Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


53. The end part 1

We were about to stay here only 1 more day. It made me sad. 

It was lunch time and I was hungry.

-Harry, could we go out to eat something? – He was lying on bed in only his blue boxes

-I’m not feeling so good now babe

-Seriously? What’s wrong?

-Just headache. I’m taking some medicines and take a nap. Call Justin and ask him to go with you, ok?

-Nope, I don’t wanna go without you. I’m staying – I jumped on the bed and covered myself hugging him, pulling him close

He held me back and kissed me

-I wish you’d stay here and we could do some stuff

-What kind of stuff?

With that, he kissed me in a way that turned me on. I got up into him, seated in his belly, kissing his mouth, chin and neck. He was running his hands all over my body. My hands were on his boxes, I was about to take it off when he interrupted me

-Don’t think you can fool me. You have to eat

-Babe, I’m not hungry, I swear

-You already didn’t have breakfast. Go have lunch

-Noooo, please – he was smiling at my puppy face

-Go eat and when you get back, we can stay here all night long

-Fine, Harold – I rolled my eyes

-Call Justin, so you won’t go by yourself

-I don’t need company

-Will you ever do something I ask without arguing?

-I don’t know, keep trying

He smirked and took the phone. I was putting my clothes on when he asked Justin to take me to lunch.

-You know, I don’t have to go, I cans tay here and take care of you.

-I’m going to sleep babe, when I wake up, you will already be here

-Right, Mr Styles, you’re the boss

-And you are the princess

I kissed him a goodbye and left to meet Justin at the lobby. Becca was probably having sex with Zayn, that pervert couple were making me crazy since Becca always tell me each detail of their sex. Louis was taking care of his girls, Els was mad, because she wanted to walk around NY, but she couldn’t. I caught Niall and Alyssa fighting at the MSG second night, and still don’t know the reason, they must be at their room now. And Liam and Danielle are out spending some time together.

-Hello beautiful – A smiling Justin appeared by my side kissing my cheek – Checking out twitter? – He asked because I was scrolling phone screen.

-Hi Justin – I put the phone at my purse – Yes, I was reading the comments of MSG. They all loved it. They also didn’t hate me. Can you believe?

-Of course I can, you’re the most lovely person. It’s impossible to hate you

We were walking to the back exit, so the crowd of people outside wouldn’t go crazy by seeing us.

-So, what happened to Harry? – He asked after we got in the restaurant and sat at our table.

-I don’t know exactly. He said it was just headache. He was going to take a nap

-Hope he feel better soon

-I hope so

We finished eating and I remembered I had promised my brother to buy this new kind of video game for him. It haven’t started selling in Brazil yet, so I promised to buy it and some the games. Justin agreed to come with me.

I called Harry to see if he was ok with that, but he didn’t answer, he must have fallen asleep, so I texted him saying I’d be right back.

We have had a really good time shopping. He took a lot of pictured with his fans and awkwardly, some of them wanted to take a pic with me.

I couldn’t resist buying some make up. Justin laughed the hole time, because I’ve never been a girly girl, so I didn’t know how to buy it. I just had to.

The hole time Justin and I talked way too much, I told him about my entire life. About the bullies on fourth grade until the eighth grade when I changed my school. It all affected my so much. I told him about the cuts and the bulimia, I told him how much I love my family, One Direction and him.

He told me about his life too. We were having such a great time. But I was afraid of Justin be confusing things and think that I was loving him otherwise. Thank God, when we were back at the limo, he made things clear to me

-Tícia, you’re a great person. I love having you in my life, I love you, thanks for becaming my friend. I think now I can call you my best friend, really

Oh my God, was Justin Bieber saying I was his best friend? That’s the best thing EVER.

-Best friend? Really Justin? – I hugged him – I though I was the only one thinking about that. You’re my best friend too

-I feel like I can tell you anything and you won’t judge me

-I never will

-Best friends forever? – He had that perfect smirk on his face and that made smile even bigger

-Forever and ever

I turned the music on in the limo, turning up the volume. I pressed a button to open the up part. When it opened I steped up. It was incredible seeing all these people, the cars, listening to the music.

Feeling the wind blow through my hair, on my face, I felt a sense of being free. Several people looked at me like I was crazy. Behind us came a car escort to protect us from people for they not attack the limo. I was smiling and singing when Justin appeared by my side laughing.

-What are you doing? – He said

-Just feel it. It’s freaking awesome

When the limo stopped at the traffic light,  some people realized who was standing there and screamed. I fast grab my phone and started recording everything. People waving at us, dancing in the middle of the street, Justin and I singing. Together.

We got to the hotel and burst out into laugher.

-Oh my God, it’s was amazing

-Yeah, we have to do that more


-Swag on you girl – we were laughing

-I’m going to upload the video, ok?

-Sure, no problem

We said our goodbyes and I left to my room. Can’t wait to cuddle with Harry. Hope he’s feeling better now. I don’t need to go out tonight, I just want him to be better.

I posted the video saying “@justinbieber The very best friend in the world, I love you <3”. It finished loading when the elevator opened. I opened the door excited about seeing Harry. But he was not there.

-Babe, I’m here – No one answered me. – Harry, are you there?

I turned the lights on and saw a dress on the bed. It was a red dress just above the knee, had black stripes on it, one race sends the right side, the other side was strapless. On the floor was lying a black high heels, the heel was thick and not too high, it had some golden little stones around it.

-What is that? What are you up to, Harry? –I said to myself smiling

I grabbed my phone to text him, but I already had received his text: “Hello love of my life, I have 1 more surprise for u today. There’s the clothes in bed, and a paper saying what you should do. The limo is going to pick u at 9. I’m waiting. Love u 4ever”

I looked at the clock, it was 7 p.m, I still had time to get ready. Oh my God, what was he doing? I got the paper he said and read it out loud to myself.

-“Hello beautiful. Let’s enjoy our last night in New York City. It’s going to be a night to remember. I got everything prepared for you. Go take a shower, stop reading it now, and just keep reading when you finish clothing… I TOLD YOU TO STOP READING, LETÍCIA, STOP BEING STUBBORN" – I laughed and made what he asked me too.

I showered and put the dress. It fitted perfectly in my body, he knew exactly me size. Or he had some help. The girls were involved in it, it should be. I let the high heels to put only when I’m leaving, so I get the paper and kept reading

-“Well, by now, you should have already showered, and I hop you’re not naked now because I wish I was there with you :9 – he has such a dirty mind – So, put your best make up. It’s impossible for you to be prettier, so, just be yourself.”

I put my make up on. Bronze eye shadow, so much mascara, blush on the cheeks, and red lipstick. I looked the hour in my phone and it was already 8:30 p.m. I had a few minutes to do my hair.

I curlied it, the curls of my hair were cascading falling down to my chest. I checked myself in the mirror. Ok, I was feeling beautiful today. It is a rare thing, but I definitely am pretty tonight. Harry choose the perfect dress. Or the girls did. I was smiling thinking about it, when my phone buzzed.

It was a message from Harry.

“Limo is already there, go down. I’ll be waiting for you.”

I put the high heels on and grabbed my black little purse and a black coat. I felt my phone buzzing again. I looked at it when I was inside the limo. I thought Harry would be in it, but it was empty when the motorist opened the door for me. The crowd of girls outside the hotel screamed a lot when they saw me.

It was the girls calling me in the group

“Hope you enjoy tonight” – Els

“This is going to be FREAKING awesome” - Becca

“Harry is such a romantic” – Dani

“Lovely, tell me everything later” – Els

“I know you girls were involved in it. Tell me what is going on NOW!!” – I texted

“Never, we can’t. We are all stopping texteing you now. Enjoy. We love u” – Dani texted.

I put my phone in the purse and waited until the limo stopped. The motorist came open .

-Excuse me, lady, but I need to do something. – he said to me

-You need to do what? – I asked smiling at him

-Mr Styles asked me to cover your eyes with this cloth.


-I can’t tell ‘mam

-Ok, fine – I laughed and turned around, so he could put this on my eyes.

I could see nothing, and was getting everytime more and more curious.

-You can tell me what is going on, I won’t tell Harry, pleeease – I asked for the motorist

-He won’t tell you what is going on, babe

Harry was by my side and grabbed my hand

-I stay with her from here. Thank you, Arthur – he said to the man

-Harry, what are you up to?

-Hello, love – I felt he planting a kiss on my lips – It’s a surprise, I can’t tell.

He started guiding me. I climbed a few flights of stairs and entered somewhere. He helped me sit and sat by my side.

-I’m going to take this off, ok? – I nodded as he started getting the cloth off of my face.

I looked around and didn’t understand. There were some people around us, some were with cameras, taking pictures and recording. I stayed looking around until I realized where we were. Inside of a carriage.

In front of us was a window that allowed me to see two huge and beautiful horses. OH MY GOD.


I looked at him, he was with a smirk on his face, looking at me

-Smile at the cameras, love. I’m video taping this for us.

-Aren’t they paparazzis?

-No, thank God


A/N: Heeeello. So, the lat chapter got too long, so I decided to make it in 2 parts. Hope you're ready for the end. I'm crying here haha Love u xx

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