. Of course smiles were still spread across our face as we stood there staring deeply into one another’s eyes not needing to say anything as the house filled with loud bass music they selected downstairs. I guess this is as romantic as my life has ever been. I don’t like typical clique actions of affection and adoration… I despise Valentine’s Day for similar reason but yet with Brad I could tell it was something I would learn to love as much as I loved him. Wait, what am I saying? It has been six months until this boy just decided to walk out my life and fuck it up completely, I was 100% willing to open my arms and let him into my life. I just couldn’t go down the dark path I have escaped only since a month ago, I started not because of him but my life has been far from perfect since he left. I’m not blaming him, I just don’t know if I can let him in again and put my heart in his hands. Everything he said or did made my heart skip a beat, all I wanted to do was kiss his lips and I was dying to know if he felt the same… if he missed me as much as I did. I mean that one night, he became the only person to ever get behind every wall I’ve ever built up; he took it down brick by brick, secret by secret.

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