The Darkness Never Ends

Kim's life seems to be going okay. She has a boyfriend and she has tons of friends. Her brother got a job and that's when everything started to fall apart... She was so excited to go to dinner with her boyfriend, she thought it was a date, but turns out that he wanted her for something and that's all he has ever wanted. He waited untill he thought she could trust him.... what will happen to her and her life?


1. Intro

Hi! My name is Kim Devine. I live in England. I love my life and I am very happy with my current relationship. I'm in a relationship with Brandon Drew and he is an absolute sweetheart. I love him and we hang out all the time. It's nice because all of my other friends are in relationships too so I don't feel lonley anymore! They would always leave me to go and hang out with their boyfriends and I would be the only one without one. But enough with my sappy love life. I am currently 17 years old. I am in my last year of high school and plan to go to ULA (University of London Arts). I've heard from a lot of family and friends that it is an amazing school. I can not wait until school is over. I am so sick of it. Shhhh... but I am thinking about auditioning for The X Factor!

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