Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


45. Invitation


I think the main reason me and Harry are doing so good in our relationship, is the distance. I mean, it’s not that I like being away from him. I hate that, but I think that sometimes it’s good for a couple to be apart from each other. Missing each other is the best part of a relationship, because when you are together, you do every little possible thing, to love it in the most intensive way.

But, really? I pray it’s not what I’m thinking it is. I can’t handle saying “no” to the love of my life, because I’m not mature enough to be engaged. No way.

I was refusing to open the little black box on my hand, but I could feel Harry’s eyes on me, and they were pressing me to do it, so that’s what I did. I counted to 3 and fast opened it. There it was.

I could see the shining little piece of diamond. It was shining so much and was so wonderfully beautiful. I couldn’t describe what I felt when I saw this diamond pendant on the necklace. Thank God it wasn’t a ring. My heart had melted three times more for Harry and I started crying. God, why do I cry so much?

-So… did you… babe, why are you crying? Did you not like it? – He asked a little concerned

-No, Harry, it.. it’s so lovely. It’s precious, but I can’t accept that. – I stretched my hand with the shining necklace to his direction

-Yes, you can – He took the pendant and slowly turned me back – Please

I nodded and pulled my hair to a ponytail so he could put his present on me. He did it and I felt his warms lips touching my neck. Slowly he ran his mouth all over my neck and kissed it. I turned to him and kissed him a passionately kiss.

-Thank you

-You don’t have to thank me

-Yes I do, love. I owe my all to you. I owe my health, my happiness. Do you see this smile on my face? – I smiled between my sobs of happy tears – It’s all because of you. Thank you

-You owe me nothing, everything I do, I do because I love you.

-I love even more

He kissed me again and we heard a knock on the door. A hairy head got in.

-Hm, Tícia, we have to go eat the cake fast, because we have this night club to go soon and…

-Ooook, Dani, I got it

-Sorry for interrupting – she raised her hands.

After the “Happy Birthday” thing, which I never liked, Harry made me eat a slice of pizza. I wasn’t really hungry and had already gotten a cup of milk before leaving to college. But he made me, by saying that if I intend to drink alcohol today, I had to eat something.

Easy like that, I ate a slice of pizza and a piece of my chocolate cake, made by the girls. C’mon, it’s my 21’s birthday party tonight, I have to drink, to get drunk. I’m cool with my best friends and my boyfriends. There’s no reason not to celebrate.

Everyone got to their room to get ready for the night out. It took us 2 hours to get ready. My parents were staying a little more time at the apartment so they could clean everything, with the help of some of my aunts and my grandmother.

I looked myself in the mirror forcing me to feel beautiful. I was wearing a black silk dress, it was one inch above the knee with a V-neck. It was simple but beautiful, and well glued to my body... I had the necklace Harry gave to me, it was shining so much, and the bracelet given by Justin. For make up, I had black glittering eyeshadow and so much mascara on, lightly bluch on my cheeks and light pink lipstick. I had curlied my hair. It was looking like a blonde cascade of curls that were falling below my boobs. I was shaking with happiness.

Until I examined myself. I still had the thigh gap, that’s something I’m grateful for. I sighed turning to the left examing my waist. I could feel the fat slowly growing. My collar bone was showing under the pendant, but it used to show even more. With that thoughts, I felt my stomach churning and the urge to vomit came fast.

I went to the bathroom, but Harry was inside making his hair done.

-Damn – I hit my hands on my hips

-What’s up, Tícia? – I had to disguise, but the urge to vomit all that cake was killing me

-Erh, nothing, babe – I looked around

-You sure? It doesn’t sound like nothing…

-It’s just…

-Babe, you can tell me

-I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t feel like that, specially today, but I did

-You did what? What are you feeling babe?

-Ugly, Harry. I’m feeling fat, I need to vomit the cake and the pizza you made me eat, please, let me

-You’re kidding, right? – He looked really shocked

-No, Harry, I’m not – I tried to pass by him, but he blocked the way.

I sighed and turned around to go out. I sat on the bed and put my head down on my hands trying not to cry. “Stop being ridiculous. I’m ugly, I’m fat” that tweet I read a little early was ping poinging on my mind. I felt a hand on my shoulder, Harry was crouched in front of mine looking at me smiling

-Why are you smiling at me? I’m a disappointment

-What are you talking about? You’re one of the strongest person I’ve ever met. – I rolled my eyes

-You don’t have to lie to me, Harry

-I’m not lying, I’d never do that to you. Come here – He took my hand and pulled me to in front of the mirror – What do you see?

-What do you see? – we both were looking at the reflex on the mirror

-I can see nothing but one of the most beautiful girl on the planet. The girl that refuse to feel beautiful, and that makes me sick, because it makes me see that I fail on making you feel special. Love, you’re my world. Like you said before, I picked you, up the millions girls I could have picked. I choosed you. I choosed you to be with me trough anything. It doesn’t matter if you’re fat, thin, blonde, brunette. I love you, for what you are. You have to believe me. Please

-Harry… -he interrupted me

-If you don’t trust me, and don’t feel beautiful when I say you are, you make me sad, because it looks like I fail on being a good boyfriend, when you are the most understandable, cute, good, BEAUTIFUL, and caring girlfriend. So please, please babe, for me, try to be always healthy, try to keep up with your life. For me, for us.

At this time, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling, I was half smiling. How could he be so perfect and lovely? I didn’t deserve that. He’s the precious thing I have in my life. I just hug him, he gently pressed his lips against mine.

-I love you – he whispered – and you’re sexy

-I love you even more, babe, you can’t imagine how much

-No, I love you more and don’t even dare to argue with me

-What if I do, Styles?

-Well, you’ll pay me for that when we get back home

-Uhhh, I’m scared – I raised my hands opening my mouth in “O”, laughing

-Now, tell me, how do I look? –He stepped back and opened his arms

He was wearing his Levi’s blue jeans and a black shirt with his black boots. I love when he’s wearing boots. His hair was curlied just like always with a little quiff. He was smiling to me and my heart just melted. How much I love that smile… His green eyes were lighter than the normal.

-You’re just handsome

-Thank you – he gestured lowing his head down making me laugh

-Now let’s go before I give up and drive myself to bed

 We met everyone in the room. My Brazilian friends were coming to this club with us, and people were waiting

-Gosh, I almost went there to get you guys – Louis said

-I did you took so long?

-Shut up, Zayn, we were just talking

We were about to say our goodbyes and leave but Justin called everyone’s attention…

-Hey, what’s up, everyone? I know we were just about to leave, but I have an invitation to make

Everyone just stood there looking for him, waiting for his invitation. I was clearly fangirling by Harry’s side, because he rolled his eyes and pulled me close.

-So, what is it, Justin? –my dad yelled a little bit drunk because of the 7 bottles of beer he had drank

-Well, I don’t know if you know it, but in one month is my big concert at Madison Square Garden – he waited and everybody nodded – And I’ve been receiving so much asks from my fans asking for a special concert with One Direction

-OH MY GOD – I said turning to smile to Harry kissing his cheeks

-So – he kept saying – what do you guys think? How about going to New York in one month and rocking a night together at Madison Square Garden?

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