Niall's Sister

Hi I'm Nicole Horan Niall's twin sister. I got abused by my father until Niall found out. He took me away from my dad to come live with him and his band. I was living the dream. Popular in school, loads of friends, and a perfect boyfriend. What could go wrong? Everything. I became so unpopular after everyone found out I cut because they thought I would let all my popular blood out,stupid right? Well that is not the worse part. I found out my friends only stayed with me because my brothers in One Direction. Oh and lastly my boyfriend left because I had my brother down as "NiNi<3" in my phone, so my so called trusting boyfriend left because he thought I was cheating on him. Living a life with a famous twin isn't as exciting as it seems.


7. The Fight

Harry's P.O.V


Niall I have to talk to you about something, you have to promise not to yell. "Sure thing Haz, what's up" Niall I want to date your sister. "haha good one Haz" Niall I'm serious. "Yeah sure you are, you know you'll get pounded into a green eyes puddle if your serious" NIALL I'M FUCKIN SERIOUS "WHAT THE HELL HARRY" NIALL SHE'S FUCKIN GORGEOUS "SO HARRY YOUR MOMS GORGEOUS DO I GO AROUND ASKING HER OUT, HELL NO" Niall I know I have treated girls bad before. "BAD HARRY JUST FUCKIN BAD YOU USE THEM, TO YOU THERE JUST A LITTLE TOY ON THE SHELF THAT YOU GET BORED OF AFTER FIVE MINUTES" Niall I have a sister to. "YEAH I KNOW I'M SUPRISED YOU TREAT HER WITH RESPECT" *tears started to form in my eyes but I hold them back* Niall I treat girls with respect. "DO YOU HARRY DO YOU? HAVING A ONE NIGHT STAND ISN'T TREATING THEM WITH RESPECT" NIALL I DO TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT! "HARRY IF YOU USE THEM FOR TWO DAYS, THATS NOT RESPECT! NOTICE HOW I ONLY BRING A GIRL HOME EVER SO OFTEN? THAT'S BECAUSE I'M SCARED I'LL LOSE RESPECT FOR THEM IF I DATE A NEW GIRL EVERY WEEK" NIALL YOU LOST ALL RESPECT FOR GIRLS with that remark I saw tears form in Niall's eyes he walked away saying "Harry my sister lost everything I'm all she has, I could never disrespect a women in my life, they're not sex slaves Harry there humans, living beings, not a toy" He started to cry then walked into his room shut the door and calmly locked it before crying his eyes out.


Hey Liam? "Yeah Harry?" Do you think I disrespect women? "well Harry you do bring home a new girl almost every night then dump them the next day" SO WHAT THAT'S WHAT THERE MADE FOR! "Harry women are made for so much more then sex slaves" YEAH RIGHT LIAM! THERE MADE FOR ONE THING, FUCKIN SEX SLAVES! "HARRY LISTEN TO YOURSELF YOU HAVE A NEW SO CALLED LOVE OF YOUR LIFE EVERY SINGLE NIGHT YOU HAVE A SISTER AND WHO KNOWS WHAT THE HELL YOU TREAT HER LIKE" OH WELL LIAM WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK WOMEN DON'T HAVE FEELINGS THEY KNOW WHAT THERE MADE FOR AND ITS THAT SEX SLAVES! "Harry listen to yourself you do have no respect" What ever Liam I'm gonna go get the perfect girl, I'll be back by 1am.


Niall's P.O.V


How could Harry say I have no respect for women I heard his and Liam's fight and trust me Harry has no respect I'm just glad the other guys and Niki weren't here.

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