Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


31. Home

*Tícia's POV* 

It's been a month now. The boys left to UK, but now they are on Mexico for their tour. Zayn came a weeks ago. He and Becca solved some things out, because when they visited me, they couldn't stop looking at each other and they arrived holding hands. Becca told me how it happened. He and Niall stood at a hotel near by the hospital. Harry didn't because he spent his nights here with me. Niall told me that he took Alyssa out for dinner. Thank God we were alone when he said that to me, because I freaked out. I know it's unfair, I have no right to do that, but I couldn't control myself. Louis and Liam came too to bring Eleanor and Danielle to know Brazil. I looooooooooved the girls. They are so incredibly beautiful, they look like models. That made me feel a little ashamed of myself, of my fat body, but Harry fast read my mind and made me stop thinking about that. We fast got really close and I can't go by a day without talking to them. We even have a chatty group on Whats app that includes me, Becca, Eleanor and Dani. They are so cute and seem to love the boys so much. 

After a while, I got happy because he's finally better. I mean, I know he's the one who have been there for me when I needed, and he is the cuttest one with that blush cheeks and that blond hair, he just make me wanna hug him everytime. But since always, since before meeting Harry, I knew my heart belonged to him. 

I must say, before he and the boys left, I had a sincere conversation with Niall. We talked a lot and and reached the conclusion that we are just good friends. He also told me that he and Alyssa are getting really close to each other and maybe they could be something on the future.

Zayn also admitted for me that he have feelings for Becca, making me vibrate with joy. My best friend is dating the boy from my favorite boyband EVER. That's too much. At least some good things are happing.

After leave to the airport Harry came to my room with a worried face

-Hello babe

-Hi, how are you feeling? - he asked me

-Fat, but fine

-Please, stop,k you're not fat, you're getting hot again

-Ok, Styles, I pretend to believe, ok?

-Believe in what?

-Believe that you're get back to your life and won't forget about me - I knew this day he was getting back, I felt like crying all day long

-Actually, that's what I wanna talk to you - when he said that, my heart almost dropped from my mouth. Here we go again. He'll leave, I'm gonna feel like it's all my fault, feel fat.. It's a never ending circle.

-Please, just be direct with what you will say

-You sure? - He came close to me, he slightly curved his body upwards of mine, looking me in the eyes. I was looking to this emerald green eyes and I couldn't see nothing else, just his eyes, his lips. I want to kiss it so bad.


-I want you to be my girlfriend.


After these words, Harry made me the happiest girl on Earth. Thank God, things are going alright. It's been 3 weeks now and I reached 50 kilos. Doctor made me promise that if I take care of myself and maintain that weight, I can get back home. Thankfully, I am leaving today.  

One month with no college, that was good, but I miss it. Now I have lots of late lessons to do and study. I missed home so much. My house, my clothes, everything.

My bedroom is smelling Niall. It's good. I miss him. I miss all of them. 

Today Harry called me with a surprise.

-Hello babe

-Hi love, how are you?

-I'm fine, just a lil tired. We just got out of stage. Going back to the hotel for some sleep.

-Great, get a shower and rest

-And you? How it feels get back home? Are you eating?

-It feels... good. It's 4 pm and I today I had breakfast, lunch and now eating an apple - He wlways make me tell him everything I ate during the day. He's taking serious this thing of taking care of me

-Great. Be hot for me

-Harold, stop - I said laughing

-I miss you, princess

-I miss you too, so much 

-Soon we'll be together - he said stopping himself from saying something else

-What do you mean?

-I mean, that next week, me and the boys are going to the VMA's. We are allowed to bring ours girlfriends. Do you want to join me?

-Let me think about it

-Really babe? - his voice failed

-Kidding, silly, course I'm going.

-Great, I'm sending you the tickets for the flight. Zayn's calling Becca too, so you're not coming alone. 

-You don't have to babe, let me buy my tickets

-Never, shush, they are already bought. 

-Harry, I don't want you to spend your money with me

-It's my money, I'll spend it with what I want

-Ok, bossy, it's your money.

-Thanks. Well, gotta go now babe. I miss you and I love you - as he said that, I heard the others make fun of him, making me laugh

"OMG, TÍCIA, I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU AND YOUR LITTLE THINGS" - looked like Louis was saying

"YESS, I MISS MY BABE GIRL" - Zayn was the one

-Tell them to shut up - I said laughing - I miss you too babe, so much. And I love you. Go sleep, bye.

We hang up and I went to tell the news to my parents. The agreed me to go as long as I study a lot more this week.

As the days passed, Becca and I couldn't do anything but fangirl over our boyfriends. I'm dating the boy from my favorite band. Too many times Becca and I thought we were dreaming. We spend our days in the shopping, looking for a dress to wear at VMA's night.


A/N: Hiiii guys, so what are you thinking? Disappointed about Letícia's choice to who to be? Or happy? Well, there's too much comin up. I hope you're enjoying it. And I'm sorry for the gramatical mistakes, again haha. Love you readers, really. Let me love each one of you haha

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