Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


46. Pregnant?

-You sure, Justin? –Liam asked showing off his happiness

-But, what about Scooter? Did he agree with that? – Niall was holding hands with Alyssa. He clearly loved this invitation

-I’ve already spoke with the crew, they are totally fine with that

-YES YES YES, GUYS, YOU HAVE TO SAY YES, babe, pretty pleeeease – I turned to Harry kissing his lips making a puppy face

Harry kissed me back they all started giggle

-It’s ok for me

-I’m with Liam, agree with that – Zayn was by Becca’s side smiling

-Of course I accept that, mate – Louis said

-You guys aren’t waiting for me answer, right? Because I think it’s obviously

-Course, we know your answer, Niall. And yes, I think that could be fun, course we will, Justin – Harry said making me jump of happiness and start all my fangirling

-Fine, boys. We are going to stay in the same hotel as last year and all you, girls, are coming also, right? – Justin looked to me, then to Els, Dani, Alyssa and Becca

-NO WAY – Becca screamed coming to my direction, jumping in my lap – can you believe this, Tícia?


-I can’t wait, really – Els said coming to the hug

We all got a glass of champagne and cheered, drinking it too fast. When I drunk the glass, I looked to my mom, who was looking back at me with the glance “I know you are about to get drunk tonight”, I raised the glass to her and smiled. She did the same. I went talk to her

-Hey mom, what are thinking about this?

-I’m thinking about how your life changed

-It changed too much, right?

-Just tell me, babe, because you’re still my baby… Are you happy?

I looked around everyone. My hole family was there, my boyfriend was there, my bests friends were there, my favorite band was there and also my idol. It couldn’t be more perfect. I was hard holding my tears from falling again. It was too much just for a day. Harry looked up at me catching my gaze. I smiled when he winked for me

-I’m more than happy, mom




The rest of the night was fine. We went to this nice night club at the center of São Paulo. When the owners of the club discovered One Direction and Justin Bieber were about to get in, they gave us VIP areas, asking if the boys would make an advertisement for the club.

Harry finally had his chance to meet my boy friends from Brazil, he had met them at the hospital times, but not at night clubs, and realize that he had no reason to feel jealous about. Only with Dylan. He tried to disguise, but I saw he looking straight to the guy the hole night… poor Dylan.

We all got drunk too fast since we ordered 4 (4!!!) bottles of Vodka and 3 (3!!!) os Baccardi Big Apple (my love).

Danielle was dancing with Liam, Becca was teaching them to dance Funk (a typical Brazilian dance) with Zayn right behind her, shooting angry looks to the boys who were looking at her. Niall was drinking with Alyssa and I was with Harry, Justin, Louis and Eleanor, some girls where around trying to talk call Justin’s attention, but he was talking with only one of them. All of us was drinking. I realized Eleanor just putting soda in her cup, pretending to put vodka in it… Ok, that all makes sense now.

-Hey, Els, let’s go to bathroom, please?

-Yeah, sure – We put the glasses at the table and went to the bathroom. Luckly, it was empty, so I could have a better conversation with her. I sat in the sink and looked at her, she gave me a questioning look

-When were you planning to tell me?

-Tell you what?

-You have two options: I could say it out loud, or I can discover the true by your mouth... And I think it’s way too better

-Oh my God. How did you?

-Els, it’s been months that you don’t put alcohol in your mouth. It’s been months that you call me late at night, crying for no reason. And when I first saw you in these last months, I though you a little chubby.

-But – I interrupted her

-You have a body of a model, Els… you can eat ANYTHING and you won’t get fat. But you are now, so…


-NO WAY, is it truuue? – I jumped off the sink to her direction smiling – Reeeeeeally?

She frowned and bowed her head, held her hands at her back, slowly moving her right feet on the floor, just like a little kid. I raised an eyebrown.

-Actually, I don’t know. I think I am…


-My period is late

-How long?

-4 months, but…

-Eleanor, what is your doubt? You are pregnant. Haven’t you had any pregnancy tests?

-Nope. I’m afraid of them. I’m praying not to be pregnant. I’m just 22, Tícia, I’m too young, plus how much it would affect Louis career?

-I thought you were taking care

-We were, but when I traveled on holiday with him for Spain, I forgot my pills… I’m so sorry, I just don’t know what do to – I realized she was about to cry and pulled her into a hug

-Don’t cry ok? I’ll be here for you

-I’m scared, Tícia

-I know babe, you can imagine that. But you have me and the girls ok? And I pretty sure Louis will understand

-The problem isn’t only Louis. It is management. The are going to kill us.

-I’ll be right behind you. I promise

-I love you, Tícia, thanks for coming into my life

-I love you too, sweetie. And I will love even more my future niece or nephew – I said smiling and touching her little belly, that made her smile – Can you imagine just a little baby speaking with that british accent? That must be the cutest thing EVER – she giggled

-Will you teach it how to speak Portuguese??

-Definitely. So, let’s do this. Don’t tell Louis tonight. Let’s wait until tomorrow morning. We wake up and go to a drugstore and buy as much pregnancy tests as we can. When we have the result, you tell Louis ok?

-What if his reaction don’t be so good at all?

-Babe, you’re going to tell him you’re pregnant. Don’t wait for him to explode of happiness at first. He’s going to shock, but I’ll be there to help, ok? – She nodded – Let’s go back, then…

When we left, I found Harry and placed a soft kiss on his lips

-Can we stop drinking now babe? – he asked

-Sure. I was just about to do that anyway. But why?

-I just wanna be sober when we get home – I shrugged and pushed him over to the dance floor.

Els was looking at us and waved, I winked to her and smiled. Wow, Eleanor Calder was pregnant, I was the very first one to know that. 


A/N: Hey guys. What are you thinking? I think this movel is going to have only few more chapters, and then, maybe I'll start the sequel, ok? 

Plus, I have in mind, another story for another movella. When I finish this one, I'm going to start it.

So, yeah, give me ideas of names, you want for Els baby, whether it a baby girl or a baby boy. Let me know what you're thinking, PLEASE *-*

Sorry for the gramatical mistakes. If I made one, let me know. Don't know if I'm updanting today anymore, because it's FRIDAY again, YAYYY!!! *-* Love you :D xxx

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