Niall's Sister

Hi I'm Nicole Horan Niall's twin sister. I got abused by my father until Niall found out. He took me away from my dad to come live with him and his band. I was living the dream. Popular in school, loads of friends, and a perfect boyfriend. What could go wrong? Everything. I became so unpopular after everyone found out I cut because they thought I would let all my popular blood out,stupid right? Well that is not the worse part. I found out my friends only stayed with me because my brothers in One Direction. Oh and lastly my boyfriend left because I had my brother down as "NiNi<3" in my phone, so my so called trusting boyfriend left because he thought I was cheating on him. Living a life with a famous twin isn't as exciting as it seems.


6. Authors Note

Hey guys so I'm thinking about deleting my stories except this one so if you think I should comment yes and if not then no and I'll see what it adds up to tomorrow night and if i do please tell me how. haha zi know i shouldve thougt of that but please. and sorry if i have typos but my glasses won't be jere till wednesdayd sorry. :(

anyways.....should harry ask Niki out or should Niall leave One Direction for a little bit comment what you think.



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