Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


39. Present

The rest of the days were the best of my life. Me and the guys had more 3 days and it couldn't have been better. Harry was more lovely than always and we spent every minute together. Niall couldn't stop talking about this girl, Alyssa, who used to be my nurse. Liam and Danielle are a really cute couple, Becca and Zayn look like they are thirsty sex vampires, they make out every time of the day, and Becca makes sure to let me know about each time. She asks about me and Harry, but I'm not ready for that. Harry undertands me and said he will wait untill I feel comfortable. Louis and Eleanor are the bests, except for the fact that Els is acting a little awkward these days. She's taking care about what she eats and drink, she also feel sick some times, what makes her and Lou not to hang out around LA with me and the others.

And to make things even better, Justin texts me something cute everyday. Things like "good morning, belieber #1" or "sleep well, hope to see you again" . I talked about that to Harry, just to check if how he feels about that, he showed himself a little jealous, but I fast made him realize, that for me, Justin is just an idol, and even if I had a chance, I'd never be his girlfriend, I'd rather be his good friend.

But just like no one can always be living in a fairytale, Becca and I had to go back to our lives and college. This day we had to say our good byes to everyone. They were flying back to UK and both of us to Brazil.

After getting into the plane I posted a picture with Harry saying "I'm going to miss you, curly". Fast it got thousand of likes and comments, people saying that I should not be with him and people saying how cute we are together.

When we landed in Brazil, my parents were there to get us. One week later, my life was getting normal again. I wasn't bulimic anymore, I got back to college. I'm in the 3/4 year of Jornalism. Because I was in a "1 month vacation" in the hospital, I had to to online classes. My colleagues fired endless questions about my relationship with famous people, how it happened and stuff like that. Jornalists had to have their reports.

I could not go through a day without talking to Harry. There were days we talked for 3 times, when he had time. He always wanted to be sure if I was eating correctly and taking care of myself. We skyped each other every time before sleep.

I talk to Justin a lot also. He's a really good friend. I told him I've been through some healthy problems and he became really careful. We make video calls at least twice a week, and became close to each other.

The other boys, the ones from Brazil, are also taking care of me. We still spend our weekends together. Dylan finally understood that I love my boyfriend and won't have anything with him again. Harry feel jealous of them. He always say he wishes hanging out with me, know my friends personaly and be everyday with me. All I can do when he's feeling like that, is try to comfort him.  I'm so happy. Everything is on it's place.




It's been 3 months now. 3 months that I don't see nor Harry, nor the boys and girls, only Becca, course. Today is friday, November, 1. Harry and I are together for exactly 8 months now and in a week is my 21 birthday. God, I'm getting old.

I wake up and checked my whats app messenger. It has messages on the girls, Els, Dani, Becca and I's, group, one from Justin, and one of Dylan asking if I was ok. But none from Harry. It's awkward, but I decided to forget since One Direction are touring in Europe and it's other hour there, maybe he's still sleeping.  

-Bom dia, mãe (Morning, mom) - I went to the kitchen and my mom was there making coffe.

-Morning, sweet. Want some coffe?

-Orange juice, thanks.

My dad has already left for work and Leandro was at school. I know my parents are always talking to Harry on my back, because they wanna know how I act. Harry wants to know from them how I'm doing and so does my parents. It's crazy.

-Hum, hey mom, have you talked to Harry lately?

-Not so much, darling, why? - She had a little hiding smile on her face


-What happened?

-It's just, I wake up now and I had no message from him...

-Maybe he's asleep, don't worry.

-Yes, I hope so.

I don't have a job, so everything I do during the day is help the maid to organize the house, go to the gym and do my college lessons. At 6 pm I go to my university. Here in Brazil is different from other countries, we live in our own houses and only go to college at morning or at night. We don't have to share a room nor live at the campus.

-Honey, I'm off to work, do you wanna come?

-Ok - I got ready and left with my mom, but she asked to go in my car, following her.

Strange, because she never does that. Plus, she was doing other way, so I called her

"Mom, where are you going?"

"I have to go somewhere first babe, just follow me." And hung up.

Was she going to the airport? Why? What was going on? Just like I was thinking, we parked in the São Paulo airport and drove to the entrance.

-Mom, what the hell?

-Shut up, just stay with me. - that made me roll my eyes.

-Mom, we are here for 1 hour and nothing happened - I was getting angry - I had to go gym. What's so important that is tooking our day? 

-You're going to like it, and stop checking your phone

-I'm talking to Justin and the girls, mom

-Yes, and waiting Harry's message

-Maybe - I shrugged

30 minutes later, an amount of people got out of the gate. I was almost sleeping when my mom pinched me

-Look who's cooooooming

I looked to the direction she was pointing and then I saw a smiling curlied really tall boy. He was walking crooked, diverting of people, with a bag hanging and his phone in one hand, there was a man behind him, his bodyguard. It was like he was walking looking for something until he found us, then, his smile grow even bigger and prettier.

I fast stood up and went running to his direction, and ignoring all the people around I jumped on his lap. He held me so tight, spreading kisses all over my face

-Oh my God, I missed ou so much, love - Gosh, I missed that husky voice so much

-I missed you even more babe, I love you so much, can't believe you're here.

I put my feet on the floor and saw people giving angry faces to us, saying we were in their way. We laughed, I said hi to his bodyguard and we went to my mom's direction 

-What are you doing here, Harold? And why didn't you text me?

-Because I was on a 10 hours flight and there was no signal for messages, mam, and I'm here because I want to, didn't you like it?

-No - I gave him a serious face - I loved it - Then, he kissed my lips passionately

After talking a little bit with my mom, I discovered they did it in secret, planning Harry's coming to Brazil since 2 weeks ago. Harry said he had a present for me and we had to go. He was here in secret, only the boys, girls and my parents knew, so there was all peace, no paparazzis outside. We said bye to my mom, she went to her car and we 3, to my car, with Harry leading the way to his "next present".

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