Niall's Sister

Hi I'm Nicole Horan Niall's twin sister. I got abused by my father until Niall found out. He took me away from my dad to come live with him and his band. I was living the dream. Popular in school, loads of friends, and a perfect boyfriend. What could go wrong? Everything. I became so unpopular after everyone found out I cut because they thought I would let all my popular blood out,stupid right? Well that is not the worse part. I found out my friends only stayed with me because my brothers in One Direction. Oh and lastly my boyfriend left because I had my brother down as "NiNi<3" in my phone, so my so called trusting boyfriend left because he thought I was cheating on him. Living a life with a famous twin isn't as exciting as it seems.


1. Alone

Niki's P.O.V


I was sitting on my bed, blood dripping from my nose. My father had hit me with a remote on the face. You see he abuses me ever since my mom died. Tears filled my baby blue eyes my died blonde hair that I've kept ever since me and Niall were 12 covered in blood and tears. I was alone. In my dark cold room. Crying into my knees I wished my life would end. I had cut and lost all my friends because of it. I missed my brother. I missed the times we spent together. I miss the nights with thunderstorms how we would camp out in the basement. I missed the summer nights how we would sit on the end of the driveway talking, talking about everything, our friends our dreams our crushes our life. He wasn't my brother or twin or friend, he was my everything. I trusted him with everything and he would keep it. But when he left to audition for the X-Factor was the month after our mom died. He rarlely comes home to visit. My dad threatens to kill me if I tell Niall, so I don't.

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