Deep breath

An entry for the speechless contest.


1. Deep breath

I walk into the room,

deep breath

their eyes look my way,

they snigger

deep breath.

They whisper,

knowing that i'll still be able to hear

the lies, the mocking, the laughter

deep breath.

A foot appears out of no-where,

I stumble, they laugh, later i cry

deep breath.

She used to be a close friend of mine,

the one spreading the rumours about me.

She knows nothing she says is true

but says it anyway,

knowing her words drive the knife

deeper into my heart

deep breath.

Don't listen to these people,

You're better than them,

I tell myself.

but there is no friend to tell me this

she's busy spreading the lies, this malicious illness

infecting everyone

deep breath.

One day i will be able to breathe

without a heavy heart

weighing me down.



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