Phoenix Rising

Rosalyn-Jane Parker (Rosie for short) has lived all her life on a working horse ranch named Idlebliss, owning and riding a family pony called Peanut. However, after she wins at a local rally, a prestigious racing company offer her a job as a junior jockey. Jumping at the chance, Rosie begins a new career at Fire Bird Racing Center. Paired with an amazing, gorgeous stallion endurance racer named Phoenix Rising, Rosie forms a life-long bond as well as meeting new friends, making new enemies and winning many races. However, disaster strikes when she receives an e-mail from her parents, informing her that Idlebliss is being sold and Peanut is going to a new owner. Torn, Rosie has to decide - stay with life-long friend Phoenix Rising and her perfect new life, or help her faithful, amazing Peanut and save the family's home, horses and fortune...


1. The White Horse

"Hey girl! Steady girl! There's a good girl, hey?" The gentle, soothing sound of Rosalyn Jane's voice floated out from the stable block and into the twilight dusk, mingling with the agitated whinnies and snortings coming from inside. A huge, heavily muscled thoroughbred was prancing and snorting with fear and agitation, her dinner-plate hooves striking the floor under the bedding and sending strands of straw flying in all directions. The tall, lean sixteen year old stood resting against the stable door, observing the precious, highly strung horse with bright, curious young eyes. Veins of sweat trickled down the mare's pure white coat, standing out as slightly darker than her coat colour. One of the rarest racers and horses to ever have lived, Yukichan was extremely valuable and a fearsome racer. Rosie frowned, her misty blue eyes darkening a tad as she surged forward, placing a calming hand on the towering mare's wither. Looking up into Yukichan's fevered eyes, she sensed fear, anger, and something more - a feeling only wild, primitive animals could posses. Exhaling heavily from her nose, Rosie felt an unexpected surge of anger overwhelm her.


Yukichan had been shipped over to Idlebliss (the horse farm she lived on) from Japan, where her owner hadn't even bothered to train her properly before plonking a jockey on her back and sending her out onto the track. Though she had so much energy and personality, she had never been taught the ways of a domesticated horse and had developed a terrible habit of spooking, throwing, bucking and rearing whenever she felt like it. She had been sent to Idlebliss in a last-ditch attempt to retrain her and break her of her awful habits before it was too late. Rosie ever so slowly placed one foot before the other, her gloved hand snaking gently out and lying flat on Yukichan's pure white flank drenched in sweat. Snorting, the mare surged forward in a flurry of straw and sparks, her slender neck tossing round with fear. Narrowing her eyes and harrumphing loudly, she turned her back on the mare, walking to the door and leaning out of it. Smiling, she could see the other horses in their stalls, munching placidly on their haynets or dozing quietly in the dusk light. The setting sun sone down like a great bronze coin, though the light it emitted was much softer and calming. Hazy and blurring, the baby-blue sky was shimmering like a desert mirage.


Suddenly, Rosie felt a sharp nudge on her shoulder, followed by a demanding whinny. She turned round, grinning, as she saw a confused and disgruntled Yukichan standing beside her with her velvety ears pricked, all her fear gone. Rosie smiled at her, then the grin swiftly left her face as she turned again, playing hard-to-get. Soon after, the mare snorted and nudged the small of Rosie's back with her delicate muzzle, whinnying madly. After minutes of this game, Yukichan whickered sadly and walked away, her head hanging low. Rosie then took it as her cue to follow her, reaching a hand to stroke Yukichan's neck. In turn, the thoroughbred shoved her muzzle into Rosie's outstretched hand in delight, glad she was being made a fuss of. Yuki pressed her giant white body against Rosie's small, feeble human one, nickering happily. Rosie flung her arms round Yuki's neck, being lifted into the air by the surprised and agitated mare. Rosie shook her head, grinning, at the silly young horse, before slipping a headcollar onto her and proceeding to hang up the evening haynet. With a final, firm pat, Rosie left the mare to her antics and unbolted the stall door without a fuss, slipping out as quiet as a breath of wind.

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