Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


50. One less lonely girl

Louis also got back home, so he and Eleanor could tell the news to their parents. By what it looks like, her father got a little crazy, but after a while, he got ok. Lou’s mom also got mad, but now she’s excited about this little girl coming. Everyone is happy now.

 We landed in NYC, it took almost 2 hours to get into the hotel because of the crazy and screaming girls attacking our cars. Directioners are the best thing that happened in my life after becoming part of One Direction, but sometimes it is annoying because we have no privacy.

It was already 7 p.m and the fellas decided to go out for dinner and then, go to some sort of a club.

We decided for a Japanese food, I know Tícia loves Japanese food, and she thought I wasn’t looking, but I saw she was only pretending to eat. Everytime I looked, she put a sushi in her mouth.


***Tícia’s POV***

I haven’t told Harry, but when he was in the shower, I logged into twitter to answer some of his fans. Some of them kept saying how I am an attention whore by pretending I was sick, and some still were calling me fat. Then, I answered some of the cute ones and decided not to eat too much today.

But it was impossible, since Harry kept looking straight at me in this Japanese restaurant.

-Babe, you may stop looking at me now, ok? It’s getting awkward, I already ate enough – I said smiling planting a kiss on his cheek

-I was just checking if you were alright, Tícia

-I am, ok?

-Ok – he rolled his eyes

After that, we got back to the hotel to get ready for

I was dressed with a white skirt above the knees, bright red high heels, a black tank top and red leather jacket. I straightened my hair smooth to the waist. For make up just blush and black eyeshadow… Harry was wish his jeans, boots and a white shirt and a blue coat, his hair was curlied as always. He and I were almost finished when I heard a knock on the door

-Hi sis, came in – She was in one of hers black dress that makes her boobs look even bigger, sexy and beautiful as always.

-Sis, I think Els need help – I looked to Harry and then back to her

-What? Why?

-I don’t know, Louis came to my room asking for help, I decided to call you first

-Let’s go there

-I’ll be there in a minute, love – I nodded and followed Becca

I went to Louis and Eleanor’s room, the door were open, so Becca and I got in to see a pale Eleanor and a very concerned Louis. He was sitting by her side holding her head playing with her hair. They are so cute.

-Els, what’s going on?

-It’s nothing girls, go finish getting ready

-No, we can’t have fun if you’re not ok

-Tell us, what are you feeling? -She looked at Louis, he looked back at her and nodded.

-I'm getting cramping – she said with a pause

-And? – Becca gestured with her hand to Eleanor continue

-I’ve been bleeding – She was about to cry

-Bleeding? Oh my God, Lou, you have to take her to the hospital

-NO! – She made a scaried face – I don’t wanna go, I’m fine now, I swear

-I tried to take her, but see? She does not wanna go

-I said I’m fine ok?

At this time Harry came in asking what was going on. We explained

-We can’t go out tonight, we are taking her to the hospital. Babe, you stay, I’ll go with Louis, ok?

-I said I don’t wanna goooooo – She was begging

-Fine, but if I notice you’re having ANY kind of pain, we’ll go

Eleanor nodded to Louis advice and we decided to leave for the club, less the baby’s couple. As usual, we all got really drunk. I noticed Niall and Alyssa were a little distant from each other, but he refused to tell me why.

The next day was the first concert at Madison Square Garden. The boys and Justin were extremely excited for that. We arrived there at 5 p.m and got ready. Me and the girls were at the first row seats. I was so much happier then anyone there.

-I’m going to give you a calming medicine

-I don’t need that, Becca – everyone around was laughing

I noticed Justin was acting a little awkward, like he was hiding something from me. He had that little smirk on his face. He got into the stage and started singing.

I went talk to Scooter to ask if I could choose the One less lonely girl from the night.

-We had already picked one, you don’t have too, thanks

-Really? Already? Can I meet her?

-You will in one minute

I nodded and left. The boys were called to get ready for going stage.

-I love you, you’re the best – I kissed Harry’s mouth

-I love you even more. You know that I love you more than anyone could possibly love, right?

