The Prison Of Ice

This story came second in a story writing competition at my school, so I decided to upload it to see what the WWW thought. Please comment...ooh, and there was a word limit of 500 words. Just, you know, so you know.


1. The Prisoner


Darkness. Then blinding light. I shut my eyes and slowly reopen them, squinting in the brightness. I roll over, looking down at the shining white floor. I can almost see my reflection in it…but I’m not sure if I want to. I feel as though I am going to be sick, but I try to overcome the feeling. I reach my hands out behind me, and they come into contact with something hard. I try to stand up, but it just makes me feel more nauseous, so I shut my eyes tight, and shuffle backwards to the wall, leaning on it unsteadily. I count to fifty in my head, and open my eyes to pass them over the most featureless room ever. Three of the walls are plain white, with no decoration or distinguishing features at all. I look behind me and see that the wall I have been leaning on is not a wall at all, but a floor length mirror. There is nothing else. Am I dead? I'm starting to panic now. The walls seem as though they are closing in on me, as I realize that there is no door in the room. I try pounding on the walls but to no avail. I am overcome with exhaustion, but there is only the cold shiny floor to lie on. It's just like ice. A prison of ice. Cold ice. Sleep envelops me like a blanket of snow, a cold blanket of snow in this icy prison...

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