Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


47. Me? Pregnant?

It was 4 in the morning and all I wanted was to go back home. My Brazilian friends were going to stay there, we said our goodbyes and left in the 3 cars the boys had rented. 

We arrived at the apartment and each one went to their rooms. Poor Justin, he was sleeping alone in the other room. This place is huge enough to have rooms for everybody, omg.

I entered the room and didn’t even looked around, went directly to the bathroom

-Gosh, I just wanna take these high heels off

Undressed myself, staying only with bra and panties. Washed my face taking off the make up. Harry was too quiet, he shall be already asleep.

-Babe, why are you so OH OH – I soon stopped speaking when I saw him. He was still in the clothes, the light was off, our bed was full of rose petals and the furniture had some candles lit in it. Two glass of something was in Harry’s hands.

-Babe, what is that?

-Your last birthday gift – He stood up smiling, coming to my direction

-One more? Babe, you didn’t have to do that – That’s the reason he asked for us to stop drinking

-Let’s just enjoy the moment, ok? – He gave me the glass, we toasted and drank the champagne

-I’m sorry I took my clothes off, this isn’t the best way to receive a birthday gift – I smiled, looking down at my half-naked body

-You just accelerated the process for me. That’s better

-Do you know that there are 4 other couples and a single one out there, that could hear us, right? – He giggled

-They will have to cover their ears… But I guess the couples will be doing pretty much the same, so, that won’t be a problem…

-Poor single Justin – we laughed and he gave me a kiss

The kiss were turned hotter and hotter and when I realized, we were already on bed, with Harry over me, pulling off his clothes. Seeing his gorgeous tattoed body turns me on, except for that huge ugly butterfly, but I try to ignore it. Anyway, we got back kissing, he was running his hands all over my body, pressing it hard against me.





-Damn, who must be at my door at… -I looked at the clock. It was showing 3:40– Wow, is it really that late?

I looked at the curlied boy half smiling sleeping by my side. He had one arm on top of me. I smiled remembering the last night.

Harry is the best boyfriend is the entire world. He gave me the best present of my life, just coming by and staying with me, even though he misses his family too much.


-I’m coming – I whispered to no one in particular, getting off of bed, covering myself with a sheet.

I opened the doot to see a anxious Eleanor

-Uh, seems like someone had an after party here, uh?

-Shut up – I rolled my eyes smiling

-Please, I don’t have my license, and you promise to go with meee – I knew what she was talking about

-Ok, wait a sec. I’m going to have a quick shower and be ready in 10 minutes

-Ok – she turned back and started walking.

When I got ready, Harry was still sleeping. I left a note for him: “Babe, I’m going out with Els, I can’t say where. Don’t worry, I’m coming back before you wake. Everyone is in the apartment. I love you so much <3 xxx”



-Which one? – We were looking at the shelf

-I don’t know

-C’mon, you said you would help me

-I am helping you, Els. I just never bought any pregnancy test before… - she rolled her eyes – Fine, let’s take these ones.

I threw 5 test at the basket and 2 bottles of water

-Water? – she asked

-Well, I guess you have to pee on it, don’t you? – she nodded, we went to the cash.

-Cartão ou dinheiro? (Credit card or money? – The woman looked awkwardly at both of us. Eleanor made a funny face when she heard the woman because she didn’t understand a thing

-Dinheiro – I answered

-São R$45,00

I gave the money to her and we left. We took a little long to arrive home, because Els made me go for a ride around São Paulo.

 Luckly when we got to te apartment everyone was still sleeping. We locked ourselves at the bathroom

-Go, pee on these things

-I don’t know how to do that

-I guess you just have to pee, Els

She took off her jeans and sat at the toilet, I gave her one test

-I can’t, it’s too much pression. I can’t pee

-You can, Eleanor Calder – I opened the tap, controlling myself from laughing at the situation

After a while we had 5 pregnancy tests thrown at the sink.

-C’mon, no results?

