Suddenly together...

20 year-old Letícia is a brazilian One Direction fan. Once they are in Brazil for a concert, she tries to meet the boys in a afternoon of signing. But it's impossible because of the crowd of girl around. She just turn to go back home when suddenly, she cracks onto a rushed boy.
She was so mad at him that even recognized who he was and just left... Who was he? What's gonna happen later? Will they meet again?
Keep reading and you will find it out.


36. After Party

We went to this party and it was totally full of paps outside. God, do they really have to go everywhere the boys go? It's so freaking annoying. We have to get out of the car and let Paul guide us inside. The fans out there were screaming and yelling the boys name, asking for pictures. I saw a girl crying so much that I just had to stop and ask Harry to take a picture with her.

-Babe, look at this girls, they are crazy

-You'll get used to it, love

-I know Harry, but look at this girl - I said pointing to a brunette girl - take a picture with her, please?

-Sure - he looked at her and smile going to her direction. Paul turned to wait and the others boys turned to take pictures with other fans too. I followed Harry

-Hey beautiful, what's your name? - he asked between the crazy screams of the other girls

-It's Veronica, Harry. I love you so much

-I love you too - he smiled back at her making her cry even more. She looked at me

-Thank you

-For what? - I was smiling at her

-I saw you asking him to come. I don't know why you did it, but thanks

-It's ok. I know what it feels like to die for a picture with your idol. I just got mine today too. Gotta go now, bye bye

I went to follow Paul with Harry and the others. I was blind for the amount of flashes from the paps cameras, that made me blink too many times. Eleanor suddenly stumbled and held on to my arme

-Are you ok? - Louis asked a little concerned

-Yeah, Lou, I just got a little dizziness

-You sure? - Harry was the one to ask

-Yes guys, let's go

When we were walking to the VIP area we sat at the couch and ordered our drinks. But Els just ordered an orange juice

-Orange juice, Els? Really?

-Yes, tícia, I just don't wanna drink today

-What's happening, Eleanor?

-Nothing, Becca

-You almost felt and now you ask for orange juice? That's awkward

-Becca, it's fine, I just don't want alcohol on my body today

-Fine - Becca said shrugging

-Hey, what are you rgirls talking about? - Niall asked getting his drink when the waitress put it on table and drinking.

The night was passing by and everyone started to get a little drunk, except for Eleanor, course. Becca was in her natural drank way. Her hair was starting to be a mess and he kept hugging me and Zayn. For me she was saying things she always says

-Sis, you're my all. I just can't live without you

-I know sis, I love you too

-You know me so wall. Thanks for beeing here

-I know Becca. Now go make kiss Zayn

-You know we are going to make out tonight, right? - she said with a devil smile on her face, acting sexy for me

-I know. Thinking about doing the same with Harry - I said laughing

-You go, girl. Lost this virginity. It's on time. We are in LA

-Get out Becca - I pushed her to Zayn laughing.

After a while I asked Dani to go to the bathroom with me. When we were comingo back I bumped into someone and turned to apologize and I could see this guy was really drunk, he was smelling vodka and beer

-I'm sorry - I said and kept walking when I felt his hand pull me back

-What the hell is that?

-What? Sorry, I gotta go

-So you just bump into me and leave? - He was not able to speak properly and I hardly understand what he was talking

- Would you please let me go? - Danielle haven't noticed what was going on since she was a little drunk, so she kept walking to the boys direction - You're hurting me

-Oh, so I'm hurting you, little bitch? - He let go of my arms but pulled my waist close to his

-Did you called me little bitch? 


*Danielle's POV* 

I went to the bathroom with tícia and she was following me back to our places, we were walking dancing and moving, but when I got there, tícia haven't followed me. But I forgot about it when Becca came talk to me about how drunk she was.

We were acting like crazy and could not stop dancing and laughing. After a while, Harry came to me

-Where is Letícia, Dani?  

-I don't know - shrugged - she must be coming back from bathroom

-Haven't she gone there with you?

-Yes - I said without stop dancing - C'mon, Harry, dance with me, she's gonna be back soon 

But he looked angry and left without any other word. I went to dance by Liam's side

-Hey babe, everything's good? - he said giving me a kiss on the lips

-I think so - I kissed him back


*Tícia's POV*

-So what I called you little bitch? - this guy was hurting me - that's what you are - he was pulling me for the darkest corner of the club.

I tried so hard to get out of him but I just couldn't. Usually, in the past I could get rid of him, because I was stronger, but because of bulimia, I got really weak. I'm not completely better, and the fact that he's drunk makes it harder. Only who had passed through this before know how a drunk person can be strong.

-I'm not a bitch, let me go now 

-I will, relax babe

-Don't call me babe, put me down now. You're drunk. I'm gonna scream

-You may try scream. With this loud music no one will hear you - He had a devil bad smile on his face and he was starting to scare me  

-I'm just taking you to a private place

-I have a boyfriend, please, let me go

-Well, you better tell this cuckold, his hoe is with me now

-I'm not a hoe - Why was I arguing with him? Drunk people never listen and just do what comes in mind.

I was drunk. Until now, this thing made me wake from my hapiness . All I know is that he was squeezing my arm and my waist so much and it was hurting. My bones were hurting on my waist, but I was not going to cry.  

Where's Harry, Becca, Dani, any one? Any one of them was missing me? God, I'm so worthless that they don't even remember about me. Not even my bestfriend nor my boyfriend. I give up. This drunk might do what he wants to me.

-Kill me, please - I said that to him, that made him smile 

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