Love at First Song

They called my name, it was my turn to on stage. The lights were bright when I walked on the stage. I was really scared I was going to get boooed at they were saying things like "Is she really going to to that?" and more. But I was not expecting my life to change after that show.

*Liam Payne FanFic*


10. Chapter 10

(3 days later)   I am still mad at Zayn for what he did but I can put it in the past and just forget about it. But I have an idea of how to get Zayn another girlfriend.   So me and Liam are going out on are first date. So I was getting ready but didn't know what to were. But when I went shopping with El I bought this really nice dress it was black lace with gold on it. Liam told me to dress up so I thought it was prefect.   When I was finished I walked out of my room.   "Wow you look amazing!" Liam said just staring.   "Thanks you look pretty good your self." I said as I walked up to him and grabbed his hand.   "So were are we going?" I asked him.   "It's a surprise!"   "You know i hate surprises right!"   "ya i know!" he started to chuckle. We got in his car and he drove us to a really good restaurant or so I am told called the Olive Garden. When we got there we took are seats and ordered. When are food arrived I dug right in.   "You know you eat like Niall!" He said.   "Ya that's what Lauren and Bri say. They say to me they don't know we're I put it all."   "Speaking of Lauren is that her over there?" He asked and pointed over to a table a few tables away.   "Ya I think that is her. But who is she sitting with?" I asked pointing to a curly haired kid.   "Oh my goodness I think that's Harry!" "Here let me text her and if she looks down at her phone I know it her."   'Hey Lauren what's up?' -Hanna. After I sent that she looked down at her phone. Ya that is so her.   'Nothin much. I have to tell you something later ok!' -Lauren   'Like what? -Hanna   'Oh you know!' -Lauren   'Oh like you are on a date with Harry?' -Hanna   'Ya. Wait how did you know?'-Lauren   'Look to your side' -Hanna. She looked to her left.   'Your other side!' -Hanna   'Oh hey Hanna what are you doing here?'- Lauren   'On my first date you?'-Hanna   'Ya me too!' -Lauren   'Awesome well I have to go bye.' -Hanna   'Bye' -Lauren   "Ya that was defiantly Lauren." I said.   "So do you think they are a thing know?"   "I don't know. What about us?"   "Yes. We are a thing now." He said. The night was amazing it was so much fun I am so happy to have an amazing boyfriend like Liam.
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