-Yes babe, but why are you saying that?

-It’s nothing, I love you more than anyone.

-I love you too, prince. Now, go – I pushed him away winking at him.

After a while I found myself crying because I was listening Justin singing Fall, all the girls came hug me.

-WHO WANTS TO BE MY ONE LESS LONELY GIRL???? –Justin suddenly yelled making the crowd go crazy. I cried. It has always been my biggest dream to be his One less lonely girl – Well, at what it looks like, tonight I picked my one less lonely girl

The crowd screamed even more. I cried even more. He had choosed her? Oh my God. Becca realized I was crying and came to my direction

-Ok, I remember how you were on this part of the show in Brazil. – I closed my eyes hearing her say – I remember how you almost faint and how you stopped breathing for a short time. Please, don’t do that

-Becca, I can’t, you know how I love him – I said between sobs

-You can’t let Harry listen to that – she whispered

-C’mon, you know it’s not that kind of love. You know me more than anyone. Harry is the love of my life. Justin is my world, but only as an idol, as a friend. And you know how much I dreamed to be his OLLG, sis

-Hey, you already know him, he’s your good friend, you don’t need that ok? Let others beliebers have their time – I cried more but agreed. She was right, I know him, my sisters around the world need their moment.

Justin coutinued saying

-I wanna present her to you guys, because you’re the most important thing on my life, and she’s a good friend of mine. – His face turned around, like he was searching for someone until his eyes caught mine. I smiled for him, trying to disguise the fact that I was crying

-She have always been my Belieber, and she past trough some problems in her life. She’s a warrior, one of the strongest person I know. – His eyes were looking for someone or something behind me.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was Scooter

-Would you came with me?

-Sure, but why?

-You’ll know

I knew it. Oh my God, Justin choose me as his OLLG. No, stop daydreaming, tícia, it’s not happening. No way.

I followed Scooter and he leaded me to a black door. It has so many people around, they were all smiling at me. I saw Harry, he came to my direction

-You ready?

-Harry, am I going to be his OLLG? Really?

-Yes babe, you will

-Did you know that?

-Yes – his face got a little more serious. I put one hand in his face, smiling, trying to control my tears of hapiness

-Don’t you EVER feel jealous, please.

-I trust you tícia, I just can’t control my jealousy, but I understand your relation with Justin

-Letícia, you are going in – Someone said to me opening the black door, pushing me inside.

I looked to Harry, he nodded and I rushed into the stage to face Justin smiling coming to my direction. All the crowd gone crazy, they were screaming so much. Are they hating me now?

-OH MY GOD, JUSTIN, NO, I CAN’T BELIEVE, NO – I was crying three times more

-There's gonna be one less lonely girl (One less lonely girl), One less lonely girl (One less lonely girl),  How many "I told ya"s, "Let's start over"s and "shoulder"s have you cried on before? How many promises? Be honest, girl. How many tears you’ve let hit the floor?

I could feel I was about to faint, just like Becca said. Think he realized that too, because he kept singing leading me to the chair were OLLG’s used to seat.

He was affectionate, just like he was with all OLLGs. Running his hand through my face, hugging me. It was the best feeling in the world, to be on stage with Justin singing to you. I was hardly crying, and could not stop myself.

When the song was over, I tried to stop the tears. That failed when I suddenly heard my name.

All the arena started saying my name, just like if they like me. Justin smiled even bigger, I got shocked, kept staring at them for a time. They don’t hate me, omg, that’s amazayn.

I waved at them, hugged Justin again, thanking him and left. The boys were coming up for their apresentation.

-Good luck babe. Thank you for all that. You’re my everything. I love you.

I said to him, greeted the rest of the guys and they went on stage singing Nanana.  


A/N: Guys, you REALLY NEED TO HELP ME!!! I need you to choose the baby's name. It should be named Hannah Tomlinson? Or Grace Tomlinson? Or Mellany Marie Tomlinson? Or Bree Tomlinson??? LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU PREFER!!! 

Hope you're enjoying it, Love u :) xxx

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