Love at First Song

They called my name, it was my turn to on stage. The lights were bright when I walked on the stage. I was really scared I was going to get boooed at they were saying things like "Is she really going to to that?" and more. But I was not expecting my life to change after that show.

*Liam Payne FanFic*


3. Chapter 3

The first thing when we got there they showed me my room and the house. Then Niall asked what should we do. Louis said really loud that we should play truth or dare. So we went into a circle and Harry started to ask the questions “Ok Hanna banana truth or dare? “That's fine but just call me Hanna please and um let me think truth.” They all moaned. “Ok do you have a boyfriend? If so tell us what he is like.” I got really scared and I think it showed on my face because Liam asked if I am ok I said I am fine the. Then i Answered the question. “Well I do his name is Mat, but I am scared of him and everything.” I said very nervous. “Why you can tell us anything.” “Well I want to break up with him but if I do I am scared he will hurt me. He had been really mean to me lately and I don't like it. I have tried to tell my friend the she does't listen. And I don't really have that many friends.” I said letting a tear out. “Well I am sorry for letting this all out on you guys when I just meet you.” I said. “Well if is fine, we know it fells better when you can tell somebody. Now let us help you brake with you boyfriend, and we will be behind you the hole time, then we will start to work on your singing. K.” Said Liam. I nodded then we got to work and they told me how I should brake up with him and we said that in two days I should tell him. I thanked then am I gave all of them a big hug. Then we started to work on my voice.
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