Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


35. Idol

After 4 years, I finally got it. After 4 years hearing from people that it'sd never happen, that it was just an impossible dream, I got it. It received my so dreamed hug from Justin Bieber. It's impossible to discribe how I felt. So what I am 20? So what I have to act mature just because I date one of the most famous boys in the world? The hell with everything, I'm a Belieber and I got my chance to hug Justin.

It's not that I love him as a boyfriend. Course not. I'm totally, truly, madly, crazy in love with Harry. Justin is more an affection love. Like if I just want him to be my friend. A good friend, but not a boyfriend. And I truly hope Harry knows it and don't feel jealous. At this moment, everything was gone. I couldn't stop crying and would not let him go. His shoulder was wet with my tears and I could feel he was smiling what made me smile between sobs. He was stroking my head trying to calm me down.

We stood there for about 10 minutes that looked like eternity, but I didn't care, neither does he, I guess. But I knew it was beeing so ridiculous, I had to stop. I let go of him and stepped back wiping my tears, laughing at my awkwardness. I looked to Harry, he smiled and put on arms around my waist pulling my close

-Feeling better? - Justin asked 

When I heard his voice I started crying again. That made him start laughing hard and Harry also. Becca and Zayn were in the couch looking and laughing. Louis was still recording and the girls and other boys were talking to each other.

-Yes, I am. I just got a little too much happier then I should

-So, are you my brazilian belieber? I've heard about you 

He heard about me? I looked to Harry, he gave me a proud smile

-You're welcome - I thanked him and turned to Justin - And Justin, she's crazy, I can not stand to see your photos on her profiles - he also said kissing my head

-Oh, really? It that too many pictures?

-Well, yeah - that's all I could say because I got ashamed of myself, and mad at Harry because he coudn't say this to Justin

-That's Bieber fever, bro - he said gesturing with his arms and hips

-Hey, but I guess she prefer Styles Fever - Harry said making us laugh - Well, hey Lou, let's go sit and let her have her moment ok?

-Sure Haz, and, hey tícia, try to stay alive, ok? 

-Get off Lou - I rolled my eyes laughing and pulling him

Justin got my arms and pulled me to the other couch and we sat

-Are you shaking? - he asked

-I might me - I joined my hands pressing them together

-But why? - he was half smiling

-Well, I don't feel confortable to tell you this, but I'm totally freaking out. I mean, you're Justin Bieber. THE Justin Bieber. And I'm your belieber since I was 16 and now I'm here looking at your face. I've been to your concert in Brazil and I just couldn't stop crying to my dad because only I know how much I wished to know you. And with all these people saying that I'd never meet you, they just was killing me inside. 

I was talking without pauses, that's something I always do when I'm nervous. Think he didn't understand a thing I said, and while I was talking he kept nodding, what bothered me a little, because it made me feel awkward. Did Harry thought I was awkward when he first met me? 

-Hey girl, calm down - he was smiling - don't care about what these stupi people say ok? Haters are always trying to put you down. But looke where you are now. Sitting here with me. You can show for them our pictures.

He asked for my phone and started taking lots of pictues of us together. It was just incredible. Justin is better than I thought. He's the cuttest idol in the hole world. All the time he gave me kissed in the cheeks, hugs and smiles. I just couldn't stop fangirling over him and he comprehended, laughed, joked and didn't got mad or anything.

It was the best time of my life. My boyfriend won his award with his band mates and I met my favorite idol in this world. It's too much. When he was with my phone, he posted a picture on my instagram "Here is for the kids who said Letícia would never met me. She's sitting by my side now and she's incredible. I love her. #BeliebersAlways". It soon got tons of likes and "AWN" comments. 

-Babe, we gotta go. We have this after party waiting for us. Justin,mate, are you coming?

-I don't think so man, gotta get a flight to Australia

-Ok - Harry nodded

Justin turned to me, got my phone and put his number in it, calling for his celphone. Then, he gave me my phone

-Hey, now my #1 belieber got my phone number and I got hers. - That made me smile and hug him

-Thank you Justin. Thank you for not disappointing me and being this incredible person I always thought you were. Even better. You're even better than I thought.

I hugged him tightly and we said our good byes. Everyone said bye and we left for the limo to go to this After Party.More cameras lighting in our direction. By now I just  lowered my head leaning it against Harry's back, held is hand and let him pull me to the car's direction and push me inside. 

Becca kept saying how happy she was for me, and the subject in the way for the party was my meeting with Justin. Niall was the happiest.

-I know how you felt, blondie. I feel the same when I first met him tho 

-Thanks blondie, glad ou know how I feel - I gave him a happy glare 

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