The Prison Of Ice

This story came second in a story writing competition at my school, so I decided to upload it to see what the WWW thought. Please comment...ooh, and there was a word limit of 500 words. Just, you know, so you know.


2. The Past


I look up at the man who has taken away my entire life. All I feel for him is hate, pure hate. His pale, sweaty face sickens me. I'm sitting on the bed, and he is leaning over me, with his back to the big glass window that faces the skyline of London. He is talking, but all I register is that his breath smells disgusting. It's when he reaches out to pat me sympathetically when I realize what he truly intends. He opens his mouth and says the words that I never wanted to hear. I scream, and kick him in the stomach, hard. He goes flying backwards and hits the window, shattering it. I can see a soundless word forming on his lips, as time slows down. It seems to last an age. His hands grasp blindly for something, anything to hold on to, but we both know that there's nothing he can do. He is gone.

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