Love at First Song

They called my name, it was my turn to on stage. The lights were bright when I walked on the stage. I was really scared I was going to get boooed at they were saying things like "Is she really going to to that?" and more. But I was not expecting my life to change after that show.

*Liam Payne FanFic*


9. Chapter 9

Hanna's POV   It has been a few days now and I have gotten really close to Eleanor. We are going shopping because I need more clothes. I know you think I have a lot but you can never have enough clothes. We were in the US and I heard there was a really nice shop called Forever 21 so we thought we could try it out. We walked in and it was HUGE I mean huge after awhile we both walked out with a lot of clothes. We were both tried so we thought we could call the boys so they can come and pick us up. When they arrived they were like 'you have enough there?' And we were like 'a girl can never have enough clothes.' When we arrived back at the hotel it was time to put my plan in action. I was going to flirt with Liam until Zayn had enough and brake up with me. So I was really flirty with Liam. Until Zayn pulled me to the side. "Why are you flirting with Liam?" He asked. You could see the anger building in his eyes.   "I am not flirting with Liam."   "Yes you are can you please stop!!!!" Oh boy. He was angry now.   "I am not just leave it." I yelled. I walked back into the room. And I started to flirt with Liam again. When Zayn saw this oh he was mad he came up and punched Liam right in the nose. "Zayn what the hell!!!!!" I yelled I was not thinking he was going to punch him I just thought he was going to brake up with me. "And you." He came up to me and slapped me across the face. "Stop flirting with him!!!!" Ok now we are over. I stared to ball. "Zayn you don't go and punch and slap people!!!!!" Louis yelled. "Louis I got this!! Zayn we are over!" I yelled. "Come on Liam lets go clean you up." I offered Liam my hand and he took we walked to the nearest bathroom and I started to clean the blood off of Liam's noes. "Why you do it?" Liam asked me. "I just don't like him anymore. I know if I flirted with you he would brake up with me but I didn't think he would hit you or slap me. I'm sorry Liam." "No it's fine. So who do you like?" "We'll I like you." "I like you to." He leaned in to kiss me and I leaned in to. It was the same. I felt the fireworks and I know he did to. "What the heck!!" Zayn yelled. "Zayn we are over. You new it was coming. I'm sorry Zayn." "Ok well that was fast move on from me to him." "Zayn. Can you just leave me alone for a bit?" I asked. "Ya of course." He Said sarcastically then left. I turned back to Liam. "I know it's not the setting but will you go out with me?" He asked. "Liam I would love to."   * I have nothing wrong with Zayn at all I love them all equally. That's just the Zayn in the book.*
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