Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


22. Friends

*1 month passed*

-You are worse than before. What have you done to yourself, Letícia? 

-Mom, I'm fine. I swear -  I was lying in my bed all day, I had no strength to stand or speak. It's saturday, and Becca was in my room with my mom looking at me. My mom left the room with I couldn't say if it was angry or sad eyes

-Please, you have to get up, and eat something, tícia, do that for me

-I'm not hungry and I'm tired, becca, just leave me, go enjoy your satuday

-Look, the boys called me. The other boys - she said reading my thoughts. I thought she was talking about One Direction boys, but she was talking about our friends from here. We have bests friends that grew up with me, they are all boys. We don't do anything without calling each other, every weekend we are together. - Plus, Dylan will be there too, let's go, please.

Dylan is one of the boys. He's the only one that I have some feelings for. Everytime we are together we kiss and that's how things go. But since I meet the boys, I don't see them. And tonight, they wanna go out. But there's Niall. And there's Harry. 

-I don't wanna go - I covered myself

-You will eat something, and you will go. Go shower, NOW.

I tried to get out of bed but everything went black for a little and I almost fainted

-Are you ok?

-Yes, I'm fine

I showere then I got ready. Becca was wearing black high heels, with a black fixed dress, her hair was straight to her right side. She had black eveshadow and mascara in the eyes, blush and pink lipstick

-You look like a whore

-Thank you - She said - I have to be sexy to Pedro tonight, you know that - Pedro is the guy that she always be in couple when we go out with the friends - I forgot about Zayn, you know that, right? We have to move on. They are a good past, but it's gone.

-I have a Niall asking me to be his girlfriend, Becca - I said no to Niall's, but he still tried it.

-I knooooow, but forget about them just for tonight, please? I can't believe, look  how thin you are. I don't like that. You were better before. Stop starving yourself

-Cala a boca, Rebecca. Não aguento mais esse papo (Shut up, Rebecca, I can't deal with this anymore) - I had a lot of these mood changes - People keep saying that, but look how fat I am. Look at all these fatty. I am tired of being fat. Don't you see all the girls on twitter saying that's because Harry kicked me? Because I'm not good?

-You shut up, I'm trying to make you better. I'm your best friend, if you were fat, I'd say that. I got your log in on twitter, I see that stupid girls saying these to you. Can't YOU see they are just jealous? Your skinny as shit. That looks ugly.

-I'm sorry - I was crying - I'm sorry, really, becca, I love you so much, I just don't know what to do.

-Just let us help you, please.

-Ok, I will - she hugged me and let go

I fast got ready since the boys are coming to get us at 11, and it is 10:30 pm already. I really don't feel like going out tonight

-Damn, Becca, I look horrible. I don't wanna go - I sat on my bed next to her. Dad came to the door

-You look pretty. You'd be prettier if weren't so skinny, but you're still beautiful

-Agreed - I rolled my eyes to them and went to the mirror

I was wearing jeans shorts, with golden thumbtacks in the contour of the pockets. It was baggy in my thighs, horrible. My white silk shirt only wasn't as baggy as my shorts, because of my boobs (they are medium size). I put some bracelets to cover up the few stupid scars I had over my wrists. I'm not a cutter, but I just tried it a couple of timer, the cuts weren't deep, but I still got the scars. I don't want to use high heels today, so I'm wearing a pink glittering sneaker. For make up, I had mascara, blush and my red gloss on. Not on my best day, uh?

-That's it. Today's outfit. Tell the boys we are ready

We were talking to my parents when the boys arrived. Two cars with my boys were there waiting for us.

-Você tá passando fome de novo, Letícia? (Are you starving yourself again, Letícia?) - Peter said making me roll my eyes. "Here we go again" was all I could think about

-Hi for you too. I'm fine, thanks, and you?

-I'm fine. Are you starving yourself? - All the 9 other boys were looking for me.

-No, I'm not. Let's go before I regret getting out of my fucking bed.

-I'm gonna fucking kill you if I know something about you starving or vomiting - Henrique said.

I got into the car followed by Becca, holding the tears from falling.


A/N: So, guys, I'm sorry I took so long to update. Promise it won't happen again. I already have all the storie planned. But I think I want a girl on this, who want to be this girl? Tell your name and how you look like. I'm sorry for my gramatical mistakes. Bye :) xx 

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