Niall's Sister

Hi I'm Nicole Horan Niall's twin sister. I got abused by my father until Niall found out. He took me away from my dad to come live with him and his band. I was living the dream. Popular in school, loads of friends, and a perfect boyfriend. What could go wrong? Everything. I became so unpopular after everyone found out I cut because they thought I would let all my popular blood out,stupid right? Well that is not the worse part. I found out my friends only stayed with me because my brothers in One Direction. Oh and lastly my boyfriend left because I had my brother down as "NiNi<3" in my phone, so my so called trusting boyfriend left because he thought I was cheating on him. Living a life with a famous twin isn't as exciting as it seems.


8. Oh Snap

Harry's P.O.V


I walked home forgetting the clubs close on sundays strange.  As I walked in the door my anger turned back on. "Hey Harry you ready to finish our conversation" Liam said. Sure thing freak. "Harry answer this, what do you think of women?" DUH LIAM THERE SLAVES SEX SLAVES YOUR SUPPOSED TO USE THEM JUST BRING THEM HOME SLEEP WITH THEM THEN DUMP THEM OR GET BACK TOGETHER IF IT WAS GOOD AND USE THEM AGAIN, THATS ALL THERE FUCKIN MADE FOR! "Really Harry? Is that all were made for?" Niki walked out of her room. "Harry I thought you changed, but no turns out your the same guy you have been since the X-Factor" NIKI WAIT! She ran out the door before I could follow her I got mobbed by fans.


I was sitting in my room a mess, how could I do this. I loved Niki and I let my mouth get in the way. How could I, the boys left and I was home alone. I went into Liam's room and everything was gone, Louis's room gone, Zayn's, gone, Niall's room gone exceot for a note one the dresser saying "We changed our numbers found Niki and moved away now I would like you to hear some very important words so turn on this recorder" I turned it on and it was all the boys saying "Send letters from hell" I started to cry they all left, everyone and now I had nobody another note said they quit the band changed there names and style and hair. I was ruined. My life is gone I checked my phone finding 2 voicemails I clicked on the one from Gemma first "How could you Harry you are an ass go to hell" I teared up but stopped when I saw the meesage from my mom I listened to it "Harry you are a disgrace to everyone how could you think were like that just a toy, Harry Edward Styles I hate you" My heart sunk my own mother hated me just because of one thing I said. I ruined my life.

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