A ship is Hijjacked in the Indian Ocean. The Team is sent to track it down. An action packed novel.


3. India

The C 17 Globemaster's tires screach as they hit the ground. The pilot puts the plane in reverse and applies the brake.

"Controll, this is, TANGO, CHARLEY, BRAVO, 4, 4, 5. We have landed. Where should we Taxi to?" The pilot said down the radio.

"This is Controll. Taxi to Terminal A. A for Alpha."

As the Jeep rolled onto the tarmack, a Boeing 747 wooshed into the air its passengers looking out their windows in awe.

"Ah! Commander Sim Harriot, I presume?" A stocky Indian man clutching a folder branded with the words 'TOP SECRET' and 'FOR YOUR EYES ONLY' stood infront of the Jeep.

"No, I am Leftenant Conrad Florag. The Commander will be joining us-" As Conrad began the Harriers laned with an ear splitting roar.


The aircrafts pulled up next to them. Both pilots slid open their roof's.

"Mohummad? Good to see you again. How is your-" Commander Harriot

"Commander! We are to go by Code Names."


"Indian Inteligance."

"No! You have joined Indian Intelegance?! But you were just a simple Ambassador!"

"I know, but I found that I had a skill for Espionage. So here I am."

"Sir. If I could interrupt." Leftenant Loyla Johan stepped out the Jeep. "I believe that we came to find a ship. Not to disscuss previous endevours."

"Yes. Sorry. We have some information about about the enemy. Somalian Pirates, but thats not all. All their weapons are provided by a Black Market arms dealer. Almango Shikarian, is his full name but in the underworld he is known as The Life Line. Supplying guns at competitive prices, to anyone who wants them." He paused for breath,"We also know the estimated whereabouts of the vessel. We suspect it is moored close to some woodland quite close to Mogadishu. They have moved the passengers into their camp in the woods. But survalence says its to hard to launch an attack right now. There are no blind spots. We'll need to take it easy. We have a few leads that may lead us to the Pirates. One is a traveler. Temi Odosholi Molimo, he is suspected of helping to plan the hijack."

"We'll start with him." the Commander said.  

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