Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


25. Don't be like that

*Harry's POV*

I was there. After 4 months of torture being away from her, here I am. I'm finally looking for her. To her face. It's so changed. She is changed, but that's not good. What happened? She seems so weak. What have she done to herself?

Her blond hair was falling over her shoulder, her arms were supported full of needles and drug serum, a blanket covered her whole body up to the chest, her face was thin and gaunt, she was pale and is talking very slowly and low, her mouth was sore and white.

God, I wish I had been here with her, I wish I've never gone. I thought it was the best for her. I thoght if I leave, no one would hurt her. "Please, just tell me you want me to stay, please, please, I don't wanna go, please" I was begging to myself. I just wanna be with her, I wanna protect her. I need her to sey she wants me here.

She only looks to me without saying anything. I'm about to cry. I think I'm here waiting for her answer for more than 5 minutes. After a moment I thought she really wanted me to leave, so I turned to the door

-No - she said no. I turned to look at her. Her cheeks were a little blushed and she was serious

-You want me to stay?

-Yes, Harry, I do.

-Thank you babe.. God, I missed you so much. 


*Letícia's POV*

He came close to kiss my forehead but I turned my face. He looked at me confused

-What are you doing here, Harry? It's monday, you should be in another country with the boys doing what you do, sing. To your fans and blablaba

-The others and I have this week free. I was coming back to Holmes Chapel when I heard about you being in the hospital.

-how did you know? - How could he possibly know? I'm here for 2 days and haven't posted anything on my social networks. 

-It's all over the internet, I don't know how. But in the airport of Italy, a fan came to me and asked if I was worried, but I knew nothing about it. So I took the plane to Brazil instead of Englands. Niall wanted to came together -Niall is so cute.

-Alright... - I don't know what to answer him.

-So, what happened to you? I wanna hear it from you. Don't wanna believe in what I read on internet

-What did you read?

-Things like you're pregnant, or you're having the baby, you have cancer.. And looking at you now, there's this one that I don't want to believe, but I think it's true - the look in Harry's eyes was making me feel like he has disgusting on me

-What it is? - I asked afraid of the answer

-You are here, because you are anorexic

I rolled my eyes but didn't say a thing

-Is it true? Why are you so thin, Letícia?

-Harry, what do you want?

-What do you mean? - why does he look so confused today? I should be the confused one, he left, right?

- I mean, that, you left me, Harry, I mean to ask you, what do you want coming back here? You first come to Brazil and met me. We saty together for more day than we should, because you wanted to stay with me, that's what you said, right? I was fina, Harry. I had in mind that things would be really hard, but I was willing to fight for us. But I coulnd't fight this on my own. You had to help me, help us. But you choosed to run. You were gone for 4 fucking months - I was nervous, so I couldn't stop talking, but this got a little messy because at this time, I was crying and maybe screaming. The sound of the machine heartbeat got loud as my heart was beating really fast.

-I, listen

-No, you listen, Harry, for all these months, you didn't call, texted, tweeted, sold a letter, you didn't send smoke signal, or anything, Harold. You acted like I've never existed. You just got back to your perfect life as Harry Styles, to your fans, girls at your feet and everything, and completely forgot about me. I took 4 months to forget 2 stupid weeks, Harry, and now you just come back, it isn't fair...

I could see he was about to cry, while I spoke, his eyes were staring at the wall. When I finished, se sat on the chair next to me and took my hand close to his mouth and gently kissed it. With the other hand, he wiped my tears

-I'm sorry babe. I thought I was doing the best for you. You don't know how Liam and Louis get hurt when the fans say bad things to Eleanor and Danielle, and I do not want you to go through that.

-I was willing to fight, Harry...

-You don't know how much it killed me to look at our pictures on my phone, reading your tweets to the boys, saying how much you miss them and no tincluding me. It was so painful. Everynight, I went to bed thinking of the moments we had here in Brazil. I had to turn off my phone to control myself and not call you. I had so much self control, that you'd proud of me - I could see he was sincere - Just ignore the fact that I'm crying.

-No, I'm not ignoring it. Give me my phone, I want to take a picture - I said looking to my phone over the table. 

-Yeah, keep waiting on that - he wiped his tears an smiled. That smile, how perfect it is. I need that smile so much. And his voice, it's so sexy when he cries, OMG. No, stop fangirling, it's not time for that. I smiled back at him.

-I missed your smile - he said looking to my mouth

-Stop, don't even start, Harold.

-Start what? - he made a shock face

-This, don't do this

-Don't do what, tícia?

-Don't smile like that. Don't talk like that. Don't talk with sexy voice like that. Don't say things like that. Don't look me like that.

-Anything ele, miss?

-Yes, don't be Harry Styles, the famous. Just... just be... Harry. Just be the Harry I knew.

-I'm here babe, I'm not leaving ever again. 

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