Love at First Song

They called my name, it was my turn to on stage. The lights were bright when I walked on the stage. I was really scared I was going to get boooed at they were saying things like "Is she really going to to that?" and more. But I was not expecting my life to change after that show.

*Liam Payne FanFic*


7. Chapter 7

Hanna POV We are on the way to the party and I an really excited to see Lauren and Brianna because I haven't seen then in awhile. They know I will go on tour with the boys but the don't know I am bring them to the party. They are really big fans but I know then they can pull themselves together. "Ok guys wait till I wave my hand to come to the front door. K?" I said "Ya sure." Said Niall Knock knock on the door and both Lauren and Brianna opened the door. "Oh my god Hanna we have not seen you in awhile! Come in please." They screamed "Ok ok but I have some people for you to meet and you are going to like them!" I said happily. I waved to the door and the guys came walking to the door. " hey guys I want you to meet Lauren," I point to a girl who is tall, skinny, beautiful, has dirty blond hair and look just like me. "And Brianna" I pointed to a short girl who is skinny, beautiful, Tom girl, has dirty blond hair, well basically a girl version of Niall. "Nice to meet you, I'm Niall." "Harry" "Louis" "Zayn" "And I'm Liam" "It's nice to meet you come in please." Lauren said. See I told you they can pull themselves together fast. Lauren and Bri pulled me to the side "you did not tell us you are bring friken One Direction!!!!!!!" They whispered-yelled "I thought it would be a good surprise am I right?" "Ya you are right it was an awesome surprise." "Ok so lets go back to the party! Ok girls?" "Oh ya lets go!!!!!" When we walked in one of my somewhat friends said "look naw we have both of the twin towers here!!!" Everyone laughed even me. "Why did she call you that?" Liam asked. "Lauren and me look alike and we were the tallest in grade 8. So they called us that ever since. And we don't mind we like it actually its funny." "Ok. Ya it is funny!!!"   (A few hours later) Pretty much everyone is drunk except me because I don't drink. I found Liam in the back conner. I was about to walk over when I saw Bri and I know her she drinks, the same as Niall. It was pretty funny because they can over to me almost falling over. "Hanna guess what!" Bri whispered in my ear. And boy her breath smelled like alcohol. "What?" "My drinking buddy, Niall gave me his number!" "Awesome!" "Oh wants to play a game?" Bri yelled. Everyone yell me. "Ok!!! How about truth or dare?" She yelled again. "Ok I will be there in a minute I just need to-" I was cut off by Bri and Lauren who grab my arms and said " we know you don't like it that much. But come on it my birthday please!!!!!" Lauren begged "Uhhhh fine!" I groaned. "Yes!!" Bri yelled. Soon everyone was in a circle and I was in between Lauren and Bri. Bri asked Niall "Truth or dare Niall?" " ummmm Dare!!!!" He yelled " ok I dare you to drink pickle juice!!!" "But that's gross!!" He complained. "Your lucky she was really good at it when we were younger she would make the dares worse and the truths really abarasing so your lucky she is starting off easy." I said "Oh ok" Niall got of the floor and to to the fridge and drank the juice. "Oh that's gross" Niall spat "Oh it's ok here" Bri said handing him a beer he gladly took it and drank the whole thing. "Ok what's your name?" He pointed to a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. "Marica" she said "Ok Marica, truth or dare?" After that I zoned out. I turned to look at Lauren who looked really happy, wait, who is holding her hand. It can't be. Harry. Ohhhh she likes him and I think Harry like her. I zoned out when I heard my name been called. "Ya?" I asked. "Truth or dare?" Asked a girl named Jessica "Um dare." I said I never pick dare but it's worth a shot. "Ok I dare you to kiss Liam for 10 seconds." Oh boy Zayn is going to be mad. But it's just a game right. I look over at Zayn and he had a look of 'don't you dare' but it was a dare so I had to. So I walked over to to Liam and sat on his lap. As soon as our lips touched I know I felt something for sure. He kissed back and BANG there were the fireworks. I pulled away and walked out of the room after the 10 seconds were up of course.   Liam POV Oh my goodness there were those fireworks I have been waiting along time for. When the time was up Hanna got off my lap and walked out of the room. I got up and fallowed her we were in the kitchen when I called out her name. She turned around to face me and kissed me and I felt the same felling again. "Hey are you ok?" I asked her. "Ya I just wanted to see if I felt it right and I did." She said. "You mean the fireworks?" I asked her. She looked up at me. "Wait you felt that to?" "Ya why wound I not!" "I am really confused right now. I think I am going to brake up with Zayn." Those words were music to my ears. Maybe I have a chance. "Why?" I asked. "We'll things are going ok but he get over protective sometimes and I have never felt the spark when we kissed." She said I knew this was going to be hard chose for her so I told her some advice I was told a lot. "Hanna" "Ya?" She looked up at me again. "You should just follow your heart. Ok?" " ok thank you Liam thank you so much!" And with that we both walked back into the living room were I saw Niall flirting with Bri, and Bri flirting with Niall. And Harry had Lauren cuddled up to him with his are around her, I am guessing they had a connection. "Hanna?" "Ya?" "Is it just me or is Brianna a girl version of Niall?" I asked. She laughed "Ya. I have noticed that to." We both laughed and walked back to our spots wear we were sitting.
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