Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


51. The perfect night

It was my fourty day in NYC, I always wanted moving here, but my parents always said no to me, unfortunately, because it’s a really awesome place. I’m freaking loving it.

Yesterday was the second and last day of concert with Justin and the boys, Scooter let me choose the OLLG of the night, she thanked me and cried all night long. How sweetie. I know how she was feeling, it was the best feeling on the world.

Eleanor have had some cramping and Lou decided to take her to the hospital. Turns out that it’s a normal thing at pregnancy and the doctor said she couldn’t move so much, because she was also bleeding a little. The rest of the travel, she had to rest in her king size bed of the hotel, cuddling with Louis. Sad, uh?

All I want today is to go out and walk around New York, I went ask Harry to come with me, he was on the phone

-Yes, it is tonight. – he took a pause – Need it for 3 hours at eight. – another pause – Ok, thank you – and hung up

-Morning love

-Hi love, how are you? – He came to me planting a kiss on my lips

-Fine, you? – I pulled him close to me

-I’m great

-Who were you talking to? -He looked a little distressed

-Erh, no one. Let’s get ready and go out, ok?

-Sure – I ignored the fact he was avoiding my question. I don’t have reason to not trust him

We fast got ready and left the hotel. He took me to this Clinton St Baking Company, a delicious place to have your breakfast. I ate like a crazy girl, feeling extremely guilty after. The waffles were making noises in my stomach, they were asking for me to purge and let them out. But I refused to.

Harry took me to Central Park. It was December, winter, delicious winter. In Brazil, it never ever snows, I was enjoying so much this cold of NYC. The best part of all is cuddling with Harry, having his hot body in mine, warms me.

Walking through the park, I saw an area for ice skating I suddenly grab Harry’s hand pulling him

-C’mon babe, I need to do this

-No way, I don’t know how to do this

-Neither do I, but we have to pleeeease – I was pushing him hardly, we both were laughing

I could see the flashes of some cameras shooting us. It kinda of annoys me. Harry finally gave up after my begging. He bought our tickets, the we put the ice skates and entered the area. I know that would be so many pictures of us, but I took my phone with me, just for sure.

Harry was the very first one to drop in the ice. His butt was all wet, I was laughing so hard that I fall too. With that, both of us were at the ice, we could not get up.

-I didn’t know it was so difficult

-C’mon, you’re Harry Styles, you must have done that before

Incredibly I didn’t ok? I don’t like the idea of falling in the ice – he was trying to be serious, but burst out into laugher

We stayed in the ice for some minutes laughing, until a couple came to us and helping us getting up.

-C’mon babe, hold my hand, we’ll do this together

-Are you trying to kill me, Tícia?

-Maybe I am, c’mon, don’t be weak

He held my hand and we tried skating together. Harry couldn’t move for about 15 minutes, with me pushing him. Around us, was so many paparazzis and fans taking pictures.

I got the phone of some of his fans and personally took some photos of Harry with them from the outside, some of only Harry. He was all smiling

-Why are you smiling?

-Because taking pictures means no moving, no moving, means no falling – he opened his arms trying to equilibrate, I laughed

-I thought you were going to say you were smiling because you’re having the best time of your life with your precious girlfriend, Styles – I mad a face pretending I was sad

-Well, that too. I’d rather be with you on a safe place. What do you think? Can we go out?

-You look like a seventy year old man, you know that, right?

-You love that seventy year old man.


-Don’t you? – he came close to me, his face was really close of mine, I could feel his breath, it was warm in this cold place. He was smiling and I got embarrassed because there was so many people around

-Stop, Harry – He was looking into my eyes half smiling

-Say you love me

-You love me – I repeated, he laughed, but continued with his lips close to mine

-I love you – he said.. It was thousand of flashes on us, I got really embarrassed.

I’ve never liked to be given so much attention, with everyone knowing where I am, what I'm doing. I always liked to have my privacy and that no one knew who I was. But when your boyfriend is Harry Styles, you’re friends with the famous boyband of the world and your best friend is Justin Bieber, things get way open for everyone.

-I love you even more – I fast planted a kiss on his lips – Can you stop now?

-I will. But I love the way your cheeks are red right now. It’s really cute – He said grabbing my hand leading me to the exit of the ice skating

-B’b’babe c’mon over, I don’t care if people find out, tara tarara tararara, they say that we’re no good together, and it’s never gonna work out – Was he singing? He was distracted, I decided to enjoy him

-But baby youuu, got me moving too fast, cause I know you wanna be bad, and booooy when you’re looking like that, I can’t hold back – I enjoyned him smiling. He came to me and kissed my lips.

-Let’s go take a shower? I freezing with that wet clothes

-So do I, babe

It took more than 1 hour for us to get back to the hotel,  because Harry took some pictures with his fans, and they were blocking the way, so our car couldn’t move. It was 5 p.m.

-Babe, after shower, we are going out,ok?

-With the guys?

-No, tonight it’s just you and I – he started kissing my neck and I wanted so bad to take him to bed.

Turned out that we made love, our bodies got sweaty since we were cold and sex warms us.


-Harry, is that a date? What should I wear? – I took a shower and was completely nakes, searching for what to wear tonight

-Surprise me – He came by, slapped my ass and entered the bathroom

I put my pink dress that length on my knees, my black boots and a black coat. Not too formal, not too unformal. For make up, I had pink eyeshadow, blush and mascara. I curlied my hair and put a bow headband. A big coat so I don’t feel to cold. Luckly, today wasn’t snowing.

I got ready and went to Els room.

-Come on in – she screamed from inside.

I opened the door and saw everyone there

-Hello everyone. How are you guys?




-Sis, where were you?

I sat next to Justin smiling to him

-I went out with Harry a little bit

-In this cold? You should stay in bed warming yourself

-Harry and I are just different from you guys – I pointed to Becca and Zayn – We don’t have to have sex all the time

-Shut up, Tícia – Zayn threw a pillow at me

-Hey, don’t hurt my girlfriend – Harry came in laughing

-Then I will hurt you, mate –Zayn rushed to Harry’s direction and they started a joke fighting that only kids do.

Suddenly, Liam, Louis and Niall jumped into the fight and were rolling in the floor. I rolled my eyes ignoring and smiling.

-So, babe, how are you feeling? – I looked to Eleanor

-I’m better

-She didn’t bleed anymore – Dani answered

-So, are you and Lou, allowed to… - Becca whispered making us all laugh

-Ok, I should get into this fight – Justin said getting into the fight with the boys

-Doctor said we have to wait a few days, but yes, we can, Becca – Els said smiling.

After some time, Harry called me saying we had to go. Everyone decided on staying at Lou’s room and watching a movie. Harry said we could be back soon.

We were at the car, Harry gave me a glass of champagne.

-What is all that about? Where are you taking me?

- I may be abducting you, you know that, right?

-Should I be scared?

-Yes – he kissed me passionately


A/N: Bree Tomlinson is winning, guys. *-* Think that's going to be the baby's not. I'm not so sure yet. Need more votes.

I'M AFRAID TO TELL YOU THAT THIS MOVEL IS GOING TO HAVE ONLY ONE MORE CHAPTER. I can't believe it's going to end D: I'm crying now hahaha So, I'm still thinking about the sequel, ok? Do you think I should do it or not? Let me know. Love u :D xxx

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