Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


20. Goodbye

It's wednesday. The day boys are leaving back to UK. We text each other every time of every day. It's just perfect. Even perfect if the fact that Harry hasn't kicked me out yet. YET. Plus, only the four other boys are leaving, he is staying for more 4 days, the other 3 he's going to spend with his family in UK. Zayn can't stay here, he said he promised to stay in England with his sisters. Louis is extremaly excited to go home, he misses his girls, family and Eleanor. Liam can't wait to see all his girls too and Danielle. Niall said he doesn't want to go home, because he wants to see Carla (the brunette "stripper") again, but he is going anyway. I promised them that next time they come back, we'll go to my beach's house.

Like I thought, I was been bullied by some girls on twitter. After the pictures of us leaving the night together, they realized me and Becca were the girls who they took to their concert, and decided that Becca is dating Zayn, and I'm dating Harry. Wrong. I mean, I wish I was, but I am not, we are not dating. It's nothing serious. It couldn't be serious since I'm a simple mortal girl, and he is the singer from the biggest boyband in the world.

Somehow everyone discoverd who me and Becca were, and it was easy to find out which was my twitter account, and all my social pages. Awkward. I gained lots of followers, some of them call me a lots of bad things because they are jealous of Harry and the boys, and some say really beautiful things. Lucky Becca, she doesn't like twitter.

Maybe the girls who were saying cute things from me, was just being nice, because they realized that I am a Directioner and a Belieber, just like them. When Harry announced staying here for more couple of days, they went insane. 

The fact that I am 20 and love Justin since 16 and One Direction since 17, always made my friends and everyone make fun of me. They used to say it was ridiculous and childish. They also always said things like

"They don't even know about your existence"

"Get over it, you will never ever meet them"

"Why do you support Justin? He's never going to kiss you, he's gay"

And the one that hurted for most: "They know girls way much better than you, give up" It really hurts to hear some things like that, especially when you love them too much, and I am one in a more than million fans they have.

Anyway, guess all of them had their mouth shut when they saw pictures of me on Internet with the boys.

The day with Harry were awesome, and passed by so fast, I got sad because I know it was going to have an end. I didn't want to, but it's necessary

"Can I come? We gotta talk, beautiful xx" That is the message Harry just sent to me. Yes, he's going to say that I'm a fatty, and we are not going to see each other, because he have to go back to his life. Predictable. My heart raced at the same time I read it, my stomach churned and I tried to hold the tears. 

"Ok, come in" It is all I can say now.

I almost fainted when hear the doorman calling to say he was here. It gave a lump in my throat when I opened the door to see the most beautiful curlied boy standind there.

-Hi babe - he was half smiling

-Hello - I let the door open for him to come in

-Are you alone? - he entered and locked the door

-Yep, parents went out for dinner

-Hum, are you hungry? Wanna go out to eat something? - The atmosphere was tense and he was trying to ease the tension

-No, I am not - lie, I was - Look, Harry I know why you are here

-You do? - he looked concerned

-Yes, tomorrow you're flying back to London and you have to say these beautiful things for me and leave, right?

As he stood shut just looking at me, I kept talking

-Look, babe, it's been awesome to be with you these days. I'm not lying to you, ok? I've always loved you, since before meeting you, and I love you so much more now. But I know we have completely different lifes, and now you have to go back to yours, while I'm goona keep here, living mine. As it have always been. You are famous and have your girls - it hurts me so much to say that, at this moment I was already crying - there's no reason for you to stay with me. Our lives are too much apart from each other. So, please, leave me alone, ok? It's been the happiest days of my life, but I knew it has the end, and that's the time. Thanks to everything and I hope you be happy.

I opened the door, gesticulating for him to leave

-Please, don't cry - he came to hug me but I stopped him 

-No, Harry, only I know how it's gonna hurt, goodbye

-Thank you for being with me here in Brazil, I really loved it - he put his lips on mine and left

I closed the door crying and couldn't stop cryng 'till sleep. It was hurting me so much. How could he just leave? He didn't even tryied to stay. Or say something to me. He just came and left. I am so ridiculous, why did I believed we were going to be something? Stupid girl.

The other day, I woke to work and my mom forced me to eat. This time, I was feeling so blame, that I went to the bathroom and threw all the food in my stomach away. Harry left me because I was fat. I mean, Louis is always traveling with the boys, and don't take Eleanor, but they are still together after 4 year, same with Liam. Why not me? Fat stupid girl.

I think I was getting depressed again, because all my friends and my parents started to call and follow me everywhere, afraid of what I could do.No signal of Harry. I'm not tweeting or facebooking to much, so I don't see the pictures. It is like Harry have never been in my life. Nor Harry nor the other boys. Just Niall.

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