Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


43. Love nest

On my way driving to college I put my phones and immediately made a conference call to Becca, Eleanor and Danielle. Less than 1 minute after, all of them answered. I had no time to even say hi, because El's interrupted me..

"We were waiting for your call. So, have him already showed you???"

"Yes, he did. Did you all knew that?" 

"Yes, yes, yesssss" I heard Danielle sing 

"Course I did, sis, who do you think helped your parents organize everything the way you like it?" 

"I'm going to kill y'all" 

"How did he show you?" 

"Tell us every detail" 

"I have my own room, right?" 

"I want to have my room too" 

"I have my room" 

They were making me crazy with all those questions 

"Shut up, calm yo tits, girls. Yes, there's a room for everyone, it's a really huge apartment, there's a kitchen, a living room, a dinner room, bathrooms... It's just like every apartments. Except that it it's Harry's and mine's apartment." I said singing 

"And how did he show it to you?" Els was incredibly happy, I could even hear her clapping hands on the line

"Well, the first surprise was when he appeared in the airport. Then, he secretly brought me to this building, and showed me all." 

"How did you react?" 

"Actually, Dani, at first I didn't like it so much. You know what I mean, I was thinking that I'm not prepared to live with him. It looked like we were getting marriage, and, I'm just twenty. Definitely not mature enough. But we talked and I realized that it's not like that. He just needs to feel confortable. And I love him so much, I can do this." 

"Oh my God, my heart is melting" 

"I wish Zayn was as cute as Harry is" 

"I wish the same with Louis. I never really though Harry as a romantic" 

"I had in mind he was a womanizer and would never fall in love" 

"He would never resist to falling in love with my sister" 

"TOUCHE" I said making them all laugh 

"Hey, get my room prepared, we are going to be there in one week" 

"Thank God, I miss Zay2n so much" 

"We know you miss me and Dani too, Becca" 

"Ok, ladies, I'm going to hang up, because I'm a poor girl who has to study to have a good future. Good bye. I love you all, and I'm waiting for you on my new house, bye" 

"We love you" 

And with that, I drove myself to class. Texting Harry saying I has arrived to college. After I was sitting in class, I texted Justin telling him what just happened. 

The class was so much boring that I got my phone and logged into my twitter account. 

"@leti_talks Hello, how's everyone?" 

"@leti_talks Harry's going to kill me because I'm online, I'm at class guys, but it's so boring, talk to me ): haha" 

All of sudden I got too many mentions. Some of them, I had to control myself not to answer, but some I needed to... 

"@ticia_bitch I hate you, slut" 

"@leti_talks @ticia_bitch you're calling me a bitch, just because I have a boyfriend? That doens't make sense, lol xx" 

"@lovezaynmalik I take you as a model, you're so beautiful I feel jealous of you" 

"@leti_talks @lovezaynmalik Funny, because I checked your pics and you're SO beautiful that I just got jealous xxx" 

"@harry_mylove I think you should have died in the hospital that time. Attention whore, faking bulimia just to get Harry's attention? That's ugly" 

"@leti_talks @harry_mylove Well, I'm sorry you think that way. I don't have to proof you anything, but I really was sick. And if"

"@leti_talks @harry_mylove it makes you better, I did not call Harry to come visit me. I'm sorry for disappointing you :Dx" 

And millions girls asking me to say Harry she love him and some asking for a follow back. I felt my phone buzzing and it was a Harry's message 

"Get off twitter and pay attention in class. Or come back home because I wanna cuddle and maybe have more sex. Love you .xx" 

"You're so sweet, Harold. Fine, think I'm coming back home earlier today. Have you already ordered us pizza?" 

I got back to twitter to say bye

"@leti_talks I followed everyone I could, ok? Hope you're happy. Plus, I will tell Harry you love them. Got to go, bye :D xxx" 

And then, Harry's message 

"I don't wanna be rude, but I have a dick. And I have food. What are you waiting to come back home?" 

When I read this, I had to control myself from burst out into laughter. 

"You know me so well. Got everything I need. When this class is over, I willd drive back to "our" new love nest hahaha" 

"I am waiting. Love you .xx" 

"Love you even more" 

I want so bad to go back home, but I've missed so much classes, that I just can't. At least the last class I will miss. I have to spend my time with Harry. It's not fair that we are 3 months away, and when he's here, I have to be in "jail". 

After all I drove back home, I was hungry but didn't want to eat, so Harry forced me a slice of muzzarela pizza. I showered and me and Harry made love for the rest of the night. Now I can understand why Becca and Zayn were looking like thirsty sex vampires. Think me and Harry are like that now. I feel ashamed to be like that, but when I'm with him, I just can't control myself. C'mon, Ive missed it for 20 years. 

2 days later, Zayn and Becca were sharing a room in our apartment. Niall was with Alyssa also. We were in 3 couples. I was kinda feeling like a vacation, but Becca still had classes and me either, and Alyssa have her job at the hospital. That's sad, because we have to let the boys all alone at the house. 



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