Two Hours With You

When Jessica finds out she's moving into the house next to Niall Horan's, she instantly falls in love with him. But will it work out?


1. The News

''Wake up sweetie,'' whispered my mum excitedly into my ear. She shuffled up onto my warm bed and looked at me with amazement. I sat up and rubbed my blue, mysterious eyes. I looked at her awkwardly, waiting for her to tell me what she needed to. ''I know this is really short notice, but we are moving to Ireland..'' she spat into my shocked pale face. ''Oh my gosh! This will be awesome!'' I shot at her, with pure sarcasm. She played with my brown, tassled hair, and opened her mouth just enough for a few words to come out. ''I, I know it's hard. But, you'll love it in Ireland! I used to live there when I was young. I remember a boy I used to hang out with. He was the lov-'' I cut into her speech of wisdom. Placing the end of her sentence in what she was telling me, I said, ''Love of your life, I know. But mum, that was in the old days, this is now. It's even harder to find love. I might hate Ireland!''. I picked up my pillows, squishing my face into the pink cover. I sighed, and my mum stomped away. I think I might've been a little harsh, I mean it's not everyday you move to a One Direction members home country. That was it! Niall Horan, the cute blonde guy from that band lived there! I haked through all my clothes, puting on my nicest outfit. I ran downstairs, stamping the mud from my uggs on the wooden staircase. ''Whoop!'' I shouted at my mum and dad in the kitchen, waving an Irish flag in and around their faces. ''Someone's cheered up..'' my mum smiled at me. ''Yeah, I'm sorry I was so doubtful this morning..'' I replied to her happiness. I grabbed a burnt pancake and ran out the door. It was too late to say bye, so I just shook my hand back and forth like a maniac. 

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