Niall's Sister

Hi I'm Nicole Horan Niall's twin sister. I got abused by my father until Niall found out. He took me away from my dad to come live with him and his band. I was living the dream. Popular in school, loads of friends, and a perfect boyfriend. What could go wrong? Everything. I became so unpopular after everyone found out I cut because they thought I would let all my popular blood out,stupid right? Well that is not the worse part. I found out my friends only stayed with me because my brothers in One Direction. Oh and lastly my boyfriend left because I had my brother down as "NiNi<3" in my phone, so my so called trusting boyfriend left because he thought I was cheating on him. Living a life with a famous twin isn't as exciting as it seems.


2. Its out

Niki's P.O.V


I heard a knock on my door, I prepared myself. Niall walked in. NiNI! I screamed. Hey lil sis, NIall I'm only 10 minutes younger then you I said sternly. Sorry missy. I laughed but he could tell something was wrong by the look in my eyes. Nicole Jenifer Horan whats the matter? He asked concerned. Nothing Niall just nothing I replied faintly. Niki tell me the truth just tell me I'm your brother you can trust me, I could tell he was sad and concerned for me. I made sure my dad wasn't home he had left for work and wouldn't be back for 7 hours. I started to tear up then let it all out, "dad it's dad ever since mom died hes been mean but since you left he's been abusing me *I showed him my scars and bruises* it's not fair Niall he just hates me but why? I did nothing to him" Nicole what happened to your nose? Dad I whispered. What the hell did he do, Niall yelled. Calm down then I'll tell you. He settled down. He chucked a remote at me. I was now crying. Niall teared up which suprised since he never crys around me. That ass. NiNi stop he said he'd kill me if anyone found out. Not if Ican helpit.


**************authors note************


hi just letting you know this is a short chapeter story.

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