Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


10. Concert

 In the SUV, I was sitting next to Harry, in my other side was rebecca,  zayn after her, in front of us was Niall, Liam in the middle and in the end was Louis. As Rebecca wasn't their obssessed fan as me, I was the only one there who was totally freaking out, but was trying to hide it.

Liam noticed that my hand was shaking, because I holded my celphone to answer my dad, I just couldn't tape anything to the text, so he started a conversation

-So..... Both of you are our fans?

I just stood there with my mouth open, my no sound came, I just couldn't speak (QUE MERDA, LETÍCIA, QUE QUE TÁ ACONTECENDO? - WHAT THE HELL, LETICIA, WHATS IS GOING ON? Just talk to them, now)

-She is. I mean, I love hearing your music, and I know each one of you, but I'm not a fan like tícia is - she said pointing to me, giving me a look that I could realize she was saying "if you don't say anything, I will do it for you, and you're gonna regret it"

Damn, that girl was bad, she would tell Harry how much I love him, and that's the only thing I don't need to happen now

-Yeah, haha, I mean, I am your biggest fan haha, Yeah, that's it - WUT? They must be thinking I'm retarded or something. 

I was just about to say something else when Harry started

-Well, that's pretty cool. It's the first time we are taking a fan to the backstage with us. And I'm happy that's you, girls - he said giving me a look that made me blush. I smiled and nodded. 

The rest of the conversation was really cool. I kept calm and everything just rolled ok. They were the boys I always wanted to know, I always dreamed about and they are just like how I figured. 

We arrived at the Morumbi (place were happens concerts in São Paulo - my city) we could hear the crowd of girls screaming from inside the stadium. The first band was already in and their song was really cool.

We drove to the tiring-house and the boys started to dress themselves with clothes I knew very well.

Me and becca sitted on the couch and waited, the boys were around, so we couldn't fangirl around, so she holded my hand and I pressed. Everytime she pinched me, was a signal for me to look up because Harry was looking at me. 

Soon, they were ready. 20 minutes for them to start the show. They were eating some cookies and drinking water, becca gave me a ugly face when I said I didn't want to.

Niall saw and asked what happened. I looked very ugly to Rebecca, answered him that nothing had happened and that I just was not hungry.

I do not want to feel fat when I'm sitting right in the dressing room of my idols. I can't be ugly or none of them will ever want to talk to me again. I suddenly felt a pain in my stomach of hungry. I should eat, but I wouldn't, not now, not today. 

-Can we take a picture together? - I asked changing the subject of the conversation

It took 10 minutes for me to take a pic with each one of them, and with all of us together, and this guy came and told them, they had to get in.

-Have I told you, that you are really beautiful tonight? - Harry whispered to my ears and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek and a good bye. I couldn't answer him, so just smiled shyly and nodded looking to the ground.

Me and Becca wished good luck and said bye.

-We will be waiting - we screamed as they closed the door. We made sure they has already gone and started to scream and laugh and clap our hands.

I fast made my way to Niall's  stuff, then went to Zayn's, Louis', Liam's and finally Harry's. I know I was wrong, but, come on, I'm a directioner. And I'm in their dressing. And that's the right thing to do, as long as they don't know.

Suddenly the door opened, I shocked - FUCK, we are screwed - I told Becca as I saw a really tall and strong Paul standing in the door.

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