Truth or Dare...

I don't really know if I like this but hey... worth a shot. I'm not really sure whether it should be yellow or red warning...
Poppy had a choice between Ben, the boy she completely detested (or so she thought) who stole her first kiss or Brad, the boy who just plain and simple was there. Of course she falls for Ben's charms, you'd be an idiot not too but he used her and broke her heart only a few months later. Brad just leaves, walks out of her life without a single word and she only found out about him through Sarah and it wasn't good... Now, her she is broken, lost and happy almost, she prefers the new 'her' from the stupid, innocent girl she was before. One night can't change your life really but here it is plain and simple, one boy and one new start.


4. Break your little heart


The girls reached us and I knew they would be looking back between us both wondering why I sprung up like I did. I had a way of making the situation worse is a light way of putting it, Ben pulled himself up leaving him only a few centimeters away from me as the girls quickly walked passed, “to be continued,” Ben whispered as he slightly dragged me towards the room the girls entered then leaving my side and allowing me to regain my thoughts. I straightened my pajamas and headed towards the door to here giggling from coming inside, I pushed open the door to see Sarah nestled on Ben’s lap throwing her arms round him with her legs tight round his waist. I took a step back unsure what to do really, Sarah always flirts like that with Ben and she throws herself about just for his attention all the time, but now we had that small heart to heart it felt like I had been seriously stabbed in the back by both of them even if they were clueless on how I really felt… I sat down awkwardly joining the group as they carried on talking about a subject I couldn’t care less about. “Poppy… are you alright?” Brad questioned making me jump back into bitter reality to soon as he sat facing me, so I couldn’t avoid eye contact.
“Yeah fine,” I replied quickly and started playing with a stray thread of my clothes.
“You do know, Ben has never liked Sarah and trust me I’ve seen the way he looks at you…” Brad tried to carry on and I could tell he was trying his hardest to reassure me as Sarah continued to giggle loudly in the background at something Ben must of said.
“Whatever… it’s not my place to say anything really.” I responded and I must of sounded awful I know, don’t get me wrong Brad is a sweet guy and he does know how to treat a girl right but I didn’t know him. The only reason he was here is for Ben really not out of choice I assume.
“Just give him a chance if not for anyone then for yourself, you deserve to be treated right even if it’s from someone you hate!” Brad told me making me laugh as I soon realized everyone must know how much I hated Ben from day one just because of the fact he was too cocky. Brad rubbed my shoulder as he looked round then stopped suddenly; I followed his gaze curious as to what threw him to see Sarah leaning in to kiss Ben. That was it that was all it took. I rose instantly and walked out of the room hearing footsteps follow me close behind as I tried to slow down my pace as I reached the kitchen door. I pushed through not bothering to look who was behind me and just wanted to crawl in to a ball and forget everything around me. The kitchen door swung shut as I felt someone join me on the floor placing their arm lightly round me as I began to cry into their chest, I knew straight away it was Brad. No-one else carried to follow me I mean my best friend finally got what she wanted and I guess I should be pleased for her, no! Brad continued to comfort me as my breathing began to steady and I couldn’t force anymore tears, “he doesn’t deserve you,” is all I heard Brad whisper to me as he stroked my back lightly unaware that was the only thing that would calm me down. I pulled away from his chest and took the tissue he handed me to wipe my eyes and nose before maneuvering to sit beside him again and rest my head on his shoulder. “You know you said he never liked Sarah, I think we both got proven wrong in there,” I tried to joke as I steadied my voice.
“Trust me, I bet it was all Sarah that done that.” Brad replied making me sigh as I knew it was probably true to be quite honest, hell I ran out in such a rush I wasn’t even sure if they did kiss. I’m such an idiot. Just because of those two stupid games I agreed to play. Truth or dare? Spin the bottle? Who knew they were capable of ripping everything that you liked even if you only had it for a few seconds.

After sitting in the kitchen for ten minutes I heard the door swing open as Brad tensed beside me confirming who I thought it would be. “Get out,” Brad snarled to Ben who stood silently at the door.
“You have nothing to do with this,” Ben straight away snarled back.
“I do if it involves you breaking a girls heart, you dickhead.”
“Give me chance to explain pops,” Ben said catching my attention as he tried to step closer making me wince slightly.
“Get out.” Brad said again this time rising to his feet placing himself between Ben and me. I got up as well, knowing I couldn’t let Ben split up his friendship as I stepped between them both unable to face Ben I turned to Brad, “I’ll see what he has to say, okay?” I informed Brad hoping it would calm him down he just nodded in response leaving the kitchen quickly making me feel empty and vulnerable. “Poppy... I...” Ben started making me put more space between us as I took a seat at the breakfast bar with two stools opposite one another. Ben took the one opposite before starting again, “I didn’t kiss her… I pushed her away but you left so quickly you didn’t see. I told her I didn’t like her in that way and she yelled at me.”
“I ran out so quickly because like five minutes before I opened my heart to you then the next thing I know you’re flirting with my best friend. Talk about ripping someone’s heart out Ben.” I responded harshly feeling confidence grow inside me.
“Poppy, I’m sorry. Everything I said to you is true; please just give me another chance… please?” Ben asked pleading me making me focus on his view of the whole situation, he didn’t kiss Sarah but it was still the whole heart break I felt. My first love and heart break in the space of a few hours, wow.
“Ben, I just don’t know...” I started to say just as he pulled me to him and kissed me lightly making my heart flutter as I pushed myself closer to him. We pulled away both of us smiling at our kiss.
“If you didn’t kiss me back, that would have been my answer but you did so please?” Ben said shyly will entwining his fingers in mine keeping me close to him. I just sat there my heart said ‘yes’ but my head said ‘no’.
“Ben… I… yes,” I replied without thinking and Ben’s smile grew making my heart skip a beat as I heard someone walk into the kitchen. I looked up to see Brad standing before me looking heart-broken, the expression which must have mirrored mine from earlier. I looked at him confused as he just walked out again when he saw mine and Ben’s fingers tightly entwined together. I felt so confused but my thoughts were quickly clouded as Ben had let go of my hand and walked round to stand in front of me blocking my view of a descending Brad. “Come on, let’s go join the others.” Ben announced as he helped me down from the stool and we strolled through to the living room to be greeted with pillows flying and hitting us from every direction. Next thing I know I’m off the floor in Ben’s arms as he runs behind the sofa to protect me from the still flying pillows. Ben places me behind the sofa and quickly grabs pillows to throw in the direction they are coming from; he returned kissed my forehead then suddenly changed into a five year old throwing pillow back to the others. Every time he was hit he would be overly dramatic making me laugh harder as I just watched him defend me from my safe position. Ben only had one pillow left and sat there unmoving as I looked over to see all the other pillows in ‘no man’s land’ but I could see that the others had only one pillow left as well. I couldn’t help at Ben’s face struck with concentration and I knew he was probably trying to think some amazing, mind-blowing plan to grab the pillows before the other team as I sat back and watched it all from the sidelines. I kissed Ben’s cheek making him jump as he was sort of brought back to reality facing me and smiling, “you look cute when you’re concentrating.” I said delightedly and he kissed me chuckling lightly, he threw the pillow and walking out in surrender. I couldn’t help but laugh as one of the others hit him in the face with a pillow. “Ouch idiot,” Ben scowled at the attacker as I heard Sarah’s laugh feel the room making me tense after how she acted with him before. 

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