Truth or Dare...

I don't really know if I like this but hey... worth a shot. I'm not really sure whether it should be yellow or red warning...
Poppy had a choice between Ben, the boy she completely detested (or so she thought) who stole her first kiss or Brad, the boy who just plain and simple was there. Of course she falls for Ben's charms, you'd be an idiot not too but he used her and broke her heart only a few months later. Brad just leaves, walks out of her life without a single word and she only found out about him through Sarah and it wasn't good... Now, her she is broken, lost and happy almost, she prefers the new 'her' from the stupid, innocent girl she was before. One night can't change your life really but here it is plain and simple, one boy and one new start.


3. Knocking down my walls

After a while, I got up subconsciously checked my make-up and hair before unlocking to door. I stumbled over my own feet and saved myself just before I landed on the ground. I laughed at myself and how pathetic I was acting. Be the girl every guy wants and every girl wants to be. I told myself, I knew I had to become a whole new person now, someone I never really wanted to be but I would do it anyway that kiss was the thing I needed to find myself starting from now. I walked back into the room to see the group still sitting round the bottle, they all smiled at me as I entered and took my spot next to Sarah, she grabbed me into a hug confusing me slightly but I went along with it. It was glad to have my best friend back to her normal bubbly self once again; the lights had been dimmed since I left leaving the room dark except in the area we sat. “We are playing truth or dare now,” Sarah informed me as Brad another friend of Sarah’s spun the bottle. I nodded in response and smiled at them all happily, the bottle spun around as once again we all seemed transfixed to the bottle. The bottle slowed down, stopping at Ben as I felt the tension slowly build in the room. “So... who has an ‘ittle question to ask Benny?” Brad joked. As everyone shuffled and started whispering to one another as I felt Ben’s eyes fall on me once again, I took a deep breath and looked up smirking at him. “I have one,” I said confidently and everyone suddenly turned to my attention. “Well, have you ever broken somebody’s heart on purpose?” I questioned as everyone fell silent even stunned with my question choice or curious to find out Ben’s answer, he shuffled around uncomfortably from the pressure. “Err… I don’t know, yeah probably. I mean like my ex’s and I guess the girls I just ‘get’ with at parties… I’m a jerk I know that ha-ha,” Ben replied uncomfortably as he kept moving about trying to move the focus away from him as everyone carried on staring at him, “you can say that again!” Ryan called out making the whole group laugh as Ben and I made eye contact making me blush as I looked away. The laughter died down gradually as we all just collapsed giving up on the game once again, these were the nights every think seemed perfect and if I could freeze time this is one of the times I would just to stay in this moment with some of the people who have just been there through thick and thin and I know I can have a laugh with them whenever. “Dudes you all crashing here tonight?” Sarah announced as everyone replied with a ‘yes’ except the four boys who got up and left except Brad and Ben leaving them now outnumbered against four girls. Our group worked perfectly in the fact; we would always be able to pair off in to partners. Yes some of us dated mainly people in the group originally which did make things easier as well. You could go as far as calling us a family as the majority of us did come from broken households with Brad and I the only ones left with a ‘fully functionally’ family if that’s what you want to call it. The girls and I ran upstairs to change into our pajamas and get ready to go to bed, I knew if the guys were planning on staying it would take double the amount of time for the girls to get ready than they normally do as they tend to feel the need to wear make-up to bed if the boys are sleeping over as well. I just pulled on some sweats and an old t-shirt from my dad before debating whether to take my make-up off. I walked into Sarah’s en-suite, grabbing a make-up wipe from her shelf alongside with many cosmetic products from make-up to the basic products. Everything a girl might want or need at any given stage, I was always using her stuff as it saved me the problem of buying it all myself really. “Sarah, I’m heading downstairs, do you want me to take anything?” I asked as I walked out seeing the girls crouched round the many mirrors scattered around the floor.
“Just the blankets and pillows at the top of the stairs,” Sarah turned round and told me as she quickly turned round to face the mirrors carrying on like the other girls to correct their mirrors or re-do it all over again. I reached the top of the stairs to find a massive pile of around ten blankets and probably more pillows, knowing me I will most probably end up tripping over my own feet on the stairs as I tried to watch my feet while carrying such a huge bundle. “Here let me help you with that,” I heard a voice come up towards me. I looked up to see Ben climbing up the stairs towards me and taking a handful of blankets and pillows from my arms, “err… thanks.” I replied to him as he held my arm to help me up and down the stairs. I felt anxious really after our kiss, our mistake I had to control myself from leaning in and placing my lips against his stupid smirk he always held on that face of his. We reached the bottom of the stairs as he dropped his pile and then took mine and done the same leaving a huge pile right in the way of the doorway. “Look… can we talk about you know the kiss?” Ben asked anxiously and I knew he must of felt uncomfortable just like I did so I just nodded as he took a seat on the stairs and indicated for me to sit beside him. I sat down trying to look beyond Ben’s lingering gaze as I found myself looking deeply into his cat green eyes, I was such an idiot! “Well err… this feels awfully awkward and I normally try to avoid these sorts of situations. Ha-ha, so yeah. That kiss I know it was your first and all but I’m kind of glad it happened to be with me. You may not have been ready for such a big step I guess you could call it but it wasn’t just a kiss for me and I know it wasn’t just a kiss for you either, so please. Just tell me where I stand I will do anything, of course you have your reasons to hate me I was a jerk but I’m not anymore trust me.” I sat there unable to make eye contact with Ben as he basically just opened his heart open to me, I didn’t know I hated him. Wow, I must say maybe I shouldn’t of judged by its cover, that saying I constantly say to others and I done it myself, what a hypocrite! I looked up to Ben to see him already looking making us both look away as I felt myself blush. “I… Err… I…” I tried to stutter out trying to pull something out to say, everything I tried to say got caught on my tongue. “Ben… I… I never knew you knew I hated you. I was wrong; you seem like a generous guy just lost in him. I don’t know where we stand but I need to be a ‘new me’ almost, the girl you know now is just a waste of space. As you know, like everyone else, I’m ‘frigid’ in certain words. I won’t just jump into your bed if that’s what you want and yes you were my first kiss and at first I hated it, wanted to just forget about it. Yet, here I am sitting at the bottom of Sarah’s stairs with you contemplating whether or not any pain I feel will be worth getting close to you and learn who you really are.” I continued to stutter over my words, tripping over myself almost as I let everything out then taking a deep breath. We sat there dumb-struck, neither of us saying a word sinking in one another’s words as I heard Sarah’s bedroom door swing open as the girls came out giggling. I quickly sprung up from Ben putting some space between us probably making it more suspicious than it already was… great. 

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