Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


32. Flight

I think me and Becca almost fainted for like 5 times in the way to the airport. Our parents were taking us and we couldn't stop laugh, and smile, scream, dance, we were acting like crazies. Becca's parents and my parents just laughed of us.

I still can not believe I'm going to the VMA's with my boyfriend, who turned to be Harry Styles. And I'm going with my very best friend in the world. It's too much for me. Really. Years ago I was just this sick girl, and now, I'm Harry Styles' girlfriend.

Becca and I went shopping for 3 days looking for a good dress to wear this night. After a long time searching, we found perfect ones. I'm not saying that we have to wear nice clothes like every paparazzi will take tons of pictures of us. It's just that we have to be aparently nice, right?

We parted from our parents and got into the plane after a while. It was going to be a long travel. 10 hours froms Brazil to Los Angeles. I've never been in LA, but it has always been my dream to. And it's happening in the better way possible.

I got my phone and took a picture of me and becca and posted it to Instagram and my other social networks:  "Totally freaking out about travelling with my best friend. @onedirection see ya soon".  It fast got lots os Likes and comments. I tried to anser some of them, but the man asked me to turn off my phone. 

I am sleepy, but I don't feel like sleeping since I'm totally freaking out about seeing the boys. Yes, I'm not only excited for seeing my boyfriend. I wanna see all the band. All of them. I just love them too much. Becca is getting stressed, because everytime she's about to sleep, I'm moving. I get up to go to bathrrom, I call the stewardess to get me something to drink or to eat.

-Could you please, stop? I'm going to kill you. We still have 8 hours and you can't stop moving

-I'm sorry sis, I just can't. It's too exciting

-You look like an eight year old child, tícia

-I knooooow - I said clapping my hands but stopped when she gave me a mad look - Sorry, I'm gonna keep quiet

I put my headphones and kept listening to music

When we arrived I could hear screams. I first saw the crowd of girls in the exit of the LAX. I've looked around the place looking for the boys when I saw a smiling Harry getting up from the chair and comingo to my direction. 

All I could do was put my bags on the floor and run to his direction. I don't care about the paps, or the girls oitside, or people around or even if someone would get my bags, I only saw Harry.

It was the best hug in the world. A passionately hug came with a even passionately kiss. I missed his smell, his hug, his hands, his body on mine. His hands roamed the bulk of my body and I drove my arms around his neck. I'd never get out of his arms. It's the best place to be

-Babe, how are you? Omg, you're so pretty, you're healthier

-Yes babe, I'm fine. And you? How are you feeling? Are you resting? Are you taking care of yourself for me? - I was making lots of questions. I know we skype each other almost everyday, but having him here personaly is way too better.

-I am, tícia. Omg babe, I missed you - he said holding me again - Causin the girls outside scream. They were seeing us by the glass door.

Harry was wearing a black shirt, jeans and his white converse, and his beanie, that made me wanna die. I always loved to see him with his beanies, and, omg, he was wearing it now, with me. Someone kill me.


*Becca's POV*

I was walking through the gate looking for the boys, but I couldn't see them. All I could see was the lots of girls outside and some paps. When I heard Letícia scream and run to Harry's direction, dropping her bags on the floor. Zayn came right after him and I ran to his direction hugging him tight. He was wearing a sweatshirt black pants with a white tank top and his nike shoes. How can Zayn be so perfectly beautiful? 

-Hello love, I missed you

-I missed you too

-Can't wait to be alone with you in our room tonight

-Are we staying in the same room?

-Yes, is that a problem?

-Never - I gave him a devil smirk  and went to hug the other boys 

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