Truth or Dare...

I don't really know if I like this but hey... worth a shot. I'm not really sure whether it should be yellow or red warning...
Poppy had a choice between Ben, the boy she completely detested (or so she thought) who stole her first kiss or Brad, the boy who just plain and simple was there. Of course she falls for Ben's charms, you'd be an idiot not too but he used her and broke her heart only a few months later. Brad just leaves, walks out of her life without a single word and she only found out about him through Sarah and it wasn't good... Now, her she is broken, lost and happy almost, she prefers the new 'her' from the stupid, innocent girl she was before. One night can't change your life really but here it is plain and simple, one boy and one new start.


5. Ben


This is new, I’ve never been jealous before. I guess there is always a first time for everything, I thought to myself as I joined Ben’s side as the others stood up and joined us as I collapsed on the sofa behind us with Ben following closely. “Come on let’s go outside!” Sarah announced all of a sudden as everyone got up without me.
“But it’s really cold,” I complained lightly and pretended to be stropping like a toddler.
“Diddums, I’ll let you wear my jacket!” Brad replied smiling at me and I was happy he was acting normally with me, even though he received a glare from Ben.
“Or I could give her my jacket,” Ben responded fast.
“I’ll just grab my jumper from upstairs, thanks both of you though,” I said politely not wanting to cause unneeded conflict between them two, I mean they are meant to be best friends for god sakes. I ran upstairs and picked my hoodie up and quickly put it on as I ran down the stairs. I tripped over my own feet near the end nearly losing my balance to land on the bottom step laughing hysterically at myself. Everyone came rushing through making me realize I must have made a loud noise when I landed, “are you okay?” Brad asked looking very concerned as Ben came to my side picking me up lightly and pulling me into his arms. I heard Sarah sigh heavily behind me and I knew she could tell what’s going on just like I did as it suddenly clicked in my head… Brad and Ben like me. I knew it would get worse and worse to the point they would end up hating one another and I couldn’t come between them both. I just couldn’t! I just smiled lightly at Ben causing him to smile back and I knew that most probably Brad and Sarah could tell it was forged, what else was I supposed to do? I couldn’t just break Ben’s little heart… I mean that’s not me at all. We all headed outside swiftly after as the wind pulled us away from Sarah’s back door, “let’s play hide and seek!” I heard Rachel call, a girl from mine and Sarah’s form. Everyone seemed enthusiastic about it except me but I tried to play along as they elected Rachel to count first due to the fact that she suggested the game. Everyone separated Ben leaving me to run for some bushes like everyone else that outlined Sarah’s garden as I felt some tug me from behind as I quickly followed them as Rachel reached twenty, knowing I was cutting too fine to find a good hiding spot. The garden was pitch black except for the lights flooding from the back door, I chose the side way as it was pitch black with multiple garden bins to hide behind. I crouched down trying to steady my breathing after sprinting to the furthest bin as I heard Rachel call ‘ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five…’ I heard footsteps start to descend down the side way towards me as I pushed myself further against the wall of the house. I could hear the intruder breathing heavily like I was a few minutes ago. “Poppy…” I heard a familiar voice whisper and it almost sounded desperate.
“Yeah,” I whispered back as I heard the person shuffle on the other side of the bin.
“You know you don’t need to be so worried,” the voice said through the darkness, “even though below I’m still thinking bout’ it.”
“What?” I replied feeling slightly confused about what the person was talking about. I looked up to see a dark figure above me, and then felt him drop down beside me.
“Hear me out before you judge anyone, okay?” Brad said to me so close I felt his warm breath on my back making me shiver.
“Is this really the time Brad?” I snorted at him, knowing if we were discovered the whole situation would blow up in front of me.
“No better time than the present I believe,” he smirked making me roll my eyes.
“Fine whatever,” I growled out trying to stop myself from hitting him at his smart remarks.
“Well, I don’t know if you really ever noticed but I have feelings for you, okay? I told Ben how I felt earlier this evening then all of a sudden he had these unannounced feelings for you after you kissed through spin the bottle, even though he was aware of my feelings. He got a chance before I did, look Poppy…” Brad was cut off when we heard people walking close we both fell silent, I didn’t quite understand why I did I mean one sound and they would of discovered. Maybe I just wanted to hear what Brad had to say and I knew he deserved that at least. Brad started to walk further and further down the side way until he stopped and looked back at me, “please just follow me… I thought you wanted me.” He said calmly offering me his hand to help me up from the cold cement we had once sat on, I quickly took his hand without thinking as he led me further and further down almost seeming never ending. We reached the end of the side way revealing an ancient twisted metal door blocking the exit and I knew Sarah had used it multiple times to sneak out late to mine or to various parties we wish to attend. You see, you would of never thought but her parents are incredibly strict on Sarah has she is the youngest of five and being the only girl she is idolized almost, her parents putting so many rules on her expecting to protect her innocence that was ruined long ago unknown to them. “You seem happy but I really think I would be good to you, I’d be so good to you. Please give me a chance?” Ben asked pleadingly and it broke my heart, I went from no boys to two boys that are like brothers. Wow, my life’s about to get incredibly messed up. I took a deep breath and sighed lightly, leaning into Brad’s side for reassurance from all that hung on my shoulders, “Brad I don’t want to hurt you… Listen to me I liked you and you of all people should know how much I hated Ben. I’m sorry; I can’t break anyone’s heart. Give me time?” I questioned wanting to take it back the minute the words left my mouth, how I could I even ask for him to ‘give me time’ I know how awful it is to be asked to wait for someone deep down knowing they might not come back. “For you, I will. I know you regret that I know you Pops, but I will I promise. I’m sorry,” he replied as he sighed making my heart ache. We sat still not wanting the moment broken, from this moment little did I know my life would completely be turned inside out and torn apart. If I could have a chance go back to that day, I know what choice I would have taken but hey you can’t change the past.

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