Phoenix Rising

Rosalyn-Jane Parker (Rosie for short) has lived all her life on a working horse ranch named Idlebliss, owning and riding a family pony called Peanut. However, after she wins at a local rally, a prestigious racing company offer her a job as a junior jockey. Jumping at the chance, Rosie begins a new career at Fire Bird Racing Center. Paired with an amazing, gorgeous stallion endurance racer named Phoenix Rising, Rosie forms a life-long bond as well as meeting new friends, making new enemies and winning many races. However, disaster strikes when she receives an e-mail from her parents, informing her that Idlebliss is being sold and Peanut is going to a new owner. Torn, Rosie has to decide - stay with life-long friend Phoenix Rising and her perfect new life, or help her faithful, amazing Peanut and save the family's home, horses and fortune...


2. The Golden Day

"So, Miss Parker, I presume you can tell us all what the value of x is, seeing you seem to already have finished and are now wasting your time doodling everywhere?" The sound of a reedy, sarcastic voice pierced Rosie's mind, shattering her peaceful daydream haven. With crimson cheeks, Rosie snapped her head up, biting her lip as she beheld the sight before her. Hastily snapping her art book closed, she grimanced as the grey eyes of Miss Harther, her Algebra teacher, narrowed even more at Rosie's fumbling. She already looked like a hag, with sallow skin, a tightly-drawn up bun stuffed with greying hair and stick-thin lips. Now, she looked like a considerably angry hag. Nervously, Rosie's green-blue eyes flitted round the classroom, as if the answer would magically appear. The rest of the class had turned to face her, their eyes blank and accusing.

"Um..." breathed Rosie, staring intently at the blackboard, trying to figure out what her teacher had been rambling on about for the last hour. She could see a messily-drawn equation consisting of many brackets, multiplication signs and question marks, the letter x scribbled in huge fonts below it. Her best friend, Amalie, glanced at her with madly moving lips, trying to mouth the answer to her. Rosie craned her neck, squinting at her friend's antics and desperately trying not to look like she was cheating. However, Miss Harther was experienced in the art of teaching, and this was an all-time classic.

"Please, Miss Jenkins, try and refrain from answering Parker's question for her. This is one she needs to work out - herself." Rosie grunted, her stomach churning. She knew she wasn't top of the class at Algebra, but she couldn't work out why Harther picked on her so much. It was totally unfair, for her and the brainy kids who just couldn't physically hold in their eagerness to answer.

 "Is it... seventy... four?" she groped desperately, searching wildly for an answer. Harther frowned, turning to the board behind her. The whole class inhaled deeply, curious and excited. This might have just "owned" Miss Harther. Harther turned round again slowly, her half-moon glasses now sitting on the ridge of her nose and her pointer hanging from one hand.

"You got lucky, Parker. Well done." she hissed at her, her eyes furious. Rosie grinned at her, rather cheekily really, before glancing triumphantly at Amalie, brandishing the scrawled note bearing the answer she had passed in the nick of time.


Striding down the crammed corridors full of babbling high-school children, Rosie glanced at Amalie again, linking arms with her best friend. She sometimes wished she could be as pretty as her; with glossy chestnut locks, cheerful blue eyes, a rosebud mouth and pale, unblemished skin, Amy was definitely one of the prettiest girls in school. However, Rosie was good-looking too, in her own way. Though her long, brown-blonde hair was usually filled with straw and her tanned skin was covered in freckles, Rosie could be very pretty if she wished. Her eyes were her main beauty; with mysterious, ever-changing blue-green tones rimmed with thick black lashes, they were most agreeably her main attraction. Not many boys, however, could see past her boistrous and tomboyish ways. "Rosie? Ro-osie?" called Amy, waving her hand in front of Rosie's face. Rosie snapped out of her daydream as Amy stood, clasping her shoulders and grinning. "You totally OWNED Haggie in there!" she laughed, her voice like the pealing of bells. Rosie grinned, her eyes lit up, and joined in, until the two girls were breathless. "Her... face... when you... said... the answer!" gasped Amy, ignoring the worried stares and rolling of eyes she was shot. Rosie then broke into giggles again, leaning against her best friend.

"Come... on, Amy! We... need to get... the good... seats!" She panted, only managing to pull herself together at the thought of having to sit next to the punks or geeks. They were OK, but extremely depressing and in most cases annoying. With that in mind, they set off at break-neck speed towards the canteen doors. "It's a perfect day!" muttered Rosie thoughtfully, too quiet for anyone else to hear.

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