Truth or Dare...

I don't really know if I like this but hey... worth a shot. I'm not really sure whether it should be yellow or red warning...
Poppy had a choice between Ben, the boy she completely detested (or so she thought) who stole her first kiss or Brad, the boy who just plain and simple was there. Of course she falls for Ben's charms, you'd be an idiot not too but he used her and broke her heart only a few months later. Brad just leaves, walks out of her life without a single word and she only found out about him through Sarah and it wasn't good... Now, her she is broken, lost and happy almost, she prefers the new 'her' from the stupid, innocent girl she was before. One night can't change your life really but here it is plain and simple, one boy and one new start.


7. Curiosity


I saw the dark haired boy head outside with a drink in his hand and I felt the urge to follow him, Toby came back passed me a drink I took a sip and headed out to find the mystery boy. “Poppy!” I heard Toby try to call after me but ignored him and continued my search but was still unsure what I would do or say. I just needed to know. I saw the boy sit down a head of me away from the whole party, I walked over cautiously to the boy who had his back turned to me, “um excuse me… do I know you?” I said, I mean what else was I supposed to say.
“Probably not, I don’t normally go out and social much, a mate of mine convinced me to hold this party.” The boy said as he turned to face me greeting me with a small smile that just lightened up his whole face.
“Well, I use to do the same but know I live for the party… I’m Poppy by the way and you are?” I replied curious to get the boy’s identity as he grew more and more familiar the more I looked at him.
“I use to know a girl called Poppy, amazing and beautiful girl, I’m Brad O’donoghue, nice to meet you.” Brad said making all my sense shine bright.
“Brad? The Brad that sat on Sarah’s kitchen floor with me ages ago, for as long as it took to stop me from crying my eyes out?” I stuttered out still in shock it could be him. He was so different, not the preppy boy I use to know. I mean I knew he had changed but not this much he was a complete stranger to me.
“Poppy? You… you look so different?” He said to me seeming as shocked as I was as the realization kicked in. I guess I did in his eyes, the Poppy he knew was that innocent girl wearing long dressed, covering my whole body with my hair always off my face now here I was, dark brown hair loose swaying forever down my back completely straight in a short black dress and that’s it really. It must be a huge shook for him, dear me. “Err… yeah thanks. I guess we both do. How have you been?” I questioned curious to see if the rumors were really true and he was as different as he had been portrayed by Sarah and her source of information.
“You’ve probably heard I’m a complete wreck… I’m sorry for how I just left. I couldn’t see the girl I gave my heart to be happy with my best friend.” He said lightly making his head droop causing my heart to break, “how have you been?”
“I’m sorry… I heard yeah I just couldn’t believe that the sweet, innocent Brad could break that much I guess…” I started to say as my voice got caught in my throat, “Ben trampled on my heart after taking my virginity getting me hooked on smoking and drinking before spitting me out … I’m on the mend I guess just no-one understands. Sarah tries to hard sometimes and hey she’s here as well!”
“It’s not your fault; I didn’t fight for you… I knew he was a dick I’m sorry for not protecting you better. I couldn’t prevent all the pain you’ve felt if I just bucked my ideas up… fuck. I’m a mess…” He took my hand, “Poppy, whatever happened between us is in the past… I never stopped thinking about you… I’m always here now we’ve found one another again… you could almost call it destiny.” I knew Brad was trying his hardest to lighten the tone making me smile as I felt myself lean in and kiss him before freaking out and pulling away, shocked at my own actions. A smile tugged onto Brad’s face making me smile back, “I’ve always wanted to do that…” he informed me breathing heavy as I heard my name being called over and over again by at least three voices and I recognized them straight away, I lightly dragged Brad by the cuff of his shirt towards the house and back to reality. “Oi slut, where have you been,” Sarah shouted at me as she swayed and I could tell she was pissed, this was a rare time in which I didn’t drink I guess Brad made me forget the ‘new’ Poppy I promised I would be all those months ago. “Picking up a fresh piece of meat,” I heard Toby huff from one side of me as Sarah pulled me into her arms leaving Brad awkwardly standing there.
“Pops, I’m going to take Sarah home you coming with us or staying?” Gabe asked trying to break tension. I looked at Brad and he seemed disappointed.
“Na, its cool Gabe, I’m going to stay and talk to people who I haven’t seen in a while. I’ll let one of you know if I’m going home or crashing somewhere else, I hope Sarah’s alright in the morning,” I said to them as I walked to the front door with them before giving everyone a hug good bye before they left dragging a now passed out Sarah between two of them. I sighed and turned back to Brad, who was now leaning against his banister casually trying to avoid an awkward conversation with a drunken girl in front of him. Jealousy built up inside me as I walked towards him and he pulled me close and I nuzzled into his neck taking in a heavy scent that was no different than before. The girl sighed and strolled off to another lonely boy only a few meters away from us and they started to make out making me cringe inside, “hey let’s get away from all this, yeah?” Brad announced and I just nodded as he dragged me upstairs away from all the noise and disturbance. We reached the upstairs landing and Brad continued to walk to the far right side of the corridor leaving me to follow close behind. We reached a door covered with drawings of multiple and seemed battered with Brad’s name near the top. 

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