Love at First Song

They called my name, it was my turn to on stage. The lights were bright when I walked on the stage. I was really scared I was going to get boooed at they were saying things like "Is she really going to to that?" and more. But I was not expecting my life to change after that show.

*Liam Payne FanFic*


2. Chapter 2

I am late. I got up about 30 minutes late. I got dressed and put some makeup on, I ran out the door got in my car and drove to we're I was to meet Simon. Grate I was 10 minutes late so I ran in to the building and said to the lady I was meeting Simon Cowell. She just said flow me so I did. A few minutes later I was I the waiting room. Then the door opened and Simon came out and said “Hanna I have been waiting for you come follow me.” So I did and we went to his office and I sat down in a chair and he started to talk, then There was a knock on the door, then it opened and I was shocked it was one of my favourite bands ever, it was One Direction. Then Harry spoke “We are sorry we are late. You wanted to see us?” “ Yes I did I want you to meet Hanna Bell. She has an amazing voice and I want you guys to hear it.” “Ok we would love to hear it right guys!” Said Louis. So we went to the recording booth and I went in and they asked me to sing Little Things. So I did and when I can out all of the mouths were open. “ Um hey, did you guys like it? If you did not I can sing something else?” “No no that was awesome!!!” Simon said and then asked if I could sit in the waiting room so he could speak to the boys. Liam's POV I could not stop starring her voice was so beautiful but I know I had heard it before but wear? We went to Simons office and the first thing anyone said was WOW. “Simon was that that girl from the show last night?” I said. “Yes it was so what do you guys think?” “It was amazing!!! We're did you find her? Said Niall. “I found her at the talent show me and Liam went to last night. So can you guys teach her and hang out with her a bit?” “We would love to.” I said. “Ok then. Hanna can you come in here please.” “Ya.” She said in her very soft and beautiful voice. “I am going to get you to spend some time with the boys for while. Ok?” “That would be fine.” So off we went to our home.
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