-It says we have to wait 10 minutes

-It’s already been forever – she raised her hands up

-Els, look – I pointed to the test, it was negative

-Oh my God, negative. I’m not pregnant

-I hope so. But we still have 4 more

Slowly, the 4 one were turning into the results. All of them had smiling faces, which means it’s positive, which means Eleanor was really pregnant

-No way

-Oh my God

-STUPID SMILING SMILES– she threw them back at the sink – What do I do now, Tícia?

-Now, you have to tell Louis


-Shhhhh, don’t scream, Harry’s sleeping on the other side of the door


-Tícia, are you there? – I looked scared to Eleanor, who also jumped. I put my finger in front of my mouth gesturing for her to shut

-Uhm, yes, Harry, I am here

-Everything’s ok?

-Yes, everything’s just fine

-I heard screamings, is Eleanor there with you?

I looked to Els, who was doing a negative signal with her head

-No, she’s not. Babe, why don’t you go get me a glass of water, please?

-Fine – he didn’t look so much convinced, but left anyway

-Ok, Els, he’s coming back in a minutes. You go talk to Louis, I’m going to hide these tests. If you need something, just scream my name and I’ll be there

-I’m scared

-I know, let’s do this: you go and say it. In less than 10 minutes, I’m going after you on the room

-Deal – she kissed my cheek and left

I got out of the bathroom and got my phone. I had a few more texts of “Happy Birthday” from some friends and family. Harry got into the room with my glass of water. I took a picture of him

-Hey, what are you doing? – He came to my direction and placed a kiss on my forehead

-Taking a picture of my boyfriend… Uhm, Harry?

-What? – He was going to the bathroom and started brushing his teeth. I followed him and stopped at the door looking at his reflection in the mirror

-What would you do if… - I bit my lower lip, unable to speak – if…

-If? – he said between the foam of toothpaste

-If I was pregnant? – I saw his facial expressions changing from normal, to doubt, then shocked, he suddenly turned pale... He rinsed his mouth and stared at me – Harry?

-Pregnant? – I could barely hear his voice

-Yes, babe, pregnant. What would you do? – Then, he made the face I’ve always seen in pictures and loved so much. That face where he raise an eyebrown with his mouth a little bit open, just showing his upper teeth. I could see his breath was fast

-I… Why are you asking that, Tícia? Are you pregnant?

-What if I am, Harry? Open the closet shelf… - I was obviously joking with him, I know it’s not cool, but I couldn’t resist. My phone was on my hand, I was recording his reaction to that. That was so funny.

-Is there something here? – He didn’t know what he was looking for, until he saw the pregnancy tests – No, Letícia, tell me it’s not true. What does that smiling faces mean?

-That smiling faces means that someone is going to have a baby soon – His eyes got more open of shock

-Is that yours? – He took the test. I could see his hand shaking

-Do you want it to be mine?

-Honestly? No

-Harold, wouldn’t you love me anymore and the baby if I was pregnant? Really?

-No, I would still love you, course, but…


-But I don’t know if I’m ready to have a child now – Poor Harry, he just didn’t know what to say anymore. I never controlled myself so much, for not to laugh

-Neither do I, Harry – I put a hand on my belly – But, don’t you think, if someone made something, he has to face the consequences

-I… I don’t know – Ok, enough with my joke. Poor Harry, he was shaking, plus it was time to go after Eleanor

-Well, babe, luckly I’m not ready to have a child right now. That’s why I’m taking my pills and we are not having a babe

-You, you sure?

-Course I am Harry

-Then, whose is it? –Damn, I forgot that I’d have to explain that

-Well, it’s something I’ll have to tell you later, ok?

-Tell me now, Letícia, who’s pregnant? – He said my name because he knows I hate when people do that. Letícia looks like someone is mad at me

-It’s Eleanor’s – I said lowering my head and turning the phone off

-WHAT? – that shocked face again

-Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone. I’m going there to help her with telling Louis. You stay here. When I come back, I explain you everything

-No way, I’m going with you, and all of you are going to explain me that – I rolled my eyes knowing his stubbornness

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