Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


26. Confused

*Harry's POV*

For a moment, I thought everything was going well. She was smiling at me. She's not healthy and I need to be with her. She's not treating me so good, but she's smiling, and not so mad anymore. Great. That's a good start. But then...

-Uhm, would you please, let Niall come in? I wanna talk to him

What? She's asking me to leave, so she can talk to Niall? She doesn't want me to stay here. 

-Fine - She watched me as I left the room without another word

When I left the room, I passed for a window and looked outside. Somehow some girls discovered me and Niall were here and were standing outside. At the waiting room, I saw her mother, Rebecca and some of her friends that I've seen in pictures. Becca and Niall came to me asking how she was.

-She is great. Niall, she wants to talk to you 

-Sure man. I'm going 

Becca was trying to disguise the face of astonishment

-Vem cá, vou te apresentar pra todos (Come here, I'm gonna introduce you to everyone) - she said pulling my hand - Guys, this is Harry, from One Direction

-I know him, she used to post pictures of him and his band, right? - A short guy asked. I just could smile thinking about her posting pictures of me even after knowing me personaly.

-Yes, that's him - Becca said - Harry, that's Vinicius - she ponted to the short guy who asked - this is Dylan, Nicole, Mary and Gustavo. I greeted everyone and Tícia's mother and brother.

After a while, Gustavo went to the window laughing really hard, because when he appeared on the window a bunch of girls outside screamed really loud, making the other boys and tícia's brother do the same. Her mother laughed. The girls stoped screaming when they realised it wasn't me.

-Que que esse monte de garota ta fazendo ali fora? (What are these bunch of girls doing outside?) - They asked for each other. 

I stood up and went by their side, waving to the girls. They started screaming again and some of them were crying. . After a while, I sat next to Becca and Tícia's mother. We kept talking for a long time.


*Niall's POV*

When Harry came and said she want to talk to me, I could not stop myself from happiness. My baby girl, my angel. I was finally have my chance to be with her. When she was sleeping in the room, she looked like an angel. A hurt angel, but still, angel. She looked so weak, I don't know wjat's going on. But she'll be better. I'm praying. I'm gonna take care of her.

Stupid elevator, why are you taking too long? This shit refuse to come, just because I'm in a hurry to see her.

-Room 2307, room 2307, 2307, was it this far the last time? - I was talking to myself loud, because an old lady looked at me and laughed, I smiled to her and kept walking.


*Tícia's POV*

You know that feeling you get taht everything is going to be alright? I was listening to Justin Bieber songs waiting for Niall. Be alright was on. My eyes were closed and I was half smiling. Justin's voice makes me feel so good. I am happy. For the first time, I believe that things are going to get better.

-Hello angel - a man's voice said making me smile when I saw my blondie looking at me with the cuttest smile on earth. I took off my headphones

-Hi blondie, how are you?

-Unfortunately, better than you. What's going on? I got so worried, tell me no lies, please.

-How did you guys know I was here? - I do not want to tell anyone that I'm sick. I mean, he knows just by looking at me, and deserves to know, but I do not want to talk , not yet.

-Well, apparently, a fanwas getting out of the hospital at the same time you got in. She posted it on internet and spread it all over the world. But, people are saying thing, just rumors and more rumors that I don't want to believe, so, please, tell me what's going on...

-Ehrm, Niall - he raised his hand interrupting me from talking

-I'm ignoring the fact that you look extremely sick and thin

-You mind not talking about this? - I made a cute face trying to convince him. He sat on the same chair Harry was sat on.

-Actually, I do. I wanna talk about it. About this loss of weight , everything. I want to hear from you what's wrong, blondie, please. - he was begging

-Fine, but please, don't judge me or do not fight with me

-I won't

-Pinky promise?

-Pinky promise, now stop with the runaround

-Well, based on what doctors say, what I don't believe it's true - I added- I have bulimia.

-Wait, what? Bulimia? Why? How? Since when?

-Niall, shush

-Don't you shush me. You just tell me you have bulimia, when I don't even see a reason for that, since I really thought you so hot at the first time we met, and

-Niall, listen me. You said you wouldn't judge me

-How did it start? And don't you dare skip ANY detail


I started telling him about everything. I said each and every detail, laughing at his shocked faces. Too many times he drove his hands over to his mouth interrupting himself from talking. I think it took more than an hour of me telling everything for him. He didn't judged me. 

When I finished, he held me and kissed softly my lips

-I'm gonna take care of you now.

When I was about to answer him, my mom came to the door saying it was time for my dinner, following by the nurse. Harry followed her looking directly to Niall.

-I don't wanna eat, mom - Niall gave me a pinch 

-Yes, you do. You're gonna eat that soup - my mom said angrily

-Yes, you will - Niall repeated

They made me eat. I ate half of the plate, but it's already something. My dad passed by after work and when he was about to leave, Harry asked them if he could stay the night. He and Niall haven't gone to their hotel yet, so their luggages were in my room. Mom offered Niall to stay on my house. I saw on his face he wasn't happy with Harry. But Harry didn't  know about Niall asking me to be his girlfriend. Or this kiss, nor anything.

I don't know what to do. I'm confused. I love Hary so much, but I love Niall too. He's cute, and treats me so well. But Harry... God, I can't do this.

My parents, Leandro and Niall said goodbye to me and Harry and left. The room was quiet and Harry was off to shower. He looked tired, he haven't slept all day and just came back of a more than 10 hours of flight. When he was in the shower, the nurse showered me. That was the worst part of being hospitalized. I can't get up, I can't move and I have to be embarrassingly naked to a nurse giving me bath. A good part is that I don't have to go to college,  owhoa.

When Harry left the bathroom I was ready to sleep. He came to me, kissed my forehead and sat on the chair, holding my hand.

-I know there's something going on between you and Niall - he looked sad and that broke my heart

-What? no, there's nothing going on..

-Babe, look, I know I failed with you. But you have to give me one more chance. Please.


Author's note: So, hello everyone, what are you thinking so far? Is it good? Is it so so? Or is it bad? Tell me, I need to know!!! Need youy opinions, comments and ideas... Please, don't leave me alone haha.  Who do you want Letícia to be with?

To the beliebers, remember that she's going to meet him, ok? Don't leave me either... Thank you for reading, and once again, sorry for the gramatical mistakes. 

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