Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


34. Surprise

When we got out of the limo, things got insane. Tons of people screaming, people shooting at us cameras, flashes flashing with nonstop. Each couple got out of the limo and Niall, the single one also. I called him to enter by my side along with Harry. We walked arm in arm, I wrapped my arm through Niall's and holding hands with Harry, I felt bad for Niall that Alyssa couldn't come, so asked if Harry wouldn't feel jealous and he said no. 

After a long time with pictures, the boys had gone for an interview and Paul guided me and the girls inside to our places. There were lots os celebrities and I was totally freaking out. I got my phone and the hole way to our sits I kept taking pictures of everyone. Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, The Wanted, McFLY, Katy Perry, Cody Simpson, every each famous present there, I took a picture.

-Stop poking me, Letícia, it's hurting

-Sorry Becca, I just think I'm dreaming

-I know. Your phone is totally full of pictures of them

-I wanna take a picture with them, not only of them - I said with a sad face making the other girls laugh 

-Hum, girls, have you seen Justin?

-Bieber? - Els asked

-Course it's Bieber, Els, haven't seen all the pictures she posted of him? - Dani answered laughing - You came here thinking of seen him, right?

- I actually came because of Harry, but, I'm not lying, I had a little much hope about seeing him. - I said smiling

-Zayn told he was coming, sis, relax - Becca said and we went sit. 

-The boys are taking much long to come back?

-A little, it's normal, you guys will get used to it - Eleanor said

After a while, the boys came back and talked to us. They were not sitting with us during all the VMA's performance. 

The rest of the day has being such a magical thing for me, really. Seeing all my idols singing and sitting so close of them was something I've never expected to happen. There was a time, I thought about my daddy and all his sopport on my love on Justin and One Direction.

When the boys were called up stage to receive their award, I just could not believe, and stood up clapping my hands like crazy and crying a little, my heart raced so much and I was so proud of them. The girls stood up too. When they sang Kiss You, I got my phono to call Dad so he could listen.

He told me how proud he was of the boys and how happy he was for me being here. 

"Have you already seen Justin, babe?"

"No daddy, he is running for the next award and I have not seen any sign of him. Think that if I don't see him, I'm gonna cry"

"Don't you worrie, he's gonna be there"

"Ok, I'm gonna rung up now, wanna take pictures of the boys. Love you so much"

"Love you too, princess"

I logged on my twitter account and twitted

"@leti_talks Congrats for my lovely boys, you deserve all that, I love you so much @onedirection specially u babe @Harry_Styles xx"

"@leti_talks now it's your turn to win the award @justinbieber I haven't seen you yet. I love u"

That's when I heard

-"AND THE AWARD GOES TOO.... JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!" - I had the same reaction I had with the boys. Immediately I stood up with my best smile on me face and clapping. It's impossible to describe what I felt when I saw him on stage thanking his fans and family. 

When everything finished me and the girls went backstage to be with the boys. I couldn't stop screaming and calling people for a picture. Each one of them were so polite. Some even recognized me being Harry Styles' girlfriend. 

I was talking to the girls and the boys from McFLY. Fangirling over them, saying that every time they go to Brazil, I don't miss any concert. They are all really cute and I just love them too, and then Harry called me. 

-What is it babe? - I said hugging him pressing my lips to his - I'm so proud of you - I whispered in his ears

-You can show me how much you're proud of me tonight - he smirked and blinked the right eye

-I'll think about it

-I will give you a present?

-A present? Harry, we already talked about you spending you money with me and

-Shut uuuup - he said shushing me with his lips - I didn't give any money for this present

-What is it then?

-Well, come here - He pulled me in front of him closing my eyes with his hand

-Harry, what are you doing? 

-Trust me? - he said with the cuttest voice

-Always - I wasn't seeing anything so I raised my hands in front of me and walked with Harry guiding me

-Haaaarry, where are you taking me?

-Almost there...  - I could feel he was smiling behind me - You ready? - he asked 

-For what?

-Are you ready, tícia?

-Yes, babe, I am

-1 - he was counting - 2 and 3

He took his hands off of my eyes and I saw... him.

-Omg - I puttmy hand in my mouth and tears started falling from my eyes. I looked to Harry and he nodded smiling to me. By his side was Louis with a camera recording. We were in the dressing-room of the boys. I couldn't control my tears from falling and smiling. I had no reaction, I had no move. I just stood there looking at him while he was looking back at me smiling to my reaction of crying. And then, he decided to hug me. He hugged me really tight and after a while I hugged him back.

I could not beliebe Justin Bieber was holding me in his arms. Justin Bieber


A/N: Hey, someone could tell me what ASAP means? I know it means fast, but, someone explain me better? Please? haha 

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