Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


48. The gender

***Eleanor’s POV***


I was sitting on the queen size bed crying. Louis wouldn’t stop saying “I’m going to be a father”. He was trying to confort me by holding my hands, but I need more. His reaction wasn’t really good when I told him

-Louis, we have to talk, wake up – I poked him

-No, I’m in a bad hangover babe – he groaned pulling me close to him.

Was things going to change? I like the way we are now, he’s so lovely with me, I love him so much.

-No, Lou, it’s serious, please

He sat at the bed looking at me with a sleep face. His blue eyes were light today, so perfect

-Ok, what is so important that won’t let me sleep in my hangover?

-I’m pregnant – he kept looing at me for a while

-Ok, great joke, babe, now tell me the truth

-That’s the truth, Louis, I’m pregnant – I started crying

-No, this can’t be true, babe, tell it’s a joke. Tell me, really – he came closer to me grabbing my head on his hands.

-I wish I could tell you I was joking Lou, but I’m not, I’m sorry – I was saying between sobs

-How long?

-I think it’s 4 months now

-4 MONTHS ELEANOR? 4 fucking months? How did it happen?


-I know, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m just freaking out

-So do I, Louis, but it’s not fair to scream with me

-I’m sorry love – he pulled me kissing my forehead – But, I’m confused, I thought you were taking car

-I was, but remember when we went to Spain on holiday? I forgot my pills, we got a little drunk, remember? – he nodded – and you know the rest. I’m so so sorry

-Look, it’s going to be extremely difficult now, I’m we can do this, ok? We’ll do this together, ok?

-Promise to be with me?

-Forever, love, I’ll be forever with you. And this baby is going to be the most beloved on the planet – He is so precious, he stood with me even after that. I love this man so much, he’s my everything

We heard a knock on ther door…


***Tícia’s POV***


We made our way to Eleanor and Louis’ room. I knocked on the door and opened it to see Eleanor crying, a quiet Louis holding her hand. They looked at us coming in

-So, how’s everything?

-I’m going to be a father… - Louis said to no one in particular staring at the wall.

I sat by Els side pulling her into a hug, she couldn’t stop crying

-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, I’m so so sorry – she kept repeating

-Shush babe, it’s not your fault, it’s no one’s fault

Harry pulled Louis into a hug

-Congrats mate. Looks like we got a new member uh? – Lou just nodded

-Well – Eleanor said standing up, running her hands on her face cleaning the tears – crying is not gonna change anything. I’m carrying a baby here – he put one hand in her belly – I need to be mature now, and so do you, Lou, you have to help me now

-I’ll help you babe, always

-Plusssss, you can count on me and Harry – I looked to Harry, whose winked at me

-We are all in this together

-Should we say to the others?

-Of course Els, or they are going to feel like we are excluding them

We left the room knocking in everyone’s room making them wake up and telling for they meet us at the living room. When everyone got there, Eleanor told the new and they just went crazy. Hugging Eleanor and Louis, saying how much happy they were and stuff like that.

Girls started girling by saying how anxiety for having a niece or a nephew they were.


At Monday Harry and I left the others at our house to take the cute couple to see a doctor. They said they were going to do something and get to know the city of São Paulo. Justin was so excited about that, that he tweeted his fans were he was going, just to have a time with them.

Eleanor refused in the beginning and kept complaining in the way. She was holding hands with Louis at the back seat

-Els, you have never had a baby before, you have to go see a doctor

-Is that really necessary? I am ok

-Eleanor, we are going already. And I want to know the gender of my child

-Thanks Lou, I’m with you – I said


-Eleanor Calder, entre, por favor – The doctor called her after a while waiting. She looked a little shocked when the 4 of us stood up going to the room, but didn’t say a thing anyway.

-Eu entrei porque sou a unica brasileira aqui, doutora, eles não falam português (I got in, because I am the only brazilian one here, doctor, they don’t speak portuguese) – I explained to her

-Tudo bem, só que eu acho que os garotos vão ficar um pouco entediados, pode demorar um pouquinho (It’s ok, I Just think the boys are going to get a little bored, it may take a while) – she told me

A nurse came in and they went to take Eleanor blood and other vitals

-So you think you’re pregnant? – The doctor started speaking in English

-Yes, 4 months. I took some pregnancy tests yesterday and 4 of them came back positive – Doctor nodded

-Ok, we’ll know for sure, when the blood work comes back. You mind doing a sonogram? – Els looked scared to Louis, who just nodded. It is so cute that she can be genuinely innocent.

-It’s ok babe, go, Tícia will help you and I’ll be right here with you

I went to the bathroom with her so she could dress in a hospital gown. We got back and she layed down on the table.

-It might hurt a little bit, but try not to worry, ok? You have to relax – She said to a really scared Eleanor, inserting the internal sonogram

Els held Louis hand squeezing it, she closed her mouth and pressed it, closing her eyes. Does it really hurts? I looked to Harry who was staring the wall with a disguting face. That made me smile.

After a while, the took out the sonogram machine and examined the papers blood the nurse put on the table.

-You’re 4 month away, you’re definitely pregnant.

Els started crying, I think it was tears of happiness and she hugged me. Harry gave Louis a hug.

-Since you’re already 16 weeks, it’s possible to know the baby’s gender. Do you want to?

-YES – I couldn’t control myself and answered doctor’s question before Eleanor, making everyone laugh – I’m sorry – I layed my head in Harry’s chest trying to control my happiness

-I want to… Do you, Lou?

-Yes, sure, why not?

Eleanor leans back onto the table grabbing Louis’ hand

-Please, be as excited as I am – I can hear her whispering to Louis

-I promise I am, I love you – Louis tell her kissing her forehead – They are so cute, oh my God.

We four sit there for a few minutes waiting for the doctor to come back. She applies the gel onto Els stomach. It has really grown a bit. Her little belly carrying a baby, I could see tears in Els eyes, she was smiling.

Doctor started moving slowly the ultrasound machine over her stomach.

-Can you hear the baby’s heart beat. It is amazing, isn’t it?

-It… I’m speechless – Louis said incapable of taking his eyes off the screen

-Do you really wanna know the gender, guys?

-Yes, please – Eleanor was smiling and crying at the same time. It was being so cute to watch that I had to control my own tears from falling

-Well, congratulations kids, you’re going to have a… - she made a dramastic pause smiling – a baby girl.

-OH MY GOD – Eleanor burst out into tears – A baby girl, Louis, we are having a girl – Louis pressed his lips on Eleanor’s mouth

-Congratulations mate, I’m so happy for you – Harry said pulling him into a hug, I went to Eleanor hugging her… 